Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • chanduv23
    04-24 07:24 AM
    Lawyers manage to do it if you are within the "unofficial" no paystub permissible timelimit. Or They manage by getting vacation letter etc... Contact a good lawyer.

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  • forever_waiting
    01-12 06:22 PM
    Yes. you are indeed having a discussion - a discussion with yourself because little of what you are saying is making any sense to anyone on this forum.
    Yelling out a lie a hundred times doesnt make it the truth.
    If you read IV's provisions, the one on tops is removal of per-country limits. Basically, it would remove all EB3 backlogs and WAS a part of the legislation introducted by rep lofgren in 2007/2008. for political reasons, it never passed in the house. Of course, you would blame IV for lobbying in such a way that the bills did not pass.
    its very easy to criticise. Why dont you start an organization that would (in your opinion) do more for EB3? I am sure you will get the support of the thousands you claim do not believe in IV? If you succeed in doing that, there is no reason to have this "discussion".
    you are a typical arm-chair critic who probably has done and will never do anything even one cents worth for the EB backlog cause.

    Yes and you are showing your maturity by talking about what i write as a long essay and garbage. Why are EB2 guys scared to have a dicsussion. Is it because you donot have any talking points and are talking vaguly yourselves

    BTW the reason i write so detailed is because i believe i am respecting you by replying in detail to your points. I was under the impression that we were having a discussion, but sadly i am having a disucssion and you are ranting and raving.

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  • Dakota Newfie
    08-14 10:29 AM
    ...that my daughter just got approved for a two-year EAD even though she will, in all likelihood, get her green card in October. I checked with my attorney who said it seems they are giving two-year EAD's to everyone whose PD is retrogressed at the time of filing. It might be interesting to monitor the approvals for this?

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  • perm2gc
    07-17 06:54 PM
    Friends. you have today witnessed what our collective strength can do and it is time that we spread a word about immigration voice and encourage your friends and families to join as a gratitude to IV .Please don't forget that the root cause of the problems still exist and we have to achieve it.


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  • neelu
    12-22 01:20 PM
    Thank you for voicing support for the 485 filing proposal.

    Please participate in the Add ONE Member campaign and contribute (even if it is a small amount).

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  • caydee
    06-14 02:19 PM
    Why can't you search for preapproved labor to file I485 quickly?

    Your suggestion surprises me.


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  • sdrblr
    09-02 06:21 PM
    sounds like it.

    My PD is Mar-04, RD=14Aug07
    On USCIS status, it says.." On October 11, 2007, we received this I485..." .
    Processing time for TSC is Aug07.. Does this mean my case will not processed now?

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  • bitzbytz
    03-24 05:43 PM
    Thanks for the answers and clarifications. I will do what I can and when I can.

    I am surprised that there are 4 lawyers and you have free calls for all needy members. This is what I am talking about. I think it should be made more clear on what are the benefits of memberss and people will contribute before asking. Not every one is a crook and try to get info for free.

    Yes you are right, No one asked me, but no one asked you for a response either. Appreciate it though.

    If some one request, i am all up for it, if you demand like pappu, you aint gonna get it.

    peace out.


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  • roseball
    04-24 12:49 PM

    If your employer comes under the cap exempt category (non-profit, educational institutions) then your H1 will be approved with immediate effect and you can start working as soon as you receive the approval notice. Otherwise, your H1 will be approved with a start date of Oct 1st. In this case, you cant work until that date.

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  • indyyy
    07-19 10:30 AM
    First of all...Hats off to IV for doing an incredible job !!!

    My labor has been collecting dust in the Dallas BEC since 2001, my PD is Nov 2001, non-RIR. The online system still states that my case is in process. I am equally frustrated like all my fellow BEC victims, but I think there is no reason to feel left out or unhappy just because some people could jump the queue and get in front of us. The best we can do is congratulate them on their good fortune and hope that the DOL sticks to their deadline and clear all BEC cases by sep. If they miss the sep deadline (i wont be surprised if they do), I guess IV can help us in organising another flower campaign or a rally based on the recent success.

    Lets keep the faith and stay the course !!!


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  • susie
    11-04 10:32 AM
    Nice Associated Press article:

    Also, Univision (spanish network) highlif=ghts the same article

    It would be nicer if the age-out problem would have been mentioned as one of the painful consequences of this immigration kaos.

    I agree,

    Sadly, there is no commonsense or compassion shown by the current immigration laws

    The Dream act is seen by many as nothing more than an amnesty. If only they would only focus on the illegal children and include all other legal children and never reward their parents with a green card I feel there could be a workable solution so this act could go through

    I have left a message with Durbin's legislator to contact me to try and get appointment to discuss and willing to fly anywhere at my own cost

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  • tampa2006
    05-16 01:16 PM
    Dear Friends,

    I called all the offices mentioned in the post.


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  • eb3retro
    06-19 12:32 PM
    We, the "aliens".

    "Part of my frustration is to hear illegal immigrants called immigrants when I'm called an alien. I'm doing things right, but I'm still called an alien," ... "If I lose my job tomorrow, my reward is a ticket back home." Very true...

