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2002 Seat Ibiza

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  • zazona.com
    09-08 12:10 AM
    Could do our jobs why would the employers be willing to sponsor our GREEN CARDS and spend '000s of dollars to keep us :confused:


    look at the filth that is bestowed upon you from everyone -


    ur employer treats u like shit, people here don't want u here, government don't want to listen to u. disgusting. why do u even exist?

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  • cableching
    08-21 06:32 PM
    You said that you are from the Midwest, but your profile says that you send your application to Texas. How is that possible, All midwest I-485 applications must have gone to Nebraska Service Center.

    "I am in Midwest and not all the USCIS/ASC offices treat as bad, as these guys may not have that many applicants coming to the office, like int Northeast or California."

    I sent it to Nebraska and it reache on July 3rd 2007 and it was trnasferred to Texas. I am not sure what's there in my profile, I just entered the dates when it didn't let me login to the site. It did not let login even if I didn't enter an RFE date and I had to enter some date. My I-140 was approved from Texas. One more thing, when I e-Filed for EAD and AP this year, it went to Texas, though IO gave a Midwest address which falls under Nebraska, I don't know why and I was surprised and happy too as Texas was approving the applications very fast, but mine is not yet approved (Applied on 29th June).

    It is already 6:15 PM and I have to go home, if I don't answer any more don't think I am hiding. I have a life to live and don't be so negative buddies. Every body will ge their Greencard and it is just time.

    I have been living in US nearly for 10 years all the time in B1, L1 and H1 visas.

    People might start asking, how come you have a 2006 priority date? One employer had applied in 2004 and was in PBEC and did not get approved untill 2007 July, meanwhile I had applied another in EB2 through another employer and got Labor approved in Septmeber 2006 (less than a month) and I-140 approved (Premium) in November. After that I got three years H1 through new employer and moved to this company on 11th June 2007 Luckily everything was made current on July 13th and mailed my I-485 application on July 2nd (Just before they officially announced that visas were unavailable) and it reached on July 3rd. Again don't ask me how could I apply in EB2, when I did not do Masters in US. I have Masters from India and also had Five years of experience even before 2004, by then I was in US for more than 5 years. Also, when my employer applied Labor in 2004, I was just Five days away from my 5th year ending on L1/H1.

    One more thing I bought a home in 2005 when my labor was pending some where, may be in Local Labor Department or PBEC or somewhere inbetween, and have been living happily. I am also worried about the GC but not paranoid about it.

    Many guys here worry too much, just relax and live a peaqceful life. Jus think this, we are highly educated and would defintely be able to make a living anywhere in the world, not just US. Don't worry tooo much and think others have no work and want to fool you guys.

    Just my 2 cents......

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  • gc_wow
    03-06 07:21 PM
    I am in with a contribution.What if USCIS sees us as a Golden Duck and want another 10k after eating initial 5k.You know how government projects work?What will we do next?I am not undermining anyones initiatives,I always wanted to know how many applications are actually pending?May be better than doing nothing.I think some one was saying that citizenship information is not entered in the system.Nobody knows how that CLAIMS system looks like.We can see perm data fields on flcdatacenter.com, may be we should request on line version for CLAIMS system.with SOA capabilities it could be easily mapped in to easily readable frontend with minimal efforts.People can actually file 485 on line? Its not at all complicated.Govt contractors will make it look like a $100Million project.

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  • suresh1
    08-14 01:54 PM
    My I-485 was recieved on 7/3/07.

    140 was approved 6/2006 by TSC. See a LUD on 7/28/07.
    My 485 was sent to NSC.
    Still waiting for reciepts/cashed checks.


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  • coolmanasip
    08-22 02:32 PM
    :DWhy are u late to the party man?:D All the booze is gone...:D:D

    Awasome comment......all Booze is gone and everyone is lateral hahahahahaha.....sky looks full of GC stars hahahahaha......:D

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  • axp817
    03-09 12:17 PM
    Just contributed another $50, making my total $100, hope we meet the goal soon.

    The way I see it, I am contributing this money for my own benefit, so it isn't even a 'donation' in that sense.


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  • sina
    08-14 01:00 PM
    my I-140 (approved from TSC) also has a LUD of 7/28 and my application was filed with NSC on july 6th. I would think people who have applied before me would get receipt first. But it does seem like cases that are being moved to TSC get LUD on approved I-140s.

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  • srini1976
    09-07 10:48 PM
    Isn�t it odd that the timing of your rally coincides with the introduction of the Strive act?
    Granted you scored a point when you were allowed to file for employment authorization this July. If your one rally worked, do you really think other rallies will work too? The world of politics is driven by numbers; you do not have enough numbers to get any lawmaker interested. So wake up Macacas, admit it, you all are bunch of losers.

