Friday, July 1, 2011

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    09-09 07:30 PM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following: news for relatives of legal permanent residents who have been patiently waiting for their petitions to become current. The Department of State reported in the September 2010 visa bulletin ( that applicants who are spouses or children of greencard holders (filed as late as January 1, 2010) can now be processed for greencards. This is true for applicants from all countries except Mexico and the Dominican Republic, whose priority dates aren't far behind either: January 1, 2009.

    What is a a "priority date," you ask? A "priority date" is a legal term of art that can be exceedingly hard to explain (especially in a blog), but I'll try. Let's start with basics. There is a quota on how many immigrants can come legally to the country per year. Imagine the quota like it is a long line of people lining up for a greencard. The people at the front of the line are those whose relative petitions were filed earliest, ie those with the earliest "priority date." A priority date is established on the date that your petition is received by the USCIS. Of course, the earlier your priority date, the sooner you can later ask for greencard status. Generally, priority dates always move forward, but these dates can also go backwards, and if applications aren't received by USCIS before this "retrogression" happens, applicants are back to the waiting game.

    In the past month, the (F2A) priority date in the the family-based second preference category (ie for spouses and children of greencard holders) advanced from March 2009 to January 2010! This has made an incredible difference to those who have been waiting to be reunited with their spouses and children, rather than expecting a year or more of wait, this category of new immigrants can now start processing their greencard applications. If you would like assistance in making sure that your application can be made as quickly as possible, contact the attorneys at Fong & Chun, LLP before those dates retrogress. --ecf

    More... (

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  • intelarv
    07-29 06:16 PM

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  • rajsenthil
    05-22 11:38 AM
    I too got the soft lud's on May 21 for all of my 485. There is no change in the current status. Could that be FPs are sent or just a regular batch update? I don't know.

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    08-22 02:14 PM
    I thought carrying the old US passport along with the new US passport and PIO card would be sufficient. Anyone else with the same understanding????


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  • new_phd
    04-14 02:40 PM
    Congrats IKapildev! This has got to be one of the speediest approvals!! Great start to the new year for u!!
    All the best!

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  • oliTwist
    12-12 05:24 PM
    There was another thread on this already and we posted some of our stories in there. This I think will work and can be done by all sceptics here.There is no harm in writing abt your story and get their attention to our plight.


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  • miaj
    01-30 11:20 AM
    please sign the petition to resolve 212(a)(3)(B) issue @
    Please Fix the Material Support Bar - 212(a)(3)(B) | | (
    Thank you

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  • sodh
    07-27 05:54 PM
    If I'am not wrong the interview will be in whichever state you are.


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  • lvinaykumar
    04-11 05:25 PM
    if that is true. then some ppl i know are in trouble. Where did you find this information....

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  • eadguru
    10-04 11:34 AM
    My self and my wife both are on H1B. Both are working for different companies.

    I filled I 485, EAD and AP through my company, for my self and my wife.

    1) I am the primary person. After getting the EAD, Is it possible, If my wife can open a consulting company with her name?

    2) After opening a consulting company on her name, Is it possible, she can leave her H1B employer and run her own paystubs on her own company.

    Your help will be really appreciated. :)



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  • grupak
    07-02 10:19 AM
    Do I have give all I-94s cards on departure from US or only the one attached to the passport? Of course all are having the same number.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    I made copies, clipped them together and handed to the airline agent. Unlike in the past, airline agents are more aware of and careful about the immigration documents.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-23 03:53 PM

    My employer and lawyer won't give me the Receipt notice of my I-485 which we filed on July 2nd. My employer did not let me file my EAD/AP as well.

    Do I have any way of filing EAD/AP on my own without a copy of the receipt notice(after it is generated and sent to the lawyer)?

    Someone told me that Fingerprinting notice that we get looks just like I-485 receipt notice and has all the information in there. Can we use a copy of that notice in place of I-485 RN?

    The application instructions for I-765 mention that we need to submit "I-485 receipt notice OR any other proof that I-485 is pending"

    Any one?


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  • wandmaker
    11-27 01:25 PM
    fionaapple20: Safest and clean route is to find an another employer and transfer H1B. Make sure your current employer does not revoke your 140, in case if its not approved. Additionally, it is highly recommended to invoke AC21 after your 140 is approved and 180 days passed.

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  • dealsboy
    08-19 01:38 PM
    Based on the knowledge I have.

    1. Can my hospital file for my PERM and subsequently for GC while I am still doing chief residency on cap exempt visa and technically a part of residency program which is cap exempt?

    If it is a profit based company then you are no more cap exempt. You have to file a new H1B asap.

    2. Will i need a new H1b process with the hospital as it has changed from cap exempt to cap status as it is no longer non profit?

    They have to file a new H1B for you.

    3.My prospective employment date will be June 19 2011 as till then I will be working as chief resident, so what would be the earliest date for filing the PERM and H1b application

    GC is for future employment. When they apply for Prevailing wage they have to apply based on your 2011 position (Hospitalist/Teaching Hospitalist/ Primary care doctor). They can file your GC now.


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  • jase21
    01-12 04:06 AM
    Ok. Thanks.

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  • beautifulMind
    04-22 01:50 PM
    PERM prewailing wage determination EB2

    Position 15-1034

    My university is applying for a new perm application for eb2. I work for a university

    Myemployer sent a wage request to OES . They replied by saying that the prevwailing wage is not available for your zone so they basically gave me a level 1 wage when it should be the leavel 3 wage for eb2...The person said that should not be a problem

    Is thisgoing to be ok ?


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  • superdesi
    09-15 04:00 PM
    From my understanding the I-140 acceptance criteria for EB2 through labor certification, EB2 through NIW, and EB1 are completely different. You may have to redo the entire application process for EB-1(recommendations etc).

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  • awi_ok
    02-19 09:19 AM

    The cancellation of H1b takes 4-5 months and untill then nothing much to worry. You can join new company as soon as you file for H1b transfer.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you so much for the response.


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  • kumaabh
    01-12 06:35 PM
    Please advice. THis is urgent. Here is my situation.

    I worked for a very big technology company. My PERM is approved EB2 PD 03/07, I-140 approved, 485 pending since July2007. I have an EAD card that is valid until 07/2010. It was my company's policy to renew H1B even if I have an EAD card. An extension was applied in September 2008 for my H1B that expired on November 30,2008. Unfortunately, USCIS denied it in error because they said the filing fee was not correct. This was done in error by USCIS and the attorney hired by my company replied to me on December 30h saying that it will be corrected by them. Now on January 08th, 2009 after the H1B denial, my company informed me that i was being laid off with severence pay until April of 2009. Also, the HR person told me that they wont revoke I-140.
    What are my options now?
    Can i transfer H1B to a new company as i dont want to use my EAD and continue on H1B. If yes, how much time do i have?
    Please please help. I am very tensed.

    08-05 11:31 AM
    as long as both PDs are current they will start to process an application with the earliest RD first.

    11-11 09:56 PM
    3.5 cm x 3.5 cm is the specified size that I found in CGI Houston website

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