Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fred And Rosemary West

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  • satyasrd
    01-12 11:16 AM
    I am not really sure how this will help people in the queue ?!? The people waiting forever and in need of most help are ones from 2002, 03 etc. This provision gives away GC's to recent grads (some who may not have even applied for GC yet !) while so many from a decade ago desperately have to wait for infinity.

    This Bill will help ALL people, not only the people who have an advanced degree from US!. With the addtion 55k, the people who have an advanced degree will get the green card immediately. Then, they will be out of the queue. Then all the existing anual visa quato will be allocated to the guys who don't have the advanced degree. This is a great bill for all EB forks. If this bill can be passed, the EB2 will be current . and EB3 will be current in two years. some people just didn't get it.

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  • StarSun
    03-10 11:23 AM

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  • lonedesi
    11-13 05:55 PM
    I sent my passport for renewal during first week of Oct 07 and still have no clue about the status of my passport. I am at their mercy now, hoping & praying that I will get a new passport soon. No one gives any updates. I just cannot seem to get hold of anyone at this consulate when I call during 2.00pm -4.00pm to check on the status of my application. If by mistake anyone picks up the phone, she does not have any status update and asks us to call after few weeks again.
    I sent email & fax to see if I can find out anything about my passport, but no one cares to answer. Their customer service is pathetic to say the least. If only I can find the email address of Vice Consul or that of Indian ambassador in Washington DC, I would like to send a detailed email about the kind of service I received....knowing very well that it will not serve any purpose to anyone. Thats the way those idiots work, and no one can do anything about it.

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  • neelu
    12-26 06:41 PM
    I added the IV link to which has a very popular Chinese immigration forum. Hope it can draw more members to IV.

    Happy holidays and good luck to my fellow members!!

    Thank you, Leonqui.

    Please also introduce ONE member and make sure that their information is up-to-date. And post on this thread once they join.

    Thanks again.


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  • munnu77
    08-21 12:55 PM
    My friend got his perm approved yesterday..
    Applied May 12th Eb2 from texas american company..

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  • tooclose
    08-03 07:26 PM
    Hi All,

    Regarding my I-485 appln. status - I do vaguely remember seeing "Request for Evidence" status before. Currently I see "Request for Evidence Response Review". I see this status change although there are no LUDs.

    Throw in your input Gurus !



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  • keerthisagar
    02-25 11:56 AM
    YOUTUBE: How Bill becomes a Law (

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  • chintu25
    02-26 11:39 AM
    Hello All, Lets Meet tonight - Feb 26th 2009 at 9.00 PM EST on the IV Chat . We can have a general discussion about Trend following / ETFs and the market

    Please confirm your attendance


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  • asdfred
    09-28 09:46 AM
    they are not just enough of us..we may have to spend more money..more resources..each of us to get the administration's attention
    i am not sure if $25 a month can get us anywhere

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  • eb3retro
    07-15 04:06 PM
    why dont you enlighten us all here with your english knowledge. i am pretty sure you are one cockroach who grew up in dirty gutter in some part of the world. You are here in IV just to create controversies between the IV members. Trust me, EB2 or EB3, we are smart enough to recognize tunnel rats like you and keep you where you belong - in the it?

    We know for sure nothing is going to happen with EB3 unless EB2 also moves. USCIS will never skip EB2 to help EB3. The law does not allow that. So, the interviewee must talk about the topic as a whole not EB2 or EB3 - no one in America knows what those mean.

    The bigger issue is that not many can speak/write English well and so cannot be sent on TV....unless the interview is on Namaste India or something.


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  • kshitijnt
    05-14 06:59 PM
    1. Can we move from CA to TX after I-485/EAD/AP is filed from California?

    You can move but are you changing employment? If yes, AC21 kicks in only after 180 days after filing 485, assuming 140 is approved.

    2. We do have a PO address is Texas now and have an apartment in CA for next 5 months.
    Do you recommend to use the Texas PO Box address instead of California Apartment address for USCIS I-485 application such that we can avoid the Change of Address with USCIS later?

    Check with lawyer, you can change the address later. But I think your move is too soon, so again check with lawyer.

    3. What are RISKS of moving from state to state during I-485 process? Did anyone do that in this forum?

    People have done this before but again check with lawyer, your move seems to be too soon

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  • pbuckeye
    05-05 11:56 AM
    Finally, done

    PD: June 7th 2006
    SC: Texas
    I-485 Status: Card Production Ordered
    LUID: 05/04/2011

    Thank you all IV friends.