    So far as the skills are concerned, you have been harping on the theme that you are highly skilled? If the definition of highly skilled is a mere undergrad degrees then 75% of Adult Americans are highly skilled. I bet not even 5% of you have PHDs and you call yourself highly skilled. Huhhh

    And this for the leadership of your organization: You are wasting your time. If you are so desperate to get green cards contact me. We will see what we can do� One thing I believe though is this country needs people with leadership skills and not so called "Highly Skilled". So I will be more than happy to work with you. I am sure you have my e-mail address. At the least, I can help make the process faster for you, if so called visa numbers are available.

    Who the heck are you? How skilled are you and what leadership skills do you have? Cut the crap! Take a chill pill...........

    Remember.....After all each and every drop makes the ocean and without each drop the mighty ocean is weak...Each drop shall become as a boundless sea..and that is IV..who are you to talk about our numbers..IV's honest and sincere effort(s) will certainly be highly successful sooner or later...It is because of this fear losers like you visit our FORUM.

    So Admit it, that you just dont have it in you to accept our EFFORTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • snddlth
    08-13 10:23 PM
    Can anyone provide me pointers to discussions on INFOPASS appointment? I've taken an appointment today and I would like to know your experience.

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  • ita
    02-25 10:44 AM
    Very good idea. Actually I have sent this suggestion as part of the mail to ombudsman a while back.

    'realizeit' has used very good terminology.
    Would be great if IV core endorses it.Also looking forward to 'desi3933' comments.
    Once IV core endorses it running a funding drive for this action would be a good idea too.

    Thank you.


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  • pritesh80
    05-17 01:31 PM
    Does one need to be on an F1 (students) visa to get an assistantship?? Can one work only on university campus while doing their assistantship?? If not where is one eligible to work on assistantship & what type of jobs are available?? My wife is planning to do her CPA on an H4 visa, can she work on assistantship while pursuing it??�Please respond.

    I am sorry...I do not have too much info abt the H4 visas...Actually I am not sure whether she can do an assistantship on H4 only because it is not a visa on which you can get paid any compensation for work...Isnt the institute where she is doing her CPA sponsoring her F1??

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  • Saralayar
    04-15 09:20 AM

    Thanks for your comments.

    I honestly do not understand why you seem to be opposed to this approach to alleviate the sufferings of so mant EB3 (esp) and EB2 friends. Discussion and debate are always good.

    Here are a few facts:

    1. Most of the advanced countries in the world - UK, Australia, NZ, Switzerland, Singapore and some Scandinavian countries offer a time based path to residency and citizenship for the educated class of people who come through the proper channel to work

    2. In Canada, Australia, NZ (there could be other countries, but I am not sure) people can apply for a PR based on their OWN education and experience. They are not held hostage by their employers and harassed for ages. It is happening here because the lobbies are very powerful and are supported financially by the corporations to serve their interests. The system has been craftily designed to ensure long term indentured labour

    3. In the entire scheme of things the real beneficiaries are the employers and the law firms

    4. The system would be streamlined and the work of the government would become much simpler and faster. This is the way governments works in several western countries who offer a time bound programme

    5. Every month our EB friends need not stare at the bulletin with great expectations and waste their time

    6.Everyone can plan their future better. (I do not think I need to explain this)

    Best wishes and thanks for your post..
    Instead of wasting time and arguing with others, why don't we start a Blog with this theme. You can put all these facts and the way other countries are doing the immigration process for the professionals. This may attract every one including the Government. In the mean time, we can start sending emails to the Congress men also.


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  • sdrblr
    08-19 06:10 PM

    What exactly is meant by checking the receipt date online and it is 3 months after the date in the paper? All I see on my 485 is a statement that they have received my response to the RFE...I don't see any receipt date or notice dates on the case status online at USCIS.gov

    Just wondering what you mean or am I missing something?


    This message would have been visible to you before you got the RFE (or in other words he is talking about the very first status of your application)

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  • dallasdude
    04-13 06:14 PM
    This ain't nothing. Wait until the second wave of labor substituted EB3 applicants port their case from EB3 to EB2 or EB1 .Talk about a double whammy. Except a bigger hit in the next year or two when most of the porting succeeds.


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  • bsbawa10
    09-08 05:09 AM
    Is this campaign still on?
    I did not see much enthusiasm on this issue.
    Do people not want their files to be adjudicated or not?

    looks like it is me and you only sweet_jungle. I will still go for it. I think people have either gotten their gc and the left out ones have lost hope.

