Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • okuzmin
    06-04 08:16 PM
    I had a similar situation, and I had to change the employer and start all over again. However, your situation looks much better than mine. I was trying to find a lender to vouch for my employer, but that didn't happen. Your employer, on the other hand, has the lender. I believe you should be fine. The only area I'm not sure about is the period of time you didn't work for the health reason. This one I would consult about with a lawyer, since you are supposed to be employed while on H1b, or else you're out of status. There may be certain exceptions (like health-related issues) in the law.

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  • munnu77
    04-29 08:50 PM
    Gurus Pls help

    I was with Company A whn I got married which had my visa and I 94 till Nov 08,2006. My wife wnt to consul. and got her visa and I-94 till same date.
    I came back to US alone and changed to company B in July 06 and got my I-94 till 2009. Since my wife came to USA after that she didnt get her xtension.
    i forgot to file for her xtension.
    I had to agn change the company C in Dec 06. Thats whn i realised her I-94 expired in Nov. I applied for her I 539. But it wasnt approved by INS.
    I have decided to send her back before 180 days, because if she crosses 180 days, it can be a 3 yr ban.
    She will have to go back to consulate now now for visa stamping. Will she have a problem?

    Thank u

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  • gregspirited
    09-22 02:13 PM
    I work in a private firm (<300 employees) and they have filed for PERM and is under audit. What would happen to my PERM if a bigger firm takes over my smaller company.

    My H1-B 6 yr limit will expire by January 2010. What are the risks to my immigration status if my company is acquired by a bigger firm?

    1. Will I have to re-file for PERM again with the new company?


    2. Can I continue under the already audited PERM in smaller company's name?

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    06-19 12:32 PM
    My Client due to some reasons unable to offer fulltime position . But they are extending my project bt 2- 2 months . Now they extended till Aug 2009 . My visa is expiring in sep 2009 .

    Should I ask my employer to file extention Now ? or should I file in August ?


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  • sparky63
    February 2nd, 2005, 08:24 PM
    I think Anders is on to something ... his version is definitely more interesting

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  • rb_248
    09-11 01:55 PM
    Lawyers can usually justfy some minor spelling mistakes and answer to RFE. Usually USCIS accepts BC name.

    Based on inputs from my lawyer, there is some delay if such descrepency is there - he said that he can reply to such RFE and apart from delay there is no other issue.

    Thank you. That is good to hear.


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  • bayarea07
    02-04 04:30 PM
    I have a H1B from my previous employer and my H1B Visa (not I-94) is valid untill 6th September 2011,However I moved on to a different employer in August 2010 and through them i filed a H1B Transfer and Extension (application was approved in January 2011).

    However i have to make a emergency visit to India (New Delhi) this month, so do i need to re-stamp my visa again for the new employer or can i re-enter US based on my old h1 visa and at the Port of Entry show my new H1 docs.
    Is that a valid thing to do or do i need to re-stamp my visa.

    fyi.. my H1 was extended by 3 more years because of pending I-485 Application

    Few More Details to Add Here -
    I will be travelling to India on 15th February and Returning Back to USA on 20th March 2011 and my Old H1 Visa Stamp is Valid untill 6th September 2011.

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  • gconmymind
    09-19 12:25 PM
    Anytime your place of work changes on H1, your company should file an amendment to the H1B labor certification stating your new place of work.

    Hopefully, the officer at the consulate wont ask and you wont have a problem.

    Personally, I have my client's location as well as my company's location on my H1 LCA.


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  • Yeldarb
    11-14 07:59 PM
    How much do you charge?

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  • rockstart
    02-01 01:04 PM
    Most of the times all they want it that you introduce them as a sub vendor and pay them $2-5/hr. So the new relation ship will be

    Z -> New Vendor -> Y -> X -> You


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-18 03:00 PM
    Dallas-Fort Worth Immigration Lawyer Has Just Posted the Following:
    On November 12, 2009, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) launched a 30 day pilot program to test the entry process for travelers under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) from Auckland, New Zealand to Los Angeles International Airport. The program automates the arrival/departure of travelers with an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) for travelers on Air New Zealand Flight 6. Travelers on this flight will not need to fill out the paper I-94W.

    The VWP allows nationals from VWP countries to fill out an ESTA application prior to traveling to the United States to determine the traveler&rsquo;s eligibility and whether such travel poses a security risk. The ESTA application provides basic biographical, travel, and eligibility information and must be submitted online prior to traveling. There are currently 35 countries eligible to travel to the United States under the VWP. Travelers under this program may enter the U.S. for either business or tourism for up to 90 days without obtaining a visa.

    To view the list of VWP countries please visit the CBP website at (

    More... (

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  • Munna Bhai
    01-25 09:51 AM
    Even GC cannot work on security Clearance projects. Only Citizens allowed.

    That is true, but depends on degree of security clearance, if it is less than GC can work.

    But what is the way out for H1bs??


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  • rajsand
    10-05 02:18 PM
    Guess you can reschedule it once but dont miss the next one.
    read the fp thread you will get lot of inputs.

    Also regarding Travel :
    are the receipts good enough for international travel or we have to wait for the AP document and then only travel
    Assuming we are using the AP at the POE and not the H1


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  • designserve
    02-22 12:07 PM
    IRS has the recoeds for 3 years only.No sweat!!!


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-30 11:28 AM
    Strictly speaking, she cannot use the AP to enter the US unless she had it in her possession when leaving the US.

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  • ashres11
    02-24 06:39 PM
    My wife went to India for 15 days and she is coming back on sunday at EWR. She is on h1 and joining to different compnay as full time base on EAD. She is my dependent.

    She went India with all original of AP approval, EAD , copy of EAD, I485, I131 (Not original) and original copy of h1b approval. She is planning to comeback on AP. Is that law that person must carry original i485 receipt when come back on advance parole.

    My wife original I485 receipt is with lawyer, when I asked him about original, he said it is not required when you are coming back on AP. Copy should be fine.

    Now when discussed with some freinds they said original I485 reciept required when coming back on I485. I am not sure how to handle it.


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  • GCcomesoon
    10-11 07:19 PM

    My case was filed on June 4th , 2007 & till now I haven't got my FP notice & no update on the EAD application.I have called USCIS few times.They said sometimes it can take up to 6 months after 485 filing


    Priority date - 05/2003
    140 approved - 10/2006 from TSC
    485,131,765 RD-6/04/2007 at TSC, notices received - 06/07/2007
    CA, EB2
    Wife's case returned due to some error,send it again & received on 06/17/2007 as per Fedex
    Wife's case RD- 7/10/2007

    LUD in my case - I131 - 7/10/07 approved
    LUD in my case - 1131,485,765, - 7/11/07
    EAD for spouse - approved
    FP done for spouse
    EAD, FP - ????????
    LUD in spouse's case - I131-7/11/07, approved

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  • njboy
    07-08 09:24 AM
    yes, they can find out if u were on payroll and paid tax

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  • p_aluri
    07-24 03:13 PM
    PD has nothing to do with EAD processing. They're not linked.

    There is no Priority Date on my I-485 receipt notice. Is that a problem?

    02-04 12:23 AM

    I have filled the form today. Can you plz tell me what exactly is the verbiage of the question and which section of the form it is in?

    05-05 10:37 AM
    anobody? i really need your advice.

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