Saturday, July 2, 2011

Amalfi Coast Italy

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  • tonyHK12
    09-30 08:45 AM
    Thank you. Welcome to IV.

    Thank you for your efforts.

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  • hoolahoous
    03-30 02:33 AM
    I mailed my passport about 3 weeks back to SFO. Have not yet got it. Anybody done it recently?

    SFO is taking 3 weeks for in person renewal. I gave mine and got date of April 2 (which was 3 weeks away). Probably mail would take few extra days.

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  • snathan
    05-01 02:50 PM
    Once we get enough support we can seek adivse from senior IV members or admin. Dont forget about the funding.

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  • Munshi75
    04-09 09:39 PM
    I am transfering my H1B to a new employer. My wife is on a H4 visa (Current Visa valid till 2008), can I transfer that without attorney? Please help. Thanks in advance .


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  • reddysms
    08-18 08:47 AM
    Texas Service center
    Efile: 06/16/2008
    Status change - Card production ordered: 08/13/2008
    Status change - Approval sent: 08/14/2008
    Received card: 08/16/2008

    We got the validity for 2 years.

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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-16 02:36 PM
    Guys you must not forget IV that helped you in your green card journey. Pleaz contribute to IV


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  • RLNY122004
    02-02 02:48 PM
    I contributed $25 today.
    Paypal Receipt Number: 2219-5554-0313-6720

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  • supplychainwalla
    04-13 07:25 PM
    This is a great suggestion, and thinking ahead is the name of the game!

    I guess after Dual CitizenShip now in operation majority people might be interested in Citizenship and why not avail those benefits US passport is welcome in 3/4 of the world, for all the people who have travelled knows how cumbersome immigration procedures are in various countries.

    Anyway Phase 2 suggestion of lobbying for including the the number of years of leagally living here in the citizenship count and getting an "option" of becoming a citizen when GC is issued would be great (because most people who have applied there GCs have been here atleast 5 years :))

    The Guys who already have GC should also support this idea as they will be benifited by this as well.

    good going!

    So phase 1 has been a success,and we should now concentrate on phase 2!!!Go IV.


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  • ilwaiting
    02-02 07:53 AM
    I don't see post any more. retracted?

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  • pdakwala
    09-20 12:02 PM
    Three unbelivable things had happen in DC.

    1. Aman forgot his cell phone in the Cab. This phone had all the important contact information. One passenger using the cab found it and he decided to return it to the owner of the cell phone. The passenger did not want to give his cell phone to the cab driver since there is no guarantee that the cab driver will return the cell phone to Aman. He therefore decided to find the passenger (Aman). The passenger asked the cab driver who was sitting in this cab before he took this cab. Where did he dropped the passenger (Aman).

    The driver brought that passenger at the Washington Monument. The passenger asked the driver to find Aman. The driver found Aman and the cell phone was returned.

    2. I forgot to get my laptop from the cab. The cab left after dropping me, Kushal and Ashish at the hotel. The only thing we knew was the color of the cab. The laptop carrying case had important IV documents, checks that some members had contributed and my personnel check book. Ashish and Kushal were helping me to find the cab company waiting outside the hotel on the road. We spent approximately 2 hour waiting on the road. Kushal kept calling each cab company informing that we have forgot to collect the laptop from the hotel. Ashish kept collecting the phone numbers of the different cab company.

    Not only that Meenal who was attending different meetings in capitol hill kept asking different cabs about the ways to find the cab and laptop when she get some time between the meetings. At 6:30 PM Aman, Tamsen, Nili, Meenal, kushal, Rajesh, and I met at Bombay palace for the dinner since we all were very hungry. Aman told me that we will dedicate the whole day Wed. to find the laptop and he was very confident that we will find the laptop. Tamsen was trying to find the cab company on the internet using color combination. I can see that everyone was concerned and were wishing that I get my lost laptop back some way.

    At exactly 8:36 PM I got a call from one passenger who was living in VA and told me that he had my laptop. He along with his wife came all the way back to DC capitol (45 MINUTES DRIVE) just to return my laptop.

    3. Whoever have came to DC for this rally had met real IV members. I have not seen or met any individual who said that he or she made a mistake coming to DC for this rally. This was an unbelivable event. People who did not came to DC for sure made a mistake of deciding not to come to DC for any reason.



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  • buddyinsd
    08-04 01:40 PM
    I knw how it feels. BTW after how many days of raising an SR did u get this email? I'm thinking of raising an SR as well...

    90 days is a lonnng time. I donno how it works if ur case dozn't get picked up in the next 50 odd days and the dates go back in Oct. Good luck anywayz...I'm sure thgs will work out.


    My 485 petition is with NSC. I opened an SR last month and got a rather uninformative response today. It does not tell me if my petition has been pre-approved or has even cleared the background check.

    The status of this service request is: Your file is currently with the adjudications department, waiting on the availability of an officer to be assigned your pending case. Please allow at least another 90 days to hear something further on your application.

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  • kartikiran
    07-13 04:00 PM
    To Answer you.

    I do not intend to become a Citizen of USA nor want to be part of IV CORE.

    GCPerm, Good answers. I commend you for that.

    Otherwise, I sincerely believe even after I get my green card, we should focus on resolving this green card backlog mess and if we can get green card holders and US Citizens to support this cause it woule be better.

