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  • amitjoey
    01-18 04:10 PM
    We appreciate all the one time contributions also, we are counting all the recurring contributing members. Right now we need 885 more.

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  • tonyHK12
    02-14 11:36 AM
    Yes members can contact their lawyers and other sites to put this information up.
    To add to what Pappu said, some of them might think we are competing for website hits and advertisement. t.

    Thought I'll add to this - There are many immigration and lawyer sites out there.
    Most free forums would like to increase hits, by spreading misleading information and having a paid member incite arguments, spread rumors - the popular porting one, or India, China, ROW one, to generate more hits. thats how they make money.
    Its time for people to look beyond all that and do the only real thing that works - That is meeting law makers.
    One of the best ways to do this is Direclty in Washington DC.

    This is our only real chance until 2013.

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  • Lasantha
    04-07 10:25 AM
    This is not a bad idea. But having to wait 5 years for your citizenshipis is only a minor inconvenience compared to all the other more pressing problems we have right now with the retrogression. So I think we should be more concerned with issues like visa recapture, getting USCIS to be more efficient so the visas will not go to waste each year etc. If we can get all these things acheived then your suggestion would be a nice icing on the cake.

    I was wondering if any one in the core or other members think about the next step towards getting citizenship after passing the hurdles of getting the green card. If a person is here for 10 years and then get his green card (average period), then he need to wait for another 5 years to get the citizenship. 15 years for this process in a person's life is too much.
    IV Core can push or lobby for a law which can make the person a US citizen, if he is living in US for 10 years legally without any issues and paying taxes for the entire period. It is just my idea.

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  • obviously
    05-15 10:56 PM
    FOLKS, Please consider using this following approach:

    - Take 10 Minutes *NOW* to call these numbers to leave messages. If you are married, split these between husband and wife.
    - If you call *NOW*, you just need to leave a Voicemail.
    - Call at least 1 other friend and request him/her to call with these messages.
    - Use your Yahoo! or Hotmail address book and send the messages to your contacts
    - If you are on LinkedIn, send this message to your contacts.
    - If you are on Orkut, 'scrap' everyone

    This is key. Dont put this off.

    No one will help you. You've got to help yourself.

    This is one problem that cannot be 'outsourced'.

    It is easy to say .... "well others are calling. I know I should call but ...(fill in your favorite excuse)"!!

    15 minutes will potentially save you months of continued agony!

    The Admins have
    - Given the names and numbers
    - Give the script

    Just follow it. Please. Dont put this off. Dont expect 'someone else will do it'. Every call counts.

    If possible, have husband and wife EACH call. Have your kids call. Nothing like a child's voice, more so if your kid is a US Citizen. Tell your kid to identify himself/herself as a citizen. Also builds your child's self esteem and leadership instincts.

    Please, dont put this off. Your shopping trip, random errand, movie or dinner CAN wait.

    Take 15 minutes to call them NOW. If you call now, it will most likely go to Voice Mail. Thats OK. At least you wont be 'worried about not coming across OK'. Just do it. Please.

    And, do update the poll after that.



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  • nk29
    04-27 08:41 AM

    Yesterday we got the receipts. The application date was April 8th and the notice date was April 20th. Hope that helps.


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  • madras1
    02-23 09:14 AM

    I cannot find any information the location where we are going to meet in DC. It would help me to find accomadation or public transport to the event location. I am planning to attend this event.



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  • gc_chahiye
    10-12 07:33 PM
    Today my attorney said that if it hasnt moved for two visa bulletins in the fiscal year then he is almost sure (using 27 year experience in immigration) that it will not move much this year.

    dont worry the dates will move. Ask your attorney if he is willing to take a bet on that.
    this year is "special". The July VB filings, the rush of approvals in teh last 2-3 months... lots of things have happened this year that have never happened in the past.

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  • santb1975
    06-03 01:27 PM
    We are building momentum


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  • girijas
    04-13 12:32 PM
    I was just joking..........anything that will help people signup and keep this thread on top.
    In fact I am relieved that experienced people like you and nolaIndian are coming to DC; I will need your encouragement. My dog and I have started walking 10 miles on Sat/Sun. We have also started running/walking 4 miles on weekdays.
    Sign up guys........if not for IV; at least for your health!!!
    Once you signup, you will have a deadline to work towards and that will be the greatest incentive that you can have.

    I am not up for any fights ... Peace

    Back to work..We definately will get more participation. Let's get rolling

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  • Ram_C
    11-14 01:08 PM
    any experience from Indain Embassy at SFO ?? planning to mail the application from Los Angeles


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  • chanukya
    02-01 09:37 PM
    This is what is there in 187, no mention of page s1105

    Only mention page s1121, s1044-1045.

