Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bmw Z4 Coupe

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  • SunnySurya
    08-21 04:36 PM
    He may be right, let us give him benefit of doubt and explore this further before we put this issue to rest.
    This is a totally wrong message someone out there put out to make people nervous. Application support centers do no have IO's. The only IO's you will meet would be at a different USCIS facility where you take appointment and stand before the counter and ask the questions.

    There will be no reason why someone would meet a IO at the fingerprinting place which generally have technicians and security to monitor the process. You sit in a waiting room alongwith 100 other people, then once your name is called, you do the fingerprinting and get out of the door.

    There is no time to mingle with IOs nor there will be IOs(friendly or not) who would be willing to disclose any information to you.

    Some people online gloat at having pleasure to spread disinformation. this seems to be the case...

    Guys take it easy...

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  • enqueued
    08-14 02:04 PM
    Fedex-d by law firm on 6/29.
    Package delivered on 7/2 (no idea about the time)
    Notice received 8/13

    Receipt Date : 7/2
    Notice Date: 8/6

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  • This new BMW Z4 is the brand#39;s

  • bayareagc
    07-17 07:00 PM
    Big thanks to IV team. Kudos to you.

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  • vjkypally
    09-14 11:52 AM
    Unless core 1V knows something we don't......What happened last 2 months was another fiasco but unlike last year there is no effort to highlight these issues.


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  • soni7007
    11-11 12:47 PM
    I would suggest two things:

    1) Fire her and let her know the reason. If possible show her the video, that will definitely scare and embarrass her. You cannot undo what she did to your child but that will teach her a lesson and hopefully prevent her from doing that to another child.

    2) I would highly recommend sending your child to a reputed daycare. Ofcourse your child will not get personal attention like home, but that ensures the safety of the child. There are other benefits of a daycare like - social interactions, personality development, fixed routines, curriculums, and above all they are trained professionals.
    Give it a thought.

    Good luck.

    Hello guys,
    Sorry for this non-immigration related post. We have this sudden, tragic situation that I wanted all of your advice on. Thank you for your time in reading this long post.

    We had hired an Indian nanny in NJ who, we learnt after hiring her, is here on a tourist visa. We were paying her $350 per week cash, which is the standard rate around here for nannies (incl. citizens and people on GC). We had liked her when we met her in response to an ad on Sulekha, and we thought an Indian nanny would be good for our first child. She has been with us for about 3 months, and we were intermittently not getting a good feeling with her for some reason. We finally bought a small security camera and installed it yesterday. On the very first day with the camera, we came home and saw the recorded video to find that she is violently hitting the baby on two separate occasions. Needless to say, it has shocked, angered and extremely saddened us. I showed the video to a couple of friends and even they say it is unbearable to watch. This was just the first day of recording and it pains us tremendously to think what all may have happened previously.
    She is of course not going to stay with the baby alone anymore, but I want to know what legal options I have to penalize her to the fullest extent, so that she does not do this to anybody else�s small babies. She it seems had come here last year and taken care of someone else�s baby in Hoboken, and I can imagine that their baby also went through this. (This woman and her husband are a ~ 35 year old couple, who have a multiple entry ten year tourist visa; both come here for 6 months every year and work odd jobs like this. They apparently got a (unsponsored) tourist visa after showing a lot of landed property in India).
    I specifically want to know if I will have potential problems if I go to law enforcement about this- regarding have employed her (both of us are on H1B visas). I know we have made mistakes and should have done better due diligence in this, and there cannot be any more punishment for us than seeing our 8 month old � who cannot tell us about it when we come home- being beaten on the tapes. We saw this yesterday and have not told her yet. We want to weigh all options before we proceed, but from today onwards one of us is home all the time till Friday. Any advice or opinion is sincerely appreciated. Thanks for reading this long post. And, to all who are thinking of nannies or have one, please learn from our mistakes and closely monitor your child�s safety every day.

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  • ragz4u
    04-27 02:11 PM
    I have an idea which could be patented and work on it.
    I cannot do, because iam still on H1-B with labor pending.
    Also, i have doled out too much money multiple times for GC and still hanging.

    If you really want to contribute, please send in your story via email. Template is available in the first post.


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  • dallasdude
    04-14 12:59 PM
    My friend, Who said its not a problem? in my earlier post I have provided a big laundry list of Line cutting measures in place are these not problems? BUT the point is , is it worth it a fight ? Subs is long gone, We are fighting for Country quota from a year + atleast and we are still at square one and the problems keep worsens. We all worry about subs where there is no action. There is no fixing to this right now its a dead horse. Problem is VISA Numbers in XYZ,000's. Lets recapture them...

