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Sportage Kia 2011

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  • nixstor
    02-01 07:21 PM
    Thanks. I remembered that such links are not static but give something else when clicked.

    Give me a wording. You can quote it freely here. There is no copyright, because it is our tax dollars.

    Try the above link by 485Mbe4001. I can get to it.

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  • needhelp!
    09-20 04:33 PM
    Yes three cheers for everyone in the list, please leave me out because I was just having a blast!

    Everyone please three cheers for these girls.

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  • Michael chertoff
    05-03 04:27 PM
    i got an approval email for me and my wife last night.
    PD: June 29, 2006
    Texas Service Center

    Congratulations my friend, enjoy your freedom. Pray for us too.


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  • smisachu
    08-05 04:14 PM
    Same here, Iam Dec 2005 and still waiting ..........

    Ditto Dec 2005.


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  • Saralayar
    04-14 12:46 PM
    I guess we have enough people convinced and for those short sighted ones will have an option whether they want to get naturalized or live on their dear GCs so by that time if they educate themselves they will be convinced too.

    Now what are the next steps in chanelling this effort through IV Core?
    IV Core, please go through this thread and consolidate all the valid and genuine points and consider this for the phase 2 campaign...

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  • nyte_crawler
    09-25 11:19 AM
    Reading your long winded message, I have to question your rationale with respect to your argument and the sneakiness of the message. Your first post with a new id is to plead for re-capture and not work for re-intrepretation of spill over. I have seen this before. Period.

    Hi friends,

    Let me introduce myself as an EB3 applicant waiting for about 5 years in the line!

    Not many will probably be pleased with what I would like state. This calls for some dispassionate introspection.

    First of all, let us realize that Green Card is not a right. The rules of the game were clear when we applied and all of us were conscious of what was in store. We all applied with the hope (repeat hope) of settling in the USA. The July 2007 fiasco helped many, including myself, to file 485. The US government went out of its way to accommodate us, rolled back their decision and allowed us to file 485 at that time. We must be eternally thankful for that. There is no need for INS to fear us. We all know how many years it takes to receive a reply from any government office, back home.

    To avoid wastage of visas, the INS has formulated some rules and many Indian citizens have been benefitted and will continue to benefit. The nos. have also been made transparent now. The problem with us is that we want more and more and more...Wastage of visas is not of relevance to the INS, it is of relevance to us. It is not fair to question the method of distribution or the rules behind the game. The truth is, we do not have any right to even comment, leave alone question the INS. Let us be clear about that.

    It is not not correct to assume that INS rules of distribution have been made arbitrarily. Are we the only intelligent people in the world? Is it that no one has thinking capability? Come on friends, let us be patient and happy for the consideration shown by INS. May be there have been lapses in the past. But which country or which organization / individual has been absolutely infallible? So let us stop blaming and critizing INS.This is a negative approach.

    Many Indians seem to get irritated when INS wants to enforce the rules. Nothing will ever happen to people who follow the rules in USA. I do not want to write in a public forum about all the tricks many do, to enter and stay here. Let us all listen to our inner voice.

    The real solution would be to plead for a visa recapture. That would be a positive approach. This EB3 / EB2 argument will vertically split the forum. If we EB3 people want to push our agenda, the EB2 folks have a right to counter it and appeal to INS. Afterall, today's world is one of cold and ruthless competition. So, let us not pursue this path.

    There are many EB2 candidates who have come to the US way back in 2001, but could file their Labor petitions only in 2006 or 2007 becasue they were forced to do bonded labour by the desi companies. In other words, everyone has had their share of the problems.


    EB3 friends, be confident. Everything will work out well!

    Best wishes


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  • ajm
    09-20 12:57 PM
    Cheers to everyone who decided not to ask IV to reimburse the fee difference that they paid to Airline companies.

    I was one of the members who bought the ticket early for Sep 13 and had to rebook. Initially, I did ask IV to reimburse me but after receiving a very nice email from Aman and seeing how sincerely they wanted to set things right (regardless of whether I could make it on Sep 18), I never took them up on the reimbursement offer.

    Attending the rally was great! The people who did not come have missed out on a unique experience.

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  • santb1975
    04-08 12:11 PM
    Thanks for letting me know Chanduv. I will PM him during the day

    IV handle 'sertasheep' who is also a core team member Naren, created the group. You may want to email him or PM him just in case.


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  • actaccord
    02-23 08:42 AM

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  • paskal
    07-11 07:38 PM
    letter is dated 9th
    they have till tomorrow


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  • JulianaCR
    05-23 10:41 AM
    I'm in the same boat as all of you.

