Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • smaram1
    09-21 11:03 PM
    I had Mar 05 PD through RIR but lost it as i never applied for I140. 4 other guys from my company are in the same boat as mine...

    Current PD is Oct 05 through PERM...

    By the way i dont think we can ever find the count between Jan 05 - Mar 05 through this thread...Data from FOIA request would be more helpful

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  • singam
    12-20 07:44 PM
    We tried Salinas ASC and it worked for us.

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  • seeking_GC
    07-14 07:16 PM
    Any cases where the underlying I-140 was withdrawn after 180 days of the 485 being pending(changed jobs using AC21) got approved recently?

    I am current as per the July bulletin and would appreciate if some one else who is/was in a similar situation can provide their updates.


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  • Shrek
    07-01 04:56 PM
    Hello Experts!!!

    I need some serious advice, saw a few related threads, hence joined this forum immediately to get some help...

    My 6 years H1 B limit ends in August 2008.Stamp on I-94 is also as of Aug 08

    Question 1) Employer A filed for I-140 in October 2007. Due to some serious medical conditions I was unable to work from Nov '07 till date. My employer terminated my employment in March 2007 as I was not working then and not in a state to work either.
    I dont think Employer A has revoked my H1B coz I got my I-140 approved thru Employer A, this June (2008). Am I out of status per USCIS/INS 'on paper' ?

    Question 2) I am now capable to resume work. In June 2008 I have found Employer B. What are my chances of getting my H1B successfully transferred to Emp B. The last pay stub is as of Oct 2007. I can get a medical certificate explaining my absence from work till date.

    Question 3) Also, with Employer A's approved I-140, can I apply for a 3 year extension for Employer B since my 6 year tenure ends next month - Aug 08 ?

    Question 4) How will the entire process work. What r my chances ? If the H1 gets approved do I have to leave the country and re-stamp ? If the H1 gets approved why shud I leave the country, can I not just start work coz I have another 3 year extension becoz of the approved I-140 thru Employer A ?

    PLEASE HELP......


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  • kirupa
    04-23 10:07 PM
    Hi Gaurav,
    Unfortunately, I don't think it is possible to customize the scrollbar inside a WebBrowser. The WebBrowser is almost a direct inline view of the IE browser, so if your IE browser's scrollbars were different, then I believe the WebBrowser control's scrollbars would be different as well.

    In other words, the style is inherited from IE.


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  • krishna_777
    05-08 01:42 PM
    I am currently on the H1B 7th Year Extension with I-140 Approved stage from the existing company. My Priority date is Oct 2001 under India EB3. I will be moving to the fortune company starting from next month and they are ready to sponsor my green card with existing priority date. I got the copy of the 140 from my existing company and submitted the same to the new one.

    Couple of days I read in the immigration articles that EB2 & EB3 dates for India may move little bit during the summer months starting from June. In that case, what are the options available for me for filing I-485 if my dates becomes current.

    Can I request my old company to file for I-485 and move to new company on H1?? Or can I contact an attorney for filing my I-485 with my current documentation and work with new company on H1??

    Any help and guidence on this is really appreciated. I want to exercise all the possible options when the dates are becoming current for me. If I want to file the green card from the new company, I need to wait for 6 - 9 months. However, they will use the old priority date for filing the Labor & 140.

    Please help & guide me on this.


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  • Circus123
    08-01 01:41 PM
    Thanks all for your help and sorry for the new thread.

    Is your friend you ?
    Yes you have to be physically here for applying 485... ( USCIS course 101)

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  • number30
    07-20 07:38 PM
    My spouse and I have been notified through I-797C notice of action letter of the interview for (form-1-485, application to register for permanent residency). They require us to bring along a checklist of items for the interview including form I-864 that needs to be attached with Tax returns and W2 or certified IRS printouts.

    Both of us have been in US for 15 years holding F1 and later H1B visas. The problem is that one of us (who is the dependent) has worked in several organizations without authorization. We would like to know what cause of action to take to mitigate the problem as well as the worst-case scenario in terms of our ability to obtain residency. Any advice, particularly those who know of someone who has faced a similar situation will be appreciated.

    how many Days person in question worked unauthorized? When was it? Did you travel outside US after that?
    Why are they asking for I-864? It is used usually in family based cases.


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  • sgorla
    02-23 01:49 PM
    Yes, unfortunately that is true. You can not use the experience that you gained with the current sponsoring emplloyer for your permanent residency application.

    Hi, guys,

    I'm having a little trouble with counting the years of experience for my EB2 petition. My attorney said I can only count the number of years I worked before joining the current sponsoring company!! The situation is, I jointed this company in Jan 2004. But my petition (Labor) appliction only started at the end of 2006. My attorney says that the three years of working experience (04, 05 & 06) can not be counted!

    Is he correct on this?


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  • rajkumar_engg
    05-26 11:20 AM
    It expired on April 21st, as you said, Lawyer confirmed I can be in legal status for 240 days... until USCIS comes back


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  • webm
    06-10 11:22 AM
    This is really a good news!! :)

    BTW,what about AP??

