Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • akred
    04-07 12:35 PM
    Very true.
    I think Americans have to decide.
    Do they want to work with Indians/Chinese in America?
    Or do they want to work with Indians/Chinese in India/China?

    Their choice :)

    Protect everything. Protect all the jobs. Drive all the high-tech jobs out of America.
    And then either become a lawyer, or go look for a job in India/China.

    I came across this article. Note how hard it will be to define what is a US company in the future.

    Accenture India to surpass US operations in headcount (

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-12 04:27 PM
    If 50% of people from India have PD < 2005, all the more reason that EB3 would move forward!

    nope, EB3 is a different story altogether: there is always a big demand for EB3. People graduate from colleges in India and come here on H1s, many of them dont have either a masters degree or 5 years of experience, so have no choice but to file in EB3. Many big companies take a conservative approach with the position that has been advertised, and if it is a "junior" level position insist on EB3 (even if the person filing was eligible for EB2). Strictly speaking thats correct, as its the position that determines EB level, not just the person.
    Its people with US Masters, or who have done their BS <2002 who have a shot at EB2. That data was specifically for EB2 India PD distribution. That does not mean the EB3 India line is smaller or will move any faster. There are enough people in EB2 pipeline to keep USCIS busy and that category retrogressed (with current quotas)

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  • a_matha
    08-03 02:55 PM
    Congrats. Did you do anything special - SR, Senator office, Infopass?

    No I was planning on taking Infopass after the 15th(per my attorney) if there were no LUD'S. Thanks

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  • snathan
    05-02 11:26 AM
    It doesnt matter if you are struck in Atlanta or Chicago. If you are struck, gather here. We need to have enough resource, volunteer to make our case stronger. Based on the support from the members we can move further. As of now we are not sure about further action. We will post you soon on that.


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  • gconmymind
    01-03 05:12 PM

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  • basameera
    09-03 04:40 PM

    My PD is Nov 2004. I am waiting for CPO mail and GC.

    Any one know whether change of address cause transfer case from one service center to other service center ( NSC To TSC)?



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  • Saralayar
    07-13 04:08 PM
    GCPerm, Good answers. I commend you for that.

    Otherwise, I sincerely believe even after I get my green card, we should focus on resolving this green card backlog mess and if we can get green card holders and US Citizens to support this cause it woule be better.

    Maybe you are not able to relate to what EB3 candidates go through. Yes it is a choice we made to wait in this country. A lot of EB3 people qualify for EB2 based on their qualifications and experience but were put into EB3 due to company's choice or attorney's mistake.

    But no person should be made to wait for an answer of whether their application is going to be approved for 8-10 years.

    The pre-adjudication in my opinion is a farce as it was more done to get their(USCIS) inventory calculated properly than ensuring the person is clear from all angles. Because, I know of about 5 people who are in EB2 who are sent RFE's now, after their dates have become current. They were supposedly pre-adjudicated as per the IO during the interview at the local office. some of them were fingerprints, some of them just to verify whether the husband and wife are still married etc.

    Coming back to my point, there are EB3 applicants now who have a priority date of 2006, 2008 2009 etc. Can we accept a process which asks people to wait for 20 years to get a Yay or Nay for their application is the question. I think it is unacceptable. I believe more green card holders and US Citizens who are deciding to put their roots in USA should help the country to better the legal immigration system first before anything else.

    Regarding citizenship as I mentioned before if you think you will not bail out after starting a campaign, then go ahead and lead it.
    Let us not criticise any one further and look for very efficient way of presenting this to the right people.We welcome more ideas from other members then we will consilidate them and decide how we go with this.

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  • pappu
    02-02 03:26 PM
    Donated $500 today per my promise. Paypal ID #2863392354669581P

    Apologies for posting this update on the wrong thread couldn't find the right one.
    Thank you very much!! We confirm the reciept. We feel proud to have members like you who will give their best in order to strengthen this organization.