    Labor filed: 09/2007
    Audit : 10/2007
    Replied : 12/22/2007
    Service Center: Altanta
    Category : EB2
    Status: Pending

    How much longer would we have to wait?
    Lawyer sent inquiry to DOL and they replied with a non responsive email saying the case status was Processing and they would be reviewed in a FIFO order. It does not seem to be a FIFO processing. People have filed at the beggining of the year and have been approved already. Also some audits approval from replies made on nov/dec 07.
    What's going on?


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  • BharatPremi
    10-12 02:46 PM
    "Year 2003 - EB2 faced little retrogression briefly for 4-5 months and
    second trend of RIR denials and second trend of forcing EB3- NON RIR
    filing. EB3 faced brief retrogression for 2 months. "

    Bharat Premi please clarify

    It is difficult for me to produce all "Proofs" at this point of time, perhaps if I dig my some of past CDs I may be able to bring some articles but it will be a hell of time. Anyway still trying to put some explanation. First of all you need to understand the difference between today's bulletin system and bulletin system prevalent around 1999-2003. I vaguely remember, mostly till 2002 mid only Mexico and Philipines and India were "oversubscribed" countries.INS played a very smart game with bulletins then as well but somehow there was no public cry like what we experienced during this july. I do not remember exactly but probably during almost whole 2003 and perhaps for some months during 2002 India was out from "Oversubscribed" category. Before that India was used to be "Current" almost all the time. Now during the time India compeltely disapperared from bulletins, we needed to solely depend upon the internal news about retrogression and most of the information I was used to get from and articles and many articles were talking about this EB2 and Eb3 retrogression.


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  • pmandappa
    10-25 11:19 AM
    I don't know that much about immigration and what I do know, is blurred by the amount of information out there - that said, I do think that a bill that represents the people contributing to the betterment of this county by working in their specific fields is a good thing. And it gives way to a cleaner system to evaluate immigrants. I would rather have heard a no in the beginning than be approved and sit around waiting for the forseeable future.

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  • royus77
    07-28 07:14 PM
    Here's a quick summary before the InfoPass recap:

    EAD e-filed: May 27th
    Receipt notices received: 1st week of June
    FP done: June 19th
    Card production ordered LUD: June 28th
    Other soft LUDs: July 25th, July 27th
    Still waiting...

    InfoPass: This morning...07/28/08
    Per the guy at the InfoPass counter, the FP report was received on July 24th (which probably explains the July 25th LUD). He said EAD will not be printed or sent out before FP check is complete. In 2007, they did not run FP checks to issue the first EAD after July fiasco.

    So could this explain the delay that folks here are seeing? FP Code 2 was done for EAD, so not sure why this should take so long :mad: Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought that only FP Code 3 that's done for I-485 can take a long, long time. Can someone post info on EAD FP checks?

    Update: Here's what I have after some quick research on USCIS biometrics:

    e-filed may 6
    FP Done 4 June
    Card Production Ordered July 11
    Soft LUD July 19 ( e filed APO and sent supporting docs)
    Soft LUD July 27 ..


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  • abhijitp
    06-29 01:51 PM
    just found this post on

    If USCIS is planning on using up all 40K by July 2, and not accepting applications why would they put out a memo like this?

    questions are never ending, the only thing in our control is to push our lawyer to file asap.


    USCIS to Suspend Premium Processing for All I-140 Petitions Beginning July 2

    In a press release issued today, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that it will impose a temporary suspension of premium processing services for all Form I-140 immigrant worker petitions from July 2, 2007 to August 1, 2007. Premium services are being suspended because USCIS expects a surge of I-140 filings beginning on July 2, when immigrant visa priority dates become current for nearly all employment-based categories. The agency anticipates that, due to the high volume of filings, it will be unable to meet the 15-day processing goal of the service.

    During the 30-day period, USCIS plans to review its decision to halt premium processing of I-140s, and could extend the suspension beyond August 1 if, due to its workload, the agency remains unable to guarantee 15-day processing. Note that premium processing services are currently suspended for I-140 petitions for which a labor certification substitution is being requested, pursuant to a new Department of Labor (DOL) regulation that prohibits substitution of labor certification beneficiaries beginning July 16, 2007.

    1. I-140 processing times have been already adversely affected by almost everyone going in for premium processing... in one case (TSC, EB-3?) it went back to 2003
    2. there would definitely be a surge in the I-140's beginning July-- many going in for Premium Processing, which would certainly slow them down, and perhaps, make it impossible to guarantee a 15 day response
    3. possibly, they are helping speed up the AOS decisions by doing this

    However, it sucks that they are doing something like this with a less than 1 week notice!

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  • pappu
    06-26 10:11 AM
    The situation is the same. In my case and of course in most of others too, what he/she said is correct. Waiting for Eb3 to cross 2001 has become a difficult thing. If I started an EB2 app rather than hoping positively, I would have finished my wait for GC.

