Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • amitjoey
    01-19 12:39 PM
    Signed up for recurring $20 contribution.

    Thanks, 872 more contributing members needed.

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  • snathan
    05-17 09:11 AM
    There are 13 guys voted "NO". May I know why. These guys already got approval or what? If so, Please remember this voting is only for people are struck in Perm process.

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  • sanjay02
    04-20 04:00 PM
    Thnks, for the fax # , hope I get my EAD/AP soon, I had applied for AP on 4/9/2010 and EAD on 4/15/2010. My EAD is valid till Aug 3rd . My wife's EAD is till July 21st.

    I sent both to Phoenix lock box as Im in CA. My checks havent been cashed yet, both were paper filing , in the past the checks used to be cashed in a week and I used to get the receipts in the mail within a weeks time.

    Has any one been in a situation where they havent got EAD renewal in 90 days and has been successful in getting the interim EAD from the local USCIS office? Plz post their experiences here.

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  • breddy2000
    01-15 01:53 PM
    Assume MMs(Market Makers) know everyone of you, your positions and every of your trades, in real time.

    It it their advantages to have this data. And it is so easy nowadays to have a simple program analyzing these data in real time to profile trades in terms of who they are (inst/retailer, between themselves or not), block size distribution, duration of trades (how long the buy/sell mode last), etc.

    Most of daytraders do not have these information. That's why most of the daytraders lose money in trading


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  • rajuram
    12-18 03:42 PM
    Remember Lame duck session. Now imagine having twice as many members, double the number of phone calls and faxes and emails. Double the activity and contributions.
    We do have to make sure that next time (read: Jan 2007) We go with a bigger organisation. What is the use of talking strategy or doing things with the same number of people.
    Leave the strategy to the core team, Please help out with adding members.

    Does the IV core team plan on sharing their strategy for the New Year with the new members?

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  • Lasantha
    04-14 04:01 PM
    1) I think what he meant was to take part in the democratic process in the country that you live in. You cannot take part in the democratic process of your native land if you don't live there now can you?

    2) I think he means the risk of loosing the GC status and getting deported. Not losing the citizenship of the original country is not the issue. He is emphasizing on the vulnerability.

    Not great reasons for some...

    Q 1: What if one's native country is also a democracy?
    Q 2: If one is already a citizen of democratic country other than US and same scenario will happen then one's kids will not have revoked citizenship (That other country's) as well if one decides to maintain his/her original citizenship ...


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  • gc_check
    09-25 09:03 PM
    They can interpret the law how the language was used in the legislation as well as what congress intended to do. Any way, before 2000, INA clearly enforce the veritcal spill over in EB catagories. After year 2000 (after AC21 amendment to INA) INA was modified to horizontal spillover. DOS did not noticed this change till 2007. Only after 2007 (after AILA&congress efforts) DOS paid the attention to the law change and exactly following the law. Till that point EB3 was benefitted. One of the purpose of AC21 law is, to remove country quota in EB catagories. The intension is, becuse of 7% country limitation, american competiveness should not be affected (to eliminate the limitation of the high skilled immigrants from oversubscribed countries in higer catagory).

    Can you post links to any official memo with regards to this change if you happen to find. This will clear the confusion. I do not think AC21 amendment changes anything specific to spill over visa allocation. Anyway.. I am trying to find the link to any official memo and will post if I find any

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  • trramesh
    09-02 02:27 PM

    Yesterday, it was our turn too to get the approval notice. It was a long wait like many of you. Checking into IV forums has helped me cope up with the delay. It is more than 8 years since entering US, 6 years since signing up with employer for GC, and five years since filing for labor. BEC and 485 were the biggest unpredictables in the journey. There were times when I thought if it was all that worth. Anyway, now we have completed this arduous journey (being an Indian).

    As a token of appreciation for IV and good will for my fellow countrymen continuing the journey, I am also making a contribution of $100/-. I saw someone already made such comment here. Needless to say, my contribution is along the way.

    Good luck to all in waiting.