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  • gcnirvana
    05-16 06:17 PM
    Called all of them but could only speak with 3 assistants. Left a voice mail to the rest. All 3 were courteous and said that they'll pass on the message. In one case, when I started reading the Bill #s, said we know those as we are getting a lot of calls regarding Zoe Lofgren's bills. Way to go team IV!!!

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  • tooclose
    08-03 07:27 PM
    Hi All,

    Regarding my I-485 appln. status - I do remember seeing "Request for Evidence" status before. Currently I see "Request for Evidence Response Review". I see this status change although there are no LUDs.

    Throw in your input Gurus !



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  • raj3078
    07-19 06:34 PM
    Dont worry. If your LC still in BEC with old PD you are more luckier than the guys going to file 485 now. DOL commited to clear backlong by Sep 2007. Oct VB will come up with priority dates in stone age. If your PD is very old you will get GC with in 6 months. Filing 485 in July and Aug with very new PD will not bring them any fruit. They have to wait more years. 750K 485 and 750K EAD and 750K AP will result in choking the CIS system. They will feel the challange of renewal on time.

    I am very conficent that USCIS is not going to process all 750K at a time. They will definitly modify the processing method, fom current practice. First, they can not schudle FP for all 750K applicants in available ASC centers. So, they will sort the 485 based on PD, and process tham based on PD and country and catagory wise. A guy with PD 2007, will not get FP notice very near to his PD become current.

    so, you will be in better shape.

    Well said....The reality of situation is the only benefit for people who are filing now is the ability to change jobs after 6 months. As far as GC is concerned, it wont become reality for at least 5 or more years for people with 06-07 priority date

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  • gc_check
    09-25 12:51 PM
    Reverting back to the original interpretation for allocating unused visa from other category and to oversubscribed country from the current new interpretation seems to be the only possible quick relief to EB3, though EB2 gets affected it is not going to be that severe.

    **** Not sure, what is core IV's stand on this. Have not seen any update from core with regards to this ***

    If we can approach the USCIS /DOS for Admin fix in this area, this should be possible, given that IV already has some success in the Admin Fix area. But seeing the lack of response from core IV for this particular thread (Overall they do a good job) regarding spill over, visa allocation, makes me this, core IV is not thinking there is an error with the new interpretation or IV was one of the main source that was instrumental for this change. The new spillover helps only India (EB2) looking at the number of pending cases from China and ROW. China hardly has less than 1000 cases prior to Mar '05 PD for EB2.
    I'm not sure what happened to fellow EB3 ROW members... These folks at least will be current soon.. and India / China cutoff date will move the later PD very soon.

    Comment plz... I would like to see what ROW member thinks... along with folks from oversubscribed countries


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  • kadarm
    04-12 10:10 PM
    My attorney sent to NSC. Should I file one again and send to AZ?. My Ead expires 1st week of July.

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  • StarSun
    02-04 09:40 AM
    IV is ideally looking for 4 members from each of the mainland states and a lot more participation from states like CA, MA. NY, NY, VA, MD, TX, GA, IL .....


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  • cityfisher
    07-25 09:06 PM
    Both in the job advertisements and Form9089, it is said: minimum of master degree or alternate of bachelor degree plus 2 years' experience.
    The LC has been approved in the August of last year, I-140 (EB2) has been filed thereafter, still pending.
    How do we file a new application for Eb3 since the original LC has been filed in the last EB2 application?
    Is there a way to file an amendment of the pending EB2 to EB3? In this case, can we hire a new lawyer?
    Some people has got a RFE, but some just got denied directly, so I am worried.
    Can I hire a new lawyer to file a new application for Eb3 using the same LC? but we do not have the original LC? I remember I read somewhere that if we file a new application with request of a duplication of LC, then we cannot file I-140 and I-485 concurrently. In my case, I am desperate to catch the deadline of 8/17, because my H1B is going to expire and reach the maximum.
    Please help!

    1. What was mentioned in the job advertisements - was the alternate Bachelors+2 years mentioned
    2. How long as it been since the last advertisement
    3. Can they file another I-140 concurrently with I-485 using the recently approved labor
    4. I agree with abhijitp you can get a RFE too

    My suggestion would be to apply in EB3 even though the job advertisement reads masters or Bachelors with 2 years and use the option 3

    I request you guys to consult a good attorney immediately and help your selves and also save time.