    I am still wondering to which amendment S1105 attached

    Amends: H.R.2 , S.AMDT.112
    Sponsor: Sen Kerry, John F. [MA] (submitted 1/24/2007) (proposed 1/24/2007)
    In the nature of a substitute.



    Amendment SA 187 proposed by Senator Kennedy for Senator Kerry to Amendment SA 112. (consideration: CR S1044-1045; text: CR S1044)
    Amendment SA 187 agreed to in Senate by Unanimous Consent.

    s1105 refers to a page. This corresponds to SA 187 ( and I request you to see BACKLOG REDUCTION is there).

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  • Jaime
    04-16 11:16 AM
    Let's pray and hope for the best! Already some Nov and Dec 09 cases have been approved


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  • tawlibann
    06-28 11:28 AM
    I don�t buy the argument that only India and China produce the brightest people who are willing to work here in U.S. There are just as many people from Europe and the rest of the world who are just as qualified and who would want to work in the U.S. The problem starts with the H1-B visas, where most of them are taken by these Indian IT consulting companies. Correct me if I�m wrong, but I don�t think these IT companies hire non-Indian workers. There are many qualified people from the rest of the world who are willing to work here in U.S, but can�t because the majority of the H1-B visas is going to Indians and Chinese nationals. Perhaps, there should be a per-country quota at the H1-B level. I don�t think there is anything wrong with the current country quota; if some countries don�t use their quotas then these quotas roll into the countries that have higher demand.

    I second that. As long as there is widespread abuse -- large numbers of Indian body-shops and consulting companies that import people by the thousands -- and as long as that skews the numbers, there should also be checks and balances -- per-country limits. Per-country limits and diversity argument are a good way to restore the balance and offset for the abuse.

    I'm really tired of hearing people saying that diversity is for FB or for DV visa. What make FB immigration a better candidate for diversity?!? Absolutely nothing. The law provides for diversity in ALL immigration categories -- EB, FB, DV, etc., and there is nothing discriminatory about it. The discrimination comes from companies that abuse the system, import thousands of consulting workers with 3-year degrees who don't really have jobs but sit on the bench for 8-10 months at a time (something that's explicitly disallowed by H-1B law), and then apply for I-140/I-485 going through an unending sequence of RFE's, NOIDs, MTR's, etc. and slowing the system to a crawl. Now these people want the whole world to suffer with them by "distributing" the pain. Why?

    If somebody takes care of this abuse, the remaining really qualified Indian/Chinese workers who really deserve to be here will find that they won't need a separate category because there won't be any severe backlogs for their countries.

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  • inskrish
    09-01 07:15 PM
    Is the day over already????

    Inshkrish you have two RDs I mean you are July 2 filer how come your RD is in Aug, ND is in October so technically you are out of the processing window (but are you???)

    My PD is close to you....but no movement ..........

    Congrats to all those who got green today....the world is at your feet....enjoy it while you can...


    Hi SeekerOfPeace,

    USCIS received my I-485 application on 07/02/2007, but it ignored the mail room receipt date and updated my case with 08/05/07 as the receipt date.


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  • desiin_va
    05-15 03:04 PM

    2.*Copy of Birth Certificate of Employee and ALL Dependent Family Members
    (Please provide translations if not in English)

    ** If NO birth certificate is available then a �Non-Availability Certificate� MUST BE SUBMITTED with Affidavits of Birth, Executed by two immediate family members who were 5 years of age or older at the time the birth took place�
    (Please see attached sample)

    *** If a birth certificate was recently issued, then it MUST BE SUBMITTED along with Affidavits of Birth, Executed by two immediate family members who were 5 years of age or older at the time the birth took place�(Please see attached sample)

    *** Please also include U.S. Citizen Children�s Birth Certificate(s)

    10.Copies of ALL I-94 cards, I-797 Approvals (H-1B & H-4s), I-20s, and EAD cards.

    radhagd, thank you for the information.

    Couple of questions to all gurus:

    Is there any time limit to say birth certificate is recent? I got my birth certificate in Jan'07, trying to see if i need to sumit the affidavits?

    Also do we need to have copies of all I-94 cards since the first time we entered US? Looks like i don't have the I-94 copy which was issued when i entered in 1999 for the first time. In that case what would be the solution?

    Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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  • dilbert_cal
    03-29 11:25 PM
    IV is non-profit organisation. If IV hires a H1B holder, it wont fall under the cap. ( Provided IV qualifies as non-profit for the sake of H1Bs )

    The above is just a thought :-) Dont start PMing logiclife to sponsor your H1s :-)


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  • ambals03
    04-11 11:40 AM
    As a member, you can get the latest count in

    Thanks. I was looking more like, how many people have actually emailed -- ?