    PD - Oct 29, 04
    I485 - RD - July 26, 07
    I485 - AD - Sep 01, 09


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  • freedom_fighter
    02-15 02:22 PM
    To all:

    For those of us, who have green cards, we would also like to participate, if we can add an action item to improve citizenship rules. Most of us have waited 10 yrs for green card, and waiting another 5 yrs on top of it is too much.

    Also, h1bs + green card holders would be both interested in joining the cause.

    say what?

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  • gc4me
    06-27 10:30 AM
    To all EB3 members whose PD is current:

    Monday is the last day. If you don't get your GC approved, you got to wait for at least 7/8 months before they start moving dates forward. Beginning of each fiscal year, the dates are generally very conservative.

    And for ROW EB3, if the bill passes to eliminate country quota, you will be getting your GC in not less than 5 years from now which you could have get it if your f**ing attorney/company would have file it 7 days earlier! Big time screwed! I am one of them!


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  • 485Mbe4001
    03-19 07:24 PM
    Thank you for your effort. Recapture of unused visas will eliminate most of the backlogs (does it require a congressional approval or if anything can be done as a part of an admin fix). Anything that requires a congressional will be lumped with the CIR, we are a small group of people held hostage at the mercy of CIR.

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  • santb1975
    05-21 01:02 AM
    I called the remaining 3 offices today


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  • pmpforgc
    04-09 12:41 PM
    gc4me : Pardon me, but how is citizenship not a relevant issue to legal immigrants? If you're not worried about citizenship issues, then why are you even infesting this thread? Many people, including me, might be interested. And I have indeed contributed, although I don't see how that is any of your business and as long as this website isn't being hosted on your home computer, I don't see what gives you the right to ask it of anyone in a patronizing tone. It's simple really, if you're not interested in any issue, just stay away. No one needs your BS sarcasm or disapproval.

    This is important thread and shoul not be closed.

    IV is a organization of highly skilled immigrant who suffers from long waiting for immigration process. That includes all issues such as Name check, EAD, AP, Backlog, Green Card, I-140, I-485. Citizenship is also a issue that ultimately affects to all who wait for the long time for GC. So this organization should at least discuss implication and possible solutions, that can help to reduce Citizenship wait time for its members.

    Because of the other pressing issues, it may not be a priority issue, but it is some thing to keep on the table and discussion when Major Immigration Over haul take place. I personally think it need action from cogress to address it.

    I think releief in terms of less years as citizenship wait time for Highly skilled immigrant who has waited for long/ contributed in the taxes to the country and contributing by his Skills and Qualifications, is achivable.

    when Some one who just marry to Citizen can get Citizenship in only 3 yrs of wait, If they can give cuban credit for their wait time, If in last bill they can propose TO REDUCE ONE YEAR WAIT TIME for some one who know english, than why one should hesitate in asking similar relief for some one who has Say PhD/ Master in Engineering/ Sciences, has contributed to this nation in the taxes for five or more years and has suffered because of the problems in the system.

    Remember orginal wait time for Five Year after, though I am not exactly sure, but looks like designed based on Family based Immigration system, where person comes in the country just based on the family tie ( no other qualification) and comes directly as a Green Card holder it might be wise to wait five years to see his contributions to the country and his other aspects.

    Also when many countries are making changes in their rules to attract highly skilled immigrants, when US imigration system is likely to be changed in near future, this might be right favour to ask for Highly Skilled immigrant from any country in terms of citizenship benefits.

    Hope IV team and members keep this topic in mind apart from other immidiate pressing issues and needs. some time we come so much involved with our immidiate need that we can not see long distance. Who ever brought this point is thinking in the long distance goal of finishing immigration process, which many of us started as a H-1, F-1, Visitor, J-1, L-1 or among the several other immigration categories. Why we should not be thinking of finish line, where we want to reach some day. There is no harm in thinking and discussing that how to reach that finsih line.

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  • ravi98
    04-22 09:24 AM
    just an update from my end. I had sent my EAD renewal application to NSC by mistake when it should have gone to Phoenix lockbox. My check was cashed today from Phoenix center, so looks like NSC forwarded my application to the right place.

    This is really funny!
    You had sent your EAD renewal to NSC and it was sent to Phoenix lock box.....
    Read another post for EAD renewal that was sent to Phoenix lock box but got re-routed to NSC........