    Why do you think it is unethical, I was stuck in Labor My comp gave me one option use either subs or dont ask us... In fact I even dont have exact copies of my subs thats hidden from me. So for me is that Unethical? For me a person who qualifies for EB2 and applies now is a line cutter due to the fact that EB2 Q is better than EB3 and they are getting green card faster. Law allows them to do that. is it not jealous to me ? The list grows...

    You are an exception of course. But there are so many unethical and undeserving folks that abused this rule and have made things miserable for many of us.

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  • test101
    07-08 12:15 PM
    I have a list of over 600 media email address ... let me know if you want me to email it to you so you can send them notice about the peacful flower campaingn.

    Working on it... we will have the "draft" version by the end of the day. In the meanwhile I would appreciate it if anyone can find out fax numbers where we can fax the press release to.

    Email addresses are fine but we need fax numbers too. People take them more seriously.


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  • reachinus
    07-05 12:52 PM


    Name: Emilio Gonzalez
    Company: US Citizen and Immigration Service
    Address: 20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

    Washington, DC 20529
    Card Message: Dear Mr. Sanchez Thanks for giving us
    hope for few hours on July 1st and
    taking it away(I-485 Reversal). We
    enjoyed the ride and the pain. Hope
    USCIS recovers from its insanity soon.
    Day Phone: 202-307-1565
    Evening Phone:

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-12 06:07 PM
    People have given me reds for asking the dad to go to the cops and reminding this dad his duties.
    I think these people who have given me reds only know how to produce many babies but do not know that it comes with a responsibility. Shame on you and to all those who live a life of fear and teach the same on this forum.

    Tell me something, if you have an illegal gardener/cleaning guy/moving helper/carpenter/plumber/handyman/male babysitter etc in your house and you have employed him for his servicesand he rapes your wife. Will you not go to the cops? Or will you sit tight at home and just post on the forum saying that you are an H1B and you fear that your H1 and greencard application will be revoked. If you still feel that not going to the cops is a better option, then I do not think your wife deserves a Man like you and certainly not a impotent person like you.

    I find posts on this thread very repulsive and cannot hold back these strong words.

    Your language is too rude.


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  • jonty_11
    07-05 06:26 PM
    no count in faster than yes count..

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  • thomachan72
    12-09 04:39 PM
    I'd say fuck the majority. You think we are going to believe something as stupid? If you believe so much in humanity, why don't you distribute all the dollars you earned in the US among the poor in India.
    That you won't do. But you'll preach lessons of humanity to others.

    Ooops, sorry about that Master/Miss a1b2c3d4e6. Its completely my fault. I appologize for that. I actually forgot to inform you........the dollar distribution was done last week. I tried to reach you but I guess you were busy supporting the sheriff? Now can I preach humanity to you?????:D:D


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  • needhelp!
    03-09 01:26 PM
    This is a great addition to the site. Waiting for it to turn all green.

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  • another one
    09-14 02:20 PM
    Leadership can't be demanded/begged from other people. Either you lead or if not ... then just pray that others will.

    I agree. There is a lot that can be done. Ledearship has to make an appeal to the members...


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-18 09:21 AM
    Just an observation - There always seem to be a gap of 2 months between Receipt date and Notice date.

    So for July 2nd filers, there notice date would be September 2007. But they all got GC last yr when they made it current till 2006 PD. However processing times arent Sept 2007 even now which makes me believe its the receipt date?

    What do you guys think.


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  • we_can
    12-19 02:51 PM
    $25. Kudos to this fund raising effort.

    Even though $100 was not a minimum, I think that there was a psychological barrier of having it as the first visible option on the contribution page that was deterring a lot of users (including yours truly).

    I encourage everyone on this forum to come forward and do this.


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  • deecha
    07-20 10:50 AM
    Bumping up !

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  • fshah
    07-06 03:45 PM
    Order No.:

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  • gk_2000
    06-09 05:25 PM
    I had this question - how the 50k would be used? If you could post in greater detail perhaps more members would be enlightened to contribute

    This got me 3 more reds

    If this is the reception a perfectly good point like mine gets, then it certainly doesn't reflect well. To let you know, I have just contributed $100, so reserve your reds for the other guys contributing sweet talks and 0 $$$. And if you have given me red and not contributed, then you are the real A$$#073 here

    I request members to quit being childish and engage in sincere discussions

    08-25 03:05 PM
    Does anyone have this USCIS link?

    08-21 04:41 PM
    If the news is correct then it means no visa waste this year.......

    The bigger question here is .......Are there any IOs sitting at the fingerprinting place . If yes, are they authorized to give out such info or even entertain any such requests ??

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