    Ever since retrogression started the dates have not crossed 2001. 245i or not, the backlog is a fact. Sad part, when there is action items from IV, trying to talk to my state members, I have realized and been told that IV does not cater to EB3 anymore. It is disheartening how much ever I try to explain, occasional members look at IV threads like EB2-EB3 predictions and say there is no hope for EB3 and also IV has no answer to it.

    I tried my part...too bad I was not able to participate in the IV advocacy day due to family emergency. anyway, let us hope IV's persistence yields us the results. My heart goes for a lot of EB3s who may automatically qualify for EB2 just due to their experience.

    Best of luck to all.

    You are hearing utter nonsense from your friends. They have no inclination to find out the truth or wish to take part in the action item. Such armchair strategy folks are the reason we are all suffering in EB3 I. If these folks joined this effort and worked hard to fix it, we would have made lot more progress. Despite being highly educated, some people fall prey to divisive posts and opinions on the forums without checking the facts.

    People who had come to the DC advocacy day this month know what we do and that our focus is solving EB retrogression completely. We do not talk about EB2 , EB3 categories. We talk about the overall retrogression in EB visas.

    The biggest damage and threat to this effort is not from anti-immigrants or other interest groups but from people of our own community who spread lies, pursue personal agenda and grudges, talk against this effort and cause damage to this community effort. They forget that this damages their own cause. Have you seen divisive posts, or anti-organization posts on the forums of anti-immigrants? Just think about it.

    After leading this effort for more than 4 years I have come to a realization that we as a community are the reason of our own failure and the reason for our own successes. There is nobody else to be blamed. If we have to blame someone for this broken system, it is ourselves for not being able to get together and fix it.


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  • Imigrait
    09-02 07:09 PM
    It is very hard to pass 28 sleepless night....:):) Hard to make it thru even one...

    I know, especially since last year I sat around for 2 months(Aug and Sept '08) when I was current, hoping my file would be touched. What did Obama say "HOPE" ? I guess that's what we're living on. It could be a "MIRAGE" too :rolleyes:.

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  • Lasantha
    04-11 09:44 AM
    Thanks man. Yes, i am already planning a vacation. Haven't seen Colombo in almost 9 years now. It will be exciting!!!

    Dude that's awesome news!!!! Mines surely around the corner ... of this year lol... i'm in no hurry i'd rather everybody before me get their GC soon enough. Enjoy machang and if i were u i'll take a vacation :)

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  • raj2007
    04-14 03:57 AM
    GC is given for a period of 10 years and not for ever.

    Permanent Resident Card
    The Permanent Resident Card, Form I-551, is issued to all Permanent Residents as evidence of alien registration and their permanent status in the US. The card must be in your possession at all times. This requirement means that you are not only required to have a currently valid Form I-551 at all times, but also that you must carry your currently valid Form I-551 on your person at all times. The Permanent Resident Card currently is issued with a 10-year validity. You status as a Permanent Resident does not expire with the 10-year validity. Only the card expires. The card is only valid up to the expiration date and must be renewed before it expires.
    source D&vgnextchannel=4f719c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    08-05 04:26 PM
    It is encouraging to know that your case is assigned to an officer that you raised an SR on Aug 3rd. An SR was raised for me on Aug 3rd as well and the customer service rep mentioned that my case is also assigned to an officer...

    So, Will Aug 18th be "the day" to look for ?? :D

    Good luck to you and let us keep all of our friends posted on the same


    05-15 11:30 AM
    Few Things:
    1) Do not panic
    2) Understand that the attorney owes loyalty to your company not you
    3) Consult an independent attorney and find out your options
    4) Have a cool and collected discussion with your employer laying out very clearly your concerns and why you think it is necessary to move fast on this. Many times employers think they can walk over you and you will do good to have a nice long discussion to tell him/her politely that the I485 stage can take upto 3-4 years or more. This is a fact because you may get stuck in name check or background check, you will have to do the medical get your AP and EAD and then you should have a visa number available after you are done with all the above. So tell your employer that just in order to start these processes, it is required for you to file I485 as soon as possible. Hopefully once your employer knows that you are not going to get your GC anytime soon due to the delays involved AFTER filing I485, he/she will budge and help you out. Also try to define a time line for filing the I485. In short have a rational discussion with your employer and don't be afraid to ask questions.
    5) Have faith in god and be assertive, do not keep quiet or go to the extreme of trying to bring your employer to his senses by using legal action unless you have tried all of the above and he/she refuses to cooperate.

    I am not an attorney, use my advice at your own risk.

    Best of luck.

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