    Where is the info that tells us where exactly to send them? Anyone?


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  • gcdreamer05
    01-16 11:32 AM
    Me too will join around 9:30 PM EST

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  • apnair2002
    06-14 05:13 PM

    By Jill Serjeant

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - U.S. Catholic bishops on Wednesday urged the U.S. Congress to resolve differences on immigration reform and seize a "historic moment" to give all of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

    Meeting in Los Angeles for their bi-annual conference, the bishops said an enforcement-only approach to immigration had failed and that stronger border fences and a piecemeal approach would do nothing to deter those seeking to find work in the United States.

    "Over the past 12 years, our government has spent $25 billion on enforcement of our border. During the same period, the number of undocumented in the nation has nearly doubled," said Bishop Gerald Barnes of San Bernardino, who heads the U.S. Catholic Bishops committee on immigration.

    "We urge congressional leaders and the President to seize this historic moment and enact a just and humane immigration measure," Barnes told a news conference.

    "Either fix it, or five years from now there will be 20 million illegal immigrants here," said Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, whose vow to disobey any laws that would criminalize illegal immigrants and those who help them has made him a leading voice in the national debate.

    Lawmakers are struggling to reconcile a bill in the House of Representatives that focuses strictly on border enforcement with a Senate bill that would also create a temporary work program denounced by many conservatives as equivalent to an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    The bishops said all undocumented workers currently in the United States should be given a "viable and workable earned path to citizenship," not just those who have been here longest.

    They also backed a temporary worker program and reforms that would reduce family immigration backlogs. Continued...


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  • hebbar77
    09-02 02:19 PM
    I called and enquired abt my case. I told I was beyond normal processing time. They gave me some service request no... and told me I will receive an email within 30 days. What does this mean!

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  • buddyinsd
    08-04 01:24 PM
    I'm 06 and I know exactly what u r saying...Many 06 guyz got approved in 2008 but all those cases were from TSC where the processing times had reached 06. Freakin NSC was behind in processing and hence our cases were stuck. I'm assuming ur case is at NSC....

    But come to the present day, everything is in place for our approvals. I'm confident v all will get it this time. Just a matter of time and its frustrating rt now...YES.

    I went through the same frustration in 2008 when many 2006 got approved even when my date was current.
    Looks like the same thing is going to happen again -- most of the approvals are from 2006 and I am still stuck forever..what the *&%^ing going on....

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  • arav_m
    09-02 07:28 PM


    Congrats arav_m! Which Service Center?

    04-08 10:49 AM
    Below is a very good article from the "Economic Policy Institute " that highlights the fact that 2 well known Indian firms have single handedly lapped up 65% of H1B visas last year and have applied for just 69 green cards . Thats a GC application rate of 0.0004%. i Cannot help agree with the facts in this article. I totally agree that firms like these which abuse the system ought to be severely punished and blacklisted, so that geniunine US companies can get their required workers , when they need them . The link is as below.

    Why is this wrong? These companies are using the H1B just as it was intended to be used - as a temporary work visa. If anybody is contravening the purpose of the H1B, it is all those companies hiring workers on H1B for permanent jobs by pretending that they are temporary workers and then filing for a green card for the worker.

    07-17 10:04 PM
    I understand the frustration. My husband has an Oct 2003 PD-EB2 ROW. His friend who applied in June 2003 in EB3 has a GC for 2 years already.When the backlogs were introduced in march 2005, the regional office was certifying cases one month older than his. I suggested to apply for PERM, but the lawyer said he'd lose the PD and it's not worth it-it will get certified soon anyway. That turned out to be January 2007. In march 2007 we finally applied for 140/485 and I was happy to notice cases in EB2-ROW were approved in as little as 2 months. My hopes were high, but not anymore.
    I can't describe how happy I was for one of my friends that applied on July 2nd. I told her today's big news and she was in heaven.But at the same time I realized that it's not very good news for us. The delays will be now huge.
    So people stuck in BECs, you have my sincerest sympathy. My thoughts will be with you and hopefully something can be done to help you.

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