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  • EB3worker
    09-25 10:55 AM
    Hi friends,

    Let me introduce myself as an EB3 applicant waiting for about 5 years in the line!

    Not many will probably be pleased with what I would like state. This calls for some dispassionate introspection.

    First of all, let us realize that Green Card is not a right. The rules of the game were clear when we applied and all of us were conscious of what was in store. We all applied with the hope (repeat hope) of settling in the USA. The July 2007 fiasco helped many, including myself, to file 485. The US government went out of its way to accommodate us, rolled back their decision and allowed us to file 485 at that time. We must be eternally thankful for that. There is no need for INS to fear us. We all know how many years it takes to receive a reply from any government office, back home.

    To avoid wastage of visas, the INS has formulated some rules and many Indian citizens have been benefitted and will continue to benefit. The nos. have also been made transparent now. The problem with us is that we want more and more and more...Wastage of visas is not of relevance to the INS, it is of relevance to us. It is not fair to question the method of distribution or the rules behind the game. The truth is, we do not have any right to even comment, leave alone question the INS. Let us be clear about that.

    It is not not correct to assume that INS rules of distribution have been made arbitrarily. Are we the only intelligent people in the world? Is it that no one has thinking capability? Come on friends, let us be patient and happy for the consideration shown by INS. May be there have been lapses in the past. But which country or which organization / individual has been absolutely infallible? So let us stop blaming and critizing INS.This is a negative approach.

    Many Indians seem to get irritated when INS wants to enforce the rules. Nothing will ever happen to people who follow the rules in USA. I do not want to write in a public forum about all the tricks many do, to enter and stay here. Let us all listen to our inner voice.

    The real solution would be to plead for a visa recapture. That would be a positive approach. This EB3 / EB2 argument will vertically split the forum. If we EB3 people want to push our agenda, the EB2 folks have a right to counter it and appeal to INS. Afterall, today's world is one of cold and ruthless competition. So, let us not pursue this path.

    There are many EB2 candidates who have come to the US way back in 2001, but could file their Labor petitions only in 2006 or 2007 becasue they were forced to do bonded labour by the desi companies. In other words, everyone has had their share of the problems.


    EB3 friends, be confident. Everything will work out well!

    Best wishes

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  • looivy
    07-14 02:12 PM
    I thought there is no harder working organization than USCIS. The devotion they showed towards June end by working long weekend hours to approve 60K visas is commendable :)

    3 business days ppl...monday-tuesday we ll see some info.

    on another note...lets say august bulletin shows movement. what about ppl who have filed on july 2nd and beyond..what happens to their application? fees, etc have already been can we pay the extra fees?

    Roger Binny
    09-25 05:14 PM
    * Contact Senators, congressmen, USCIS and walk them through our presentation

    Sorry, i'm just trying to understand the situation here, please no flames.

    If this is an admin area fix and USCIS is the main one whom we may need to convince, do we still need to contact/involve politicians in this.

    Coming elections, and two different parties, this may give a different color to the whole problem, than solving the problem.

    03-25 11:24 AM
    Teddy. The intention of such post is to tell people that they need to look beyond spending time on predictions. Predictions can help people know the extent of the backlog. For some it is a motivating factor because they were in the dark until USCIS started publishing data. People used to think their Greencard is round the corner and had no idea about the backlog. So yes the data and estimations have helped get a clearer picture. And this has benefited our community. IV has worked for several months to get the data from USCIS through its agenda item in the past. Today USCIS is publishing data at regular intervals because IV community had participated in a mass campaign to get FOIA data from USCIS. There is a whole history of advocacy behind the data everyone is using for prediction today and it was advocacy that got things done. However they should not get stuck with it and have a more 360 degree view of the issue. For some predictions are a source of encouragement for advocacy work. People leading predictions can play an important role in giving direction to others and help solve the root cause of the problem.They should be urged use it for the advocacy work as well if possible. For example a good research document can be made to illustrate visually the extent of backlogs and wait times. This document can be then circulated to media and lawmaker offices. Do not look at predictions in isolation. Secondly, the data people are using is still incomplete and has lot of assumptions. I had posted some update on the data in the donor forum early this month based on a recent meeting. So predictions we see on the forums will not be fully correct. People need to use predictions as means rather than consider it as an end.

    That is exactly why these are known as PREDICTIONS.

    Suggested reading

    "A prediction or forecast is a statement about the way things will happen in the future, often but not always based on experience or knowledge. While there is much overlap between prediction and forecast, a prediction may be a statement that some outcome is expected, while a forecast may cover a range of possible outcomes.

    Although guaranteed information about the information is in many cases impossible, prediction is necessary to allow plans to be made about possible developments; Howard H. Stevenson writes that prediction in business "... is at least two things: Important and hard."[1]"
    Prediction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

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