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  • reedandbamboo
    09-11 08:07 AM
    reedandbamboo, sweetjungle, bawa,
    Please refrain from using the terms "Indian legal immigrant community" in your communication with OMB. IV represents the skilled legal immigrant community in general and not immigrants from only one country. Doing this defeats our own cause and divides us. As a matter of fact I know several people who belong to EB2 ROW whose PDs are 2005-2006 and they are still waiting.
    IV was established to represent legal immigrants from all over the world. Please do not indulge in such divisive campaigns. You have been warned.

    pmb76, no need to get dramatic ("You have been warned") .. thats why I posted the message here first .. for your feedback which has been duly noted. I was not aware that ROW applicants were also affected.



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  • pappu
    09-18 12:05 AM
    You joined just one month ago and started accusing IV because they did not reply to your PM. We get several PMs, emails, phone calls everyday. We try to attend as many as possible. However we also have our jobs and life. Not every IV core member comes to the forum to post messages. There are several things we do for this cause that is not forum management work.

    If we had an office with a customer service department, we could answer everyone. If people want good customer service from IV, are they willing to provide help through their spouse who does not work and stay at home? In the last 2.5 we have posted several times, but only a handful of members offered help through their spouses to volunteer for IV. After initial start, almost all disappeared within 15 days because there was no money and appreciation by members in this volunteer effort. They preferred to find own jobs and make money. So tell me if you are willing to help out in managing our customer service 24/7?

    This is for everyone:

    Stop accusing IV if your greencard is not coming soon enough. As Admin2 said, we try to reply to people and help them. However in the last 2.5 years, we never had a single IV member calling us to thank us for helping them. This year everyone is able to file for a 2 year EAD. It was possible because of our effort during the admin fix campaign early this year. So many members are today enjoying the 2 year EAD and do not have to worry about renewing it every year. We have not heard a single member thanking us for it. While we are not here to ask for thank you notes, it is discouraging to hear members coming every week and opening threads accusing IV leadership just because visa bulletin was not in their favor. 2 months ago, some of these members were ignoring IV action item requests and only thinking about own cases and engaging in eb2 vs eb3 on the threads. Put yourself in our shoes and try to do what we are trying to do. Take out that many number of hours everyday for IV as we do. Go on your own expense to DC and meet lawmakers. Get threats from anti-immigrants and still continue to work on this effort without fear.

    There is a thread for high five campaign. How many of us have really contributed a mere 5 dollar for it? The community of more than 30 thousand has failed to raise even 5K in more than 2 months and yet we want to see results. 5K is not even enough to file one greencard case and you want to lobby with it and fight with anti-immigrants who spend millions opposing us? Where is IV membership now when we need them? Is the IV membership ready to take the blame for its failure?

    Today everyone is talking about sending clocks, letters or even has the courage to send emails to USCIS. 2.5 years ago people were scared to do any of this. Nobody was talking about employer problems or lawyer problems and willing to name them on forums. There was no action item. There was no awareness. But today we have changed all that. This is IV's biggest achievement.

    So before you start pointing fingers at IV, pose a question to yourself. Have you done enough for this cause? We need threads to translate into action and results. Your contribution for IV should not be how many threads and posts you have created but what you have done for the community.

    As we have always said, join your state chapters and if your chapter is not active, make it active. Be a leader. Use your energy to lead the effort and travel to DC and meet lawmaker offices. Meet lawmakers in your area. Make phone calls, write letters. But don't just create threads with ideas. We need people to work on those ideas.

    Remember each one of us is responsible for IV's success and failure and IV is everyone.

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  • anda007
    07-08 11:49 PM
    Thats wrong. This is not being posted by private people. It is being delivered and packaged by FTD/1800 flowers and such known company.
    What u are saying would be true if people are sending envelopes with a 33cent stamp on it
    All of this will be delivered to the building for sure

    With all of the anthrax scares going on I'd be very surprised if they even allowed the flowers to be delivered to the building (especially if they are accompanied with get well soon cards). You may want to make sure that the flowers are being signed for and delivered before you send any more.

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  • NolaIndian32
    02-25 11:06 AM
    What Sanju posted is not off the mark. And I agree with Wandmaker. The person who came up with this idea needs to PM or e-mail Pappu or Administrator and get some feedback if IV Core supports this. If you get the yay from Pappu, then form a small core group who will tacke the operational aspect of this idea and keep it moving forward. The "posts" need to be coverted to "actions". I am just speaking from experience having run a successful year long campaign with IV already. Best of Luck!

    03-06 12:54 PM
    i like to contribute

    03-06 02:19 PM
    to Contribution 25, 50 , 200

    How to change a poll?

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