    Most of my colleagues on L1/H1 visas went back upon completion of their 5/6 year terms, they never applied for GC. Couple of them are right now packing back.

    The management of the company (not IT related) bravely decided to replace the "aliens" by american engineers. This proud decision had a disaterous consequence - our international based customers pulled back and found other contractors. Despite of all the money pumped to promote the "american" presence in the company, down-sizing is on its way and closure is on the horizon...

    I was stupid enough to decide in 2003 to apply for a GC and to bear all this BS. Now working hard on plan B and waiting for the right moment.

    Seriously considering plan B - Packing up.

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  • Vsach
    05-16 02:20 PM
    Pls post this information on other websites and forums as well so that people can start calling
    We do not enough people calling as per the poll above

    I shall post at their forum and Khanna's.



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  • gc_check
    06-29 10:40 AM
    Here is what my attorney said.
    "Completely false rumor. Legally impossible for retrogression to occur prior to Aug. 1. You'll be getting a Breaking News from us on it today or tomorrow."

    Wish the statement from your attorney is true and we all will be able to file 485 through the month of July with no issue. I'm luckly to get the paper work done and ship the package to Attorney and waiting on their action, But have few friends who could get Medical Appointment only around second/third week of July. Also this EW Other Worker Quota that became unavailable and also rejection of these applications has made us worry a lot, although it is a diffferent category we are at fear that this could happen to us. Reading the VB again, the reduction in the EW annual limit to 5,000 began in Fiscal Year 2002... So this category has only 5000 Visas and I'm not surprised this bacame unavailable and think this category is far more crowded than others... We should be fine atleast in July... May be too optimistic... but nothing wrong in hoping for the best and wish all the members can file asap.

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  • pappu
    02-02 02:15 PM
    If the current bill that was agreed gets attached then according to Learning01(moderator) we will be in a big mess.After listening to him I think he is right.

    WaitingGC .....
    we are all waiting so lets all wait together.

    Sabar ka phal meeta hota hai ( The fruit of the patience will alwayz be sweet :) :D )

    Magar jab sabar bad jaate hai to phal sadh jaata hai
    (If the patience get longer then the fruit gets rotten):D :D

    We shall over Come.....
    Nice one.
    well here our patience has made us patients of retrogression. There are no fruits visible to us!! :D
    Happy Friday!!


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  • sameer2730
    09-25 09:40 PM
    Hey man, whats wrong with the IT industry ?
    Heck man he is from Stanford. He is EB2. How dare we lowly Eb3's challenge him. He can say what he wants. He is blessed with good fortune (read EB2) we are not. His suffering is not limited to GC. He is a tower of strength. In fact he reminds me of Atlas. Eb2 is one good thing in his others tough miserable life.
    But misunderstand me not. He does not need your sympathy. He is a superior being, he is EB2. He should he admired and worshipped. Pray accept my homages. And if he says IT is a miserable industry just quietly nod your head and acknowledge and say "Master Eb2 what should I do discard this life of professional misery" and he shall deliver his wisdom.

    And last but not the least be thankful to him. He has invested his stanford brain to offer us harsh but few paragraphs worth of wisdom on a Friday evening while the rest of us are out to drink or rejoice with family and friends. He choses to have none so he may offer us salvation. The sheer volume of his words astounds me. Thank you sir! I think you should sleep now, so you can wake up early and engage in a wise yet energetic discussion with us lowly Eb3 folks early in the morning who shall wait in earnest for you to vocalize your deep reflections on life and Eb2

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  • delhirocks
    06-29 03:01 PM
    My I140 is approved and now I am filing the I 485/765/131 together based on new developments. Now that all dates are current, are they going to process the application based on July filing date or based on Priority date(labor).

    Can please someone confirm that. My attorney says its based on priority date but I just called USCIS information desk and they said that its based on 485 application date.

    Thank you

    If dates remain current, I-485 will be processed based on receipt date
    If dates retrogress (Likely to happen on July 3rd, July 15th, July 31st.....take your pick), then I-485 will be processed based on PD

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  • singhsa3
    05-15 04:13 PM
    Keep Banging them guys!

    Our voices shall be heard!

    05-11 03:36 AM
    May 19th NSC, got post-decision activity SMS last night for myself and spouse!!

    Good luck to everyone waiting and thanks IV for your contributions during this GC journey.

    05-15 01:39 PM
    Makes sense now, I assume your certificate is issued in a hospital. To enter the details in to the birth registration file, parents usually have to wait till they decide on the name and need to register the birth.
    My son was named after we got a birth certificate from Mumbai Corporation with "Baby Boy" appearing as the name. After naming him and when he was ready for school, we went to the local Corporation office (Chembur, Mumbai) and had to fill some form for corrections. And they corrected their registers/our originals, with an officer's green ink signature nearby the correction and adding no of corrections - 1 in the certificate. That was acceptable to USCIS. I do not remember if it was done in the same day or I had to go after few days again. This was a routine procedure there.

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