    Congrats MC! Do stay to keep the discussions lively :)


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  • willwin
    10-12 12:49 PM
    Perhaps can you start studying bulletins from January 1999 once again please? And I would request you to gather up "major events", "Major law/system related changes" from year 2001 to 2006. Perhaps, yes then you and I will be on the same board.

    I agree with BharatPremi, by and large.

    Let me put it in a different way. Let us assume that DOS will end up using 90% of the VISA numbers during FY2008 (which means they will waste 10% which is an acceptable estimate). And to use these 90% numbers, they have to move the dates forward. As simple as that.

    And all 2005 PD cases and most 2004 cases and few (or most) 2003 cases filed 485 between Jun-Aug 2007 which means those applications are not ready for approval yet and hence will not be a cause for retrogression.

    Dates will and has to move forward this year. It may retrogress again once these 485 applications are processed and become ready for approval (consuming VISA numbers).

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  • logiclife
    04-10 08:18 PM
    Gurus Pls help

    I was with Company A whn I got married which had my visa and I 94 till Nov 08,2006. My wife wnt to consul. and got her visa and I-94 till same date.
    I came back to US alone and changed to company B in July 06 and got my I-94 till 2009. Since my wife came to USA after that she didnt get her xtension.
    i forgot to file for her xtension.
    I had to agn change the company C in Dec 06. Thats whn i realised her I-94 expired in Nov. My lawyer said it shud be Ok since she has not passed 180 days after it has expired. or else she cud be black listed
    Today lawyer got an email from USCIS saying they r waiting on security check on my wife. Wht r the options my wife has becos her 180 days will reach in May 08. Can she stay here till a decision on her is finalised by USCIS?

    Guruls..Pls any help will be appreciated..


    How come no one in your company B asked you whether you are married or not and whether or not you need H4 filed for you spouse. Same thing about company C. Either of these companies' HR or immigration lawyer should have asked you about dependents and spouse?

    I dont know but even the smallest of consulting companies dont make this kind of mistake and they would remind you if you forget. My company's lawyer is quite lazy and slow but even his paralegal asked all the right questions and got all documents needed and didnt forget stuff when filing for various things.


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  • desigirl
    11-01 10:20 AM
    Greg Siskind on Immigration Law and Policy: LIBERTARIANS: TIME TO RE-LEGALIZE IMMIGRATION (

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  • GCAmigo
    02-01 07:22 PM
    & who is an ESSENTIAL WORKER? the relief seems to be applicable only to the EWs..
    Sec. 1301. Essential workers.
    Sec. 1302. Admission of essential workers.
    Sec. 1303. Employer obligations.
    Sec. 1304. Protection for workers.
    Sec. 1305. Market-based numerical limitations.
    Sec. 1306. Adjustment to lawful permanent
    resident status.
    Sec. 1307. Essential Worker Visa Program
    Task Force.
    Sec. 1308. Willing worker-willing employer
    electronic job registry."


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  • dupedinjuly
    07-19 02:26 PM
    Its the end result - GC and they will have to go by PD.

    Tough luck buddy. My case was current in June, but my attorney filed only on the last day of June and it reached on July 2nd. I was in a limbo till today. My PD is Dec 2002 and I have waited nearly 5 years. Its ok that everyone gets to file now. I-485 approval will be based on priority dates. So, don't worry. Hope you get to file in October 2007.

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  • hai_yeh_gc
    08-15 10:20 AM
    The reason I gave was financial loss. I said I'm the only bread earner in the family with a dependant wife and daughter.

    I called up thrice, since the first two reps did not even open a SR. The third person was good and he transferred me to I guess a level II rep. She sent the expedite request.

    ..and this is just what I'm thinking that, it all happened due to the expedite request. It's very much possible that it could have happened on it's own..

    Good luck..

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  • needhelp!
    04-11 03:53 PM
    So this $300/$500 collection target is something to work towards, but once I am in the team, I get to run/walk even if I am unable to raise the full amount, right?

    08-05 09:10 AM
    Have been here for 10 years still waiting for approval. Good luck to all those got approved.

    05-19 10:51 AM
    Check the link

    Thank you i will check it out

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