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Hair With Bangs 2011

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  • jonty_11
    06-25 05:35 PM
    Didnt they just abolish labor substitution?????

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  • ameryki
    05-21 07:46 PM
    FWIW as long as you are on H1 I think your family can always get a H4 visa outside the country based on your H1 status and reenter on H4 if that is also being considered.

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  • GCVivek
    04-11 04:55 PM
    You can continue working in any position as long as you are with the same company. As long as your position and salary is not reduced, no one cares.
    I went from programmer to VP of Tech and nothing happened.

    I am on h1-b visa and I have got an opportunity to have promotion in my current company. This new position is in the same department with the same company and needs almost same type of computer skill but with higher position title, more responsibility, and higher pay.

    Do i need to file for new h1-b or transfer?

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  • keaby
    01-18 09:57 AM
    I mailed my first EAD application in the last week of Dec/09.
    Never thought it would take so long for receipting, and worried something wrong in my application..
    Good to see others ...
    Will wait further then..
    Next time will go online..although it requires a trip to local office for biometrics


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  • loku
    08-16 08:04 PM
    I was on H-1 and got laid off on July 23. I filed for COS to H4 online on the same day and got the electronic receipt the same day. As I had filed I-539 after work hours, the receipt shows that USCIS received my application on July 26 instead of 23. I got the paper receipt in next 3 days. I hope this will not create any problems as my employer sent notification to USCIS on July 31 and I received my last paystub on July 31 though it was only till July 23. I have been working in US with good status for last 5 years.

    Now I have some questions. Any help is greatly appreciated:

    1) I recently got two Job offers from different consulting firms. When I told them that my H4 status is still pending, their attorneys told me conflicting things.
    - One employer's attorney said that I have to wait till my H4 is approved and only then they could apply for my H1. At this time I have not status and they cannot file my H1.
    - The other employer's attorney said that I could apply for H1 while my H4 is still pending by giving pending petition reference in the new H1 application. This will let USCIS adjudicate both the pending status together and there will be no problem for my H1.

    Which one of them is correct ? What are the risks involved if I go with the advice of second attorney? Is there a possibility that filing H1 increases the chances the both my H4 and H1 applications are rejected and I could be OOS ?

    2) Second question is that the second employer wants me to start immediately after I get H1 receipt. Am I eligible to work on a receipt with my situation or do I need to wait for the complete approval ? What if I get an RFE ? As this is a consulting firm, they have work order from end client for only 3 months and it will be renewed after every 3 months. Will this 3 month work order will create any problems ?

    3) What is my current status ? Will the current time while H4 is pending will be counted against H1 or H4 ? As I have only a little over year left in my H1, it is important for me to know how much valid time I have left for H1. This processing time could go in months if I get an RFE.
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  • pd_recapturing
    06-17 09:35 PM
    If I am able to get the PD ported from EB3 to EB2, it will be May 2004 other wise, it will remain May 2004 for EB3. but, at the same time, I am not very sure that PD will be ported successfully, though, in my company, whoever has applied PD porting has got it ported. Is it worth taking the risk ?


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  • Patrick Lee
    July 20th, 2004, 08:05 AM
    Nikon was most popular among the pros photographers during the 1970s and that finding has led me to choose it for my 35mm equipment.

    One of the major advantage is its system ability to use old lenses for its newer bodies. Moreover accessories for the camera bodies are easily available in the local photo retail outlets.

    The lesson learned from the D2h could have gone into the making of the D70 along side with their surprise attempt in the huge advertising spending (TV and other various media) in launching the product.

    Perhaps it could have been a shortsighted affair to aim the D2h only for the PJs. Nikon could have been holding the flag up when the camera could be in the hands of millions of advanced serious amateurs including the many part-time professional photographers world-wide. Not to say the huge market in China could have been overlooked by their thinking engineers!

    What about the millions of part-time and full time photographers doing weddings and other assignments who would wish that the D2h is an 8 MPs. where large enlargements are required.

    The D70 has brought many loyal consumers to stop discarding the old Nikon lenses. In fact their current aggressive marketing attitude has seemingly brought a smile back to many previous happy Nikon users.

    My next wish is for Nikon to design and produce another DSLR by carefully listening to users of their equipment. Not to say that just by assumming that all PJs only need is 4 MPs is wrong because that can be a decoy in their planning too. More to watch from the factory that was set up to produce the D70 in Thailand! I am sure Nikon will not disappoint DSLR users with many more surprises in the very future.

    A good micro/macro lense? [Archive] - Digital Photography News, Reviews & Forum

    View Full Version : A good micro/macro lense?

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  • pscdk
    08-29 06:35 PM
    Hello Friends,

    My wife is on F1, doing her masters and is done with her course work, just left with one project (2 credits). Her college has the option of getting CPT (curriculum practical training) signed till the time her masters is not complete and then she is allowed to work off campus for 40 hours (full time).

    I have also filled for my 485 application, so I was wondering what is her status now after filling for 485 . Also is it fine if she gets her CPT signed now after filing I485. I just want to be sure that getting her CPT signed has no negative impact on our I 485.