    Please consult an attorney for your good.

    Disclosure: I'm not an attorney

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  • pmpforgc
    04-09 03:03 PM
    I am happy that many of our high skilled community has understood my idea and supporting this thread. Yes definitely Core IV needs to look into this. You can also include your valid points so that core IV team can consolidate and research on this.

    IV or other organization

    can propose

    ANY one who has PAID US FEDERAL TAXES for Five Years ( Irrespective of their visa categories) and HAS MASTER OR HIGHER DEGREE IN THE STEM FIELDS, Should get their GC in THREE YRS after Getting their Greencard.

    ( Similar to marriage to citizen)


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  • waitnwatch
    02-01 06:58 PM
    I apologize for this mistake to everyone .....I changed the header to reflect my error.


    I may be completely wrong but this is what I see on

    Appended to the Minimum wage bill was SA187 which amends SA112 sponsored by John Kerry and consponsored by Sununu, Snowe, Landrieu and Lieberman.

    Senate Amendment SA 187 seems to have passed with unanimous consent. This is what it apparently contains among a lot of other stuff... Please correct me if I am wrong.




    (b) Employment-Based Immigrants.--Section 201(d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1151(d)) is amended to read as follows:

    ``(d) Worldwide Level of Employment-Based Immigrants.--The worldwide level of employment-based immigrants under this subsection for a fiscal year is equal to the sum of--

    ``(1) 290,000;

    ``(2) the difference between the maximum number of visas authorized to be issued under this subsection during the previous fiscal year and the number of visas issued during the previous fiscal year; and

    ``(3) the difference between--

    ``(A) the maximum number of visas authorized to be issued under this subsection during fiscal years 2001 through 2005 and the number of visa numbers issued under this subsection during those years; and

    ``(B) the number of visas described in subparagraph (A) that were issued after fiscal year 2005.''.


    Section 202(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1152(a)) is amended--

    (1) in paragraph (2)--

    (A) by striking ``, (4), and (5)'' and inserting ``and (4)''; and

    (B) by striking ``7 percent (in the case of a single foreign state) or 2 percent'' and inserting ``10 percent (in the case of a single foreign state) or 5 percent''; and

    (2) by striking paragraph (5).


    (b) Preference Allocation for Employment-Based Immigrants.--Section 203(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1153(b)) is amended--

    (1) in paragraph (1), by striking ``28.6 percent'' and inserting ``20 percent'';

    (2) in paragraph (2)(A), by striking ``28.6 percent'' and inserting ``20 percent'';

    (3) in paragraph (3)(A)--

    (A) by striking ``28.6 percent'' and inserting ``35 percent''; and

    (B) by striking clause (iii);

    (4) by striking paragraph (4);

    (5) by redesignating paragraph (5) as paragraph (4);

    (6) in paragraph (4)(A), as redesignated, by striking ``7.1 percent'' and inserting ``5 percent'';

    (7) by inserting after paragraph (4), as redesignated, the following:


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  • amitjoey
    03-20 04:13 PM
    Now is the time to act. The next 10 days are crucial. Lets raise awareness, bring in new members and become 10,000 strong.

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  • rmdsouza
    06-18 10:44 AM
    [QUOTE=subba]We are all eligible for social security benefits (as long as we meet the point accrual requirements).
    Not to say in the future there won't be a law that will make us ineligible.

    Not if you loose your job and forced to go back to India because you have reached your limit on H-1B (6 yrs). For Soc-security Benefit you have to be a citizen or a permanent resident..

    01-20 07:41 PM
    Contributed $300.00 today via paypal.

    For those who care to know: Receipt ID: 5303-6905-9109-0833
    Contributions till date: $500.00

    Thanks so much , I am sure this would motivate others !

    01-17 03:11 PM
    It is really dissapointing to see only 0.1 percent contributing.......c'mon is for ur future.....!!

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