    Mine was approved recently..UH just missed the boat this yr :(

    I'm also pleased to announce that we will be extending the validity period of the employment authorization documents that we issue to individuals who are waiting adjustment of status to lawful permit residenture or in colloquial phrase, the green card.

    Currently, adjustment applications are granted employment authorization documents with only a one year maximum validity. Beginning later this month, we'll start issuing these documents with a two-year validity period for aliens who are waiting adjustment of status if their application is expected to be pending for more than a year.

    This, again, is eliminating a persistent source of frustration for workers who are here, who have a pending adjustment application but have to go and renew their employment documents every single year. It's going to cut the paperwork there.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-16 09:43 PM
    These are all free, and theres tons of them. :)


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  • kiran8376
    09-08 11:51 AM
    My employer did it himself, he did not use the lawyer.

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  • pmpforgc
    12-15 07:29 PM

    I just came across the News about Donations by Indian Legal Immigrant to the US hospital. Link is given below$30~million~to~US~ hospital ($30~million~to~US~ hospital)"]

    I am sure there are several other legal immigrants donations to the US hospitals, Colleges and Universities etc.

    I am sure that if we can link those all in one thread and later on can be compiled by IV to make strong point that Legal immigrant apart from generating lots of jobs and economical growth for US also contribute generously to various progressive causes, by the wealth that they make because of their creative mind and skills.

    On other hand there is a debate about undocumented workers relying on the US tax payers resources.


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  • gc_chahiye
    12-09 07:30 PM

    I am in a bit of confusion and needed some info. I had applied for I-485 during July fiasco and my spouse applied as derivative. We had applied for her H1 extension/transfer through another employer after we filed for I-485 as we did not want her to use EAD. We recently received her H-1 approval without I-94.

    I am not sure at this point if she has to leave immediately to get the h1 stamp Or she can continue to stay here as her AOS is pending based on derivative status of my application.

    Also will her getting approved without I-94 impact her pending AOS in anyway

    what was her status when she applied the 485? I am assuming H1, but did she have an unexpired I-94 at that point? Was she getting a regular paycheck? Do you know why you did not get an I-94 with that H1 extension? Usually the only reason that happens is when you are out of status. Which could be a problem with your AOS... Did you talk to the attorney who filed the H1, what does he say?

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  • shreekhand
    06-12 11:47 AM
    Absolutely no problem. (assuming you visit is not very long - greater than six months and your GC gets approved as soon as you leave).

    You can return using your AP as some suggest. Be mindful not to show any non-immigrant visa ( H1, L1, B1 etc.) as that might be construed as abandoning LPR status. If you do not have a GC, some have been given deferred inspection (to prove your status in a local USCIS office at a later date). Another option is for someone to collect your GC and mail it with a reliable service abroad (FedEX etc.) - in anticipation of some disagreement, this is perfectly legal - it is not a passport and is a entry document not a departure doc.


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  • thakkarbhav
    01-20 02:32 PM
    You can apply for multiple H1B at the same time. No need to pay Company but they will aks you to join once H1B gets approved. so at that point you need to decide which one is better for you. You can work for both of them if one of them is ready to offer you part time work. Please Get attorney advice on that part.

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  • RC2009
    10-12 11:52 PM
    I am a H1 getting married to a citizen. We are planning on getting married in IL. Are there any rules on documents required on my part to even apply for a license? And then for the marriage ceremony (we plan to have a small civil ceremony). I am pretty confused by all the different advice.

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  • donya
    08-14 12:52 AM
    Dear all,

    I have a Q regarding the follow-to-join rule. Say one has filed I-140 and I-485 recently (concurrently filing). To use the follow-to-join rule, can the spouse file I-485 at any time after the primary applicant's I-140 is approved but before I-485 is approved? In that case, will the spouse's I-485 be approved around the same time as the primary applicant?

    A related Q, will a Visa number be immediately available after one's I-140 is approved?

    Thanks a lot!

    06-19 01:40 PM
    Dear IVians,

    Do I need to send my original passport for PIO application?

    I am not comfortable sending out my passport. Hence, I wanted to double-check.

    Your response is appreciated.

    01-15 08:50 AM
    Here is something we really should watch closely. US senate race in Massachusetts between Democrat Coakley and Republican Brown. They are fighting for the vacant seat of Hon. Late Senator Ted Kennedy. Now, people would think, why a race in mass. matter? It's a completely blue state, and had no republican senator in last 40 yrs, obviously a democrat would win. The election is on tuesday and the ground reality seems to suggest something else.

    This seat is crucial for President and Democrats as it is the much coveted 60th seat in the senate to get a filabuster-proof majority which democrats have enjoyed so far. It is critical for healthcare reform as well as for immigration reform (if at all it comes).

    The gap between both the candidates was narrow with democrat leading but today, for the first time, polls indicate that Brown has taken lead over Coakley. People in this blue state seem to increasingly support Brown, mainly frustrated because of healthcare policies. Mass residents already have a healthcare related tax to help run state's universal health care. On top of that, federal health overall would be adding more taxes on people and people fear that they will end paying both. Already, mass is a very high tax state. So, there is an increasing popularity to tax-related fiscal conservative campaign run by Brown.

    This is surely gonna be a nail-biter; so let's wait and watch this one. Election is coming tuesday.

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