    Any suggestions or anyone in similar situation


    I suggest you contact your lawyer to make sure it won't be a problem.
    Working on CPT is part of maintaining F1 visa status and your case is same as being on F1 visa while ones I-485 is filed.


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  • trueguy
    05-21 09:36 AM
    Few things:

    1. The inventory of Pending I485 is not reliable.

    2. If they approve all pending EB2 it means they have to move the PD forward and as they move the PD, new applications will be filed. There are thousands of EB2 labor approved and they are waiting to file I-485

    3. Even if there is any spillover to EB3, nobody knows how USCIS will give those spillover number, will they go to EB3-ROW first or they will go as per the PD of Individuals regardless of Country of Origin.

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  • immi_2006
    10-04 10:20 AM
    Did he/she send the original Employment letter? What is the PD of your friend?


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  • weasley
    05-21 09:56 AM
    If spill over happens it will be applied based on the Priority date not based on the country quota

    Few things:

    3. Even if there is any spillover to EB3, nobody knows how USCIS will give those spillover number, will they go to EB3-ROW first or they will go as per the PD of Individuals regardless of Country of Origin.

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  • ash123
    01-18 12:17 PM
    I mailed my I-765 along with cashier's check for $340 on dec, 17 , still waiting for receipt notice. I call customer care number today since its more than 30 days, but they are closed today.

    I have USPS confirmation that they have received case on Dec 19.
    I will try calling them tomorrow.


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  • snathan
    03-28 12:42 PM
    I want to transfer from H1B to F1.I came to US as a F1 and graduated in march 08.I got my H1B on oct 08.But now i want to transfer to F1 again and i had my visa till 2011. I had following doubts and please help me.

    1) I heard that i can transfer to F1 from H1B without canceling(but deactivating H1B) is it true.

    2) How much time does it take if i apply for change of status for F1?

    3)can i take cpt in F1 and later on can i change to H1 by applying change of status?

    Before answering your question...I want to know this.

    You got your H1B in Oct 2008. That means your status changed from F1 to H1. Now its March 2009. So all these period are you employed and have the pay stubs for the same. If you dont have then you are out of status and you can not change the status to F1. If you want to change the status, you need to be in status first.

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  • jsb
    11-01 12:16 PM
    Hello i am running in to issues of how to get address changed. To give you guys previews. We were residing in Chicago till July ending. In August we moved to CT as my wife got a new job there. But since my work location is in IL , I requested my employer whether its possible to work remotely and its ok by law. He said u can change ur residential address and there is no need to amend LCa/H1b as there is no change in work location in my case. Fine for now.

    I recently visited CT DMV and requested for CT state license. They denied to me saying that i need a CT employer letter or My employer should issue letter to DMV stating my work location changed. Neither of these are going to happen. For now i have my license and Plate from IL itself. I can still continue to maintain but renewing Plates and Pollution test are pain being in CT any ideas please ?

    I think it is just a heavyhandedness by DMV guys. Perhaps talking to the manager will help. Tell him that you wife lives in CT and you consider this as your home. There is nothing that you HAVE to live within xxx miles of your work place. If you live in CT, fly every Monday morning to IL, stay in a hotel at your own expenses, and return back on Friday, will that be illegal.


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  • kode
    10-23 07:20 PM
    love the idea!

    I have a few files that I never used.. maybe someone would like them.

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  • javacool2008
    07-18 01:23 PM
    My lawyer is talking about that I need to watch the visa bulletin board again?
    I am EB3, China.
    I don't understand if the USCIS accpted my forms, why am I still need to watch the board.

    If I got my recipts after 30 days. What happens then?


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  • thesparky007
    04-22 09:39 PM
    looks cool
    and funny

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  • jase21
    01-12 04:06 AM
    Ok. Thanks.

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  • mihird
    09-06 05:59 PM
    I started my 10 hr./week part time job 2 years back (I was 4 years on my primary H1 by then). We filed a 2nd H1 and had no problems getting it approved - we got a 2 year approval aligned with the primary H1s 6 year expiry..

    My both, the primary H1 and the 2nd H1 are up for renewal in Jan 07 & April 07 respectively and I am also up on the 6 years on my H1 by then.

    I have an approved I-140 from my primary H1.

    I have a question which I hope someone can help me answer. Will the 2nd H1 also qualify for the 3 year extensions, just like the primary H1 based on the I-140 approval on the primary H1?

    I am guessing yes (it sounds logical to me), but am not sure...can anyone confirm?

    07-18 07:25 PM
    you are correct .

    You can file AOS for her mention both her current H4 status and also inxclude a copy of H1 notice just in case

    01-15 11:47 AM
    To the best of my knowledge and what I have heard from our international office and immigration lawyers: Once you are counted (Baptised!!!), you do not need to worry about cap-subject ceiling.

    For making it doubly sure, always check with recruiting firm's lawyers and your non-profit company's lawyers. They will be doing the paper work. If confusions previal, you can give advise, counsel or consult attorney.

    My guess is: this is well known fact and may not need attorney. See what others say.
    Thanks M for your timely reply. It is helpful to know that I don't have to again go through the "H1-B lottery" for 2008-09

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