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Defects Of Vision

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  • pal351
    04-13 01:18 PM
    does the new EAD has start date, immidiately after the old EAD exipry date or you lost some days/months in the renewal process?

    Start date will immediate the day its approved end date would be 2 Years from the approved date.

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  • SGP
    03-22 08:18 PM
    I will really appreciate your suggestions friends.
    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    Hello Gurus,
    I have a question as follows. I was with an old company and transferred the H1 in the 9th year to the new company. I already had my Labor and I-140 approved with the old company (EB3-I Category).
    After switching to this new company I had to start my PERM all over again as I missed the July 2007 boat and could not file for I-485. My new company is based in L.A.-California. I am already drawing my salary from new company. They only have office in L.A. I work for them from my home office in NJ. Today the company's attorney called & asked me that I needed to have L.A. residential address as it is required to be stated on the application. I have no intentions to move to L.A. in near future. I am in a fix now as to how to go about this. I will appreciate all you gurus and experts advice and also please advise me repercussions if any.
    Please help.

    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    Defects Of Vision. Different Defects of Vision
  • Different Defects of Vision

  • pappusheth
    08-06 07:26 PM
    I filed for my wife's EAD in the late May (e-file TSC).
    Receipt date is May 29th.
    Soft LUD on June 6th
    FP done on June 21st

    no updates, no changes after that. there is no LUD after FP. It's been 66 days since filed. Does any one know if I can take Infopass appointement before I complete 90 days of pending status and see what's going on? Or do I have to wait until 90 days are complete? any experiences?

    EFiled on 29th May and still waiting. Opened a SR yesterday and lets see what happens.

    The good thing is now we are seeing some approvals, so i think everything is back moving again.

    GO IV GO.

    How to open the SR akhilmahajan? Is it same as the Infopass appointment?

    Also, there is no LUD after FP in my case. Does that mean that TSC has not received FP results yet? The post by kartikiran on the same page shows that FP was done on 5/13 but the LUD was on 7/20 when TSC received FP. I suspect the same has happened in my case. Should I check with the FP office?

    please give your thoughts..

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    08-03 01:09 PM
    i got green today


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  • mdmd10
    09-02 10:34 AM
    Looks like TSC is adjudicating most of the cases. NSC is, as usual, its slow self.

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  • asiehouston
    05-30 04:44 PM
    Does anyone have any idea why the recurring contribution link is down???:confused:


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  • amitjoey
    01-18 04:31 PM
    I just don't understand why people who suffer so much from the whole waiting would not contribute. If one day, IV core members decide to close this organization and go on with their lives, I would like to know how those people who have not contributed feel.

    The economic theory, "inferior purge the good" works here. Without sufficient "good" individual, we will eventually be out of this game! So to those who have not contributed yet, do you want to see the disorganization of IV? Do you want to become a group for which no one would speak up for you? Do you want to wait desperately and endlessly for your GCs? Do you want to continue to work like a slave and feel worried about travelling outside US?... If not, please contribute!!!

    Well said, Thanks.

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  • amitjoey
    01-19 11:56 AM
    6) Go and buy a Pre approved LC from Desi Consultant paying 15K or more

    guys any more ideas?

    one more question 7) I dont like recurring payment, but I will contribute monthly anyways.
    That is like telling your fiance "I want to live with you for ever, but I dont want to marry you".


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  • yabadaba
    09-20 11:14 AM
    man after reading all these stories I am completely bummed out that I couldn't make it. Kudos to all of you who were there and thanks.

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  • kramer2005
    07-11 07:13 PM

    You are messing up things!


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  • goel_ar
    03-25 07:57 AM
    Such people come running to IV if they get a denial/ NOID and lose hope. -i don't think it is frustration.
    I don't think IV is doing anything wrong. I am aware of IV only doing 'some' thing for EB2.

    But lot people take IV as one forum (not org) to discuss their matters. Lot of people come into IV as an alternative to other forums - t r a c k i t t , lawyers forums etc. They might not believe in what is IV doing for 'faster GCs' . IV should either
    a) try to make them believe in them
    b) or leave them alone & let use the forums
    c) or allow only people - who believe in IV.

    If you keep going to say 20k people are members & everyone should donate - then it is wrong.
    As per pappu - when people come running to IV & blah. blah... .... then ask them for donation if their case gets resolved.. did pappu try to reach out to them for donations.

    I don't want to argue - but respect everyone's belief.
    Pappu belief in IV does not equal to 'everyone's belief in IV' - it is simple as that.

    Also - what is history between t t it & IV? I posted i-485 thread on t t it - no one deleted it - i think there are not many people over there - who believe in it.

    Shows arrogance or frustration? Flip side of the same coin!

    IV really needs people from KY, KS, TN, UT, AL, CO, AR - please help convince a friend or family from these states. Thanks.

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  • jasonalbany
    05-01 09:00 PM
    Any group action, please join me in.

    I was audited in October, 2007. After I responded the audit letter in November, there is really no progress at all. Let me know if I can do something.


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  • rnanchal
    01-17 09:14 PM
    I have followed the activity at this site for a few weeks now. The Indian community in the US is probably the most well to do and educated of all the minorities. Yet history repeats itself. Most are more concerned about esoteric subjects, nuclear treaties etc than the plight of the people here from their own country. If all the Indian community naturalized or not would stand up for this cause, people would listen. They would be forced to. But as always divided we fall. Somehow once this dash for permanent residence is over for people, they not only lose sight of their own struggle but also of the thousands of others involved. How many members on this site are actually green card holders or citizens?