    Maybe you are not able to relate to what EB3 candidates go through. Yes it is a choice we made to wait in this country. A lot of EB3 people qualify for EB2 based on their qualifications and experience but were put into EB3 due to company's choice or attorney's mistake.

    But no person should be made to wait for an answer of whether their application is going to be approved for 8-10 years.

    The pre-adjudication in my opinion is a farce as it was more done to get their(USCIS) inventory calculated properly than ensuring the person is clear from all angles. Because, I know of about 5 people who are in EB2 who are sent RFE's now, after their dates have become current. They were supposedly pre-adjudicated as per the IO during the interview at the local office. some of them were fingerprints, some of them just to verify whether the husband and wife are still married etc.

    Coming back to my point, there are EB3 applicants now who have a priority date of 2006, 2008 2009 etc. Can we accept a process which asks people to wait for 20 years to get a Yay or Nay for their application is the question. I think it is unacceptable. I believe more green card holders and US Citizens who are deciding to put their roots in USA should help the country to better the legal immigration system first before anything else.

    Regarding citizenship as I mentioned before if you think you will not bail out after starting a campaign, then go ahead and lead it.


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  • aquarianf
    06-29 01:57 PM
    Here is the self-filing thread.

    Please read the disclaimer on the home page about the thread content. These are members like you and they are not lawyers and the forums advice is not legal advice or legal counsel. Do it at your own risk.

    You still do need your employer to give you one letter about your future employment. Other than that, you might have everything you need to file your 485 and employer's involvement is minimal.

    If your 140 has not yet been filed, then you definitely need your employer's involvement and in that case, firing your lawyer hired by your employer might actually cause more delay because you will have to do a lot of co-ordination on your own with employer and your new lawyer. Getting 140 filed without lawyer is probably very tough. So self-filing of 485 makes sense mostly for those who have approved 140.

    Although I used my lawyer to file my I-485 ( My date was current in June and I submitted all my papers to my lawyer on May 20th and actually it was filed on 27th June), I also prepared I-485/ead application myself over the weekend and when I compare this application with lawyer's, mine was more accurate because lawyer mad small mistake in my address.

    Anybody who follow this thread can prepare the application by him/herself.

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  • sanprabhu
    07-12 05:33 PM
    Where is famously liberal "lion" Kennedy in all this. He is the counterpart to Lofgren. When you are the chair of the subcommitte on Immigration you are supposed to be a leader on these kind of issues. Really disappointing.


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  • Meenal
    09-20 10:53 AM
    Keep the Aroras seperate , that is, Puneet Arora and Sumita Arora....these guys would not miss a single chance to beat each other up. (not related-clarification!)

    Here is a scene I was in:

    Paskal(Puneet) is driving - Sumita is sitting on the passenger seat - we have no idea where we are going. It is 2:00a.m and we are REALLY hungry and tired...

    Sumita "I will give you directions from my Tom - Tom " I think she meant GPS.

    Puneet (after taking several wrong turns) "It is not a Tom - Tom"?

    Sumita- " whateverer it is , it gives me directions and I talk to it" (She was spending 4 hrs. driving each day with this TomTom ).

    Puneet - "ok, let's follow our friends".

    Sumita dials.

    Vandana(in the other car) - "Yeah you can follow us".

    Puneet - "well where are you guys"

    Vandana - "We are trying to figure out, I don't know how we got here - Let me consult my GPS"

    This is what happens when you are sleep deprived, food deprived - all the gadgets in the world cannot help you.

    Jane( a chinese) - "why do you guys have to eat anyway, it is time to sleep???"

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  • kaverig
    01-31 02:17 PM

    I am applying for H1 visa from India this April. I am coming to USA on H4 visa in June.

    How do I transfer from H4 to H1 in case If I my H1 gets approved? I heard since I am applying from India, I will not get I94 along with my approved H1 papers.
    So I will be on H4 I94 only.

    Some body please help
    Thanks a lot in advance


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  • GC_Applicant
    01-28 08:07 PM
    Click on the "Messenger" link on the left hand side in

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  • newuser
    05-16 10:54 AM
    Tell me them that even though you are not from the same constituent, the Congressmen will be voting on these bills once tabled in the Congress and you are requesting to support the bill

    I called congressman Hinjosa's office.

    The staffer asked me where I am calling from. Then said you are not a constituent of the congressman and was not willing to transfer to the person who handles immigration issues. I insisted on leaving a message and he took the message, but was surprised, did anybody else encounter this? How do we handle this if it happens with other congressmen?

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  • Lasantha
    04-11 09:44 AM
    Thanks man. Yes, i am already planning a vacation. Haven't seen Colombo in almost 9 years now. It will be exciting!!!

    Dude that's awesome news!!!! Mines surely around the corner ... of this year lol... i'm in no hurry i'd rather everybody before me get their GC soon enough. Enjoy machang and if i were u i'll take a vacation :)

    06-09 11:27 AM
    Please do.

    05-02 11:18 AM
    I am got audited at Atlanta. and I know many Chinese like me were stuck there too.

    Please open a new thread at to get more Atlanta victims here!!!

    and I would like to put this url on some Chinese immigration forum to get more data. But before that, could you please let me know what the next step so that I could get more People in.

    That is exactly my point that Perm Audit is not focused on Nationality, Field or EB category. If most people are from India, China, Philippines then automatically most audit cases are going to be from these countries.

    Are you also being audited?

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