    I do hope that everyone here endeavors to contribute with the same vigor ever after he or she has obtained his permanent residence. Immigration will always be a struggle and all should be united for the people who will come and face this daunting task over the years.

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  • indian111
    08-05 10:40 AM
    E-filed May 22 ,no updates
    Complete FP ,but no updates.

    gc_kavaali and gc_dega_gandhigiri,you say you received your EADs, how many days from EAD e-filing , did you get your approval email and how long from approval email to phusical card arrival .

    Please provide this information so that I know if I can wait patiently.


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  • mihird
    06-29 10:28 AM
    What USCIS did to the other worker category in June was clearly a violation of Federal regulation (8 CFR Section 245.1(g)) - however since the numbers were insignificant, the violation went unnoticed.

    It goes without saying that AILA will file a federal law suit seeking immediate interim relief, if the USCIS does this again...

    The repercussions of such a law suit will be worse for the USCIS and very good for the filers. If the judge grants interim relief, that will mean USCIS cannot close the doors until the law suit is settled...USCIS is probably already aware of this possible repercussion and will most certainly avoid this lawsuit situation...

    There are an estimated 250,000 (primary) filers expected to take advantage of the July visa bulletin...a number that is hard to go unnoticed...

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  • sanju
    04-08 11:33 PM
    Does this makes those individuals “the best and brightest”, while the second person not?
    Knowing that there are very limited H-1B available per year, do you think this situation is FAIR for the second person or his sponsor company?

    Does “first-come-first-serve” or “processing based on date application received” ring a bell? And if second person’s application is not processed, that doesn’t mean that he is not the “best and brightest”, it simply means the quota finished. So why blame others who were ahead in the line and whose applications were processed. Acting like a frog will not make any of us any more human.

    The problem is the way we are or would be affected due of some them are not so transparent immigration practices which are mainly from India.
    Let see this case, a company sponsor a large number of H-1B to individuals that does not have real job offer, but look for real jobs after they get approved, while a second person does have a job offer but cannot get it because the H-1B quota was reached very early.

    If more people on H1 come from India/China and not from Timbaktu, that is because India and China has 1/3 of the world population. It means 1 in every 3rd person walking on this planet is from India or China. If people from India and China consume more H1s and if there is only handful of people coming from Timbaktu, then why complain about it. Send in applications ahead of time because as per the rule, which I am sure no one on this forum wrote, the processing is done in the order of priority of when the application is received. And that is what all the companies are doing, beating the opponent in placing application from their company first.

    One more thing, if the immigration bill containing green card reform would have passed last year, H1 numbers would have no t exhausted on day 1. Now please don’t blame H1s from India for the immigration bill not passing last year.

    You asked what is fair, let me ask the same question, if there is some commonality between companies and type of business consuming more H1s, does it mean that every H1 should be banned from working for that type of business? Its like saying, if 98% of the wealth on this planet is with 0.1% people then kill those 0.1% people so that their wealth could be equally distributed amonst the other 99%. Is that your proposal? Is that fair?

    I have never mention to be in favor or against for any proposed bill. The apparently abuse of the system is what causing all this mess, which are the real more reasons to the anti-immigrant, but not my comments or your comments. For now it look like we will be facing a dilemma, not to be able to apply for the H-1B because the quota is reached before we can accept a job offer, or face stricter and harder rules that probably will make the application almost impossible. I only hope the H-1B can be regulated without impacting us negatively.

    The real reason for anti-immigrants proposing this bill is that they don’t want any immigrant here PERIOD. Rest everything is unnecessary detail.

    There is a problem with the system but as I said earlier, this bill designed by anti-immigrant is not the solution to the problem. This bill makes the problem worst.


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  • vina92
    05-16 02:23 PM
    Both of you can apply 485 based on your own PD but do not apply the other as dependent 485. That way you are not taking any chances. The only dis advantage is both of you will get GC at different times as they'll be processed independently. Both of you will have two chances with either one in the long run!!!

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  • BharatPremi
    10-15 08:35 PM

    Can you shed some more light on consular processing? I have 140 cleared and am already in AOS and possibly in NC. Is it possible to "jump fence" now or is it too late?

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  • supernova
    02-03 01:54 AM
    Cam somebody please explain what ETF's are with a simple example; web definitions on it are too technical for me. Thanks

    03-13 12:56 AM
    Members: 9,335, Active Members: 3,672
    We have added 1000+ members in the last 2 months. Can we add 1000+ in one month?. Interestingly, Active members are still around the same number.
    Please follow up with all the new folks that you have helped register at IV.
    Congrats to all of you who are actively making it happen.

    Thank you, Amitjoey, Pappu, Anurakt and all those who helped keep this campaign alive. I salute your positive, 'never say die' attitude. I am re-joining this and all other IV campaigns actively, now that I am back from a trip to India. I am confident that together we can provide that final much needed push.

    Fellow IV'ers,

    This month and the coming few are going to be very important for our cause. As all of us know, that the two important things we would need are contributions from current members and new members who can contribute.

    Let's all bring just one more member to IV. Even if you have already done so before, I urge you to go down the list of contacts in your mobile/outlook, and wake them up to our cause.

    Please Add ONE member to IV this week!!!

    Go IV!

    01-17 05:26 PM
    I just contributed $30.

    Pleadged $20 monthly.
    Contributed so far: $100.00


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