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  • justbooks
    07-17 09:36 PM
    I started visiting IV only recently and am a faithful fan now. I just contributed $100 and feel great about it because it's the equivalent of standing up for what I believe in.
    Thanks IV

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  • sledge_hammer
    03-06 10:43 AM
    I've made contributions before, but how do I make payment so that it goes specifically for this effort?

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  • alisa
    02-04 11:05 AM
    I read your post, and your thread. All the way down to what the definitions of "is", "and" and "or" are.

    First of all, lets keep the discussion civilized. Lets not comment and post on what other people think, or what their motivations are, or how biased or wrong they are.

    I think we all agree that the current situation is that unused EB2-ROW numbers are flowing down to EB-3 ROW, and not across to EB2.

    Regardless of what the definition of "is" is, EB-3 ROW will like things the way they are, and EB-2 India would want things to change in their favor.

    Lets not fight over who should get more crumbs. Lets work to increase the size of the pie.

    Lets figure out who is getting screwed, and big are they getting screwed. And then reach out to those who are getting screwed, and get them to contribute and join IV and participate.

    Mr Unitednation takes the advantages of ignorance (in immgration law) of most of the forum members and spreading wrong information in both web sites.

    Of course he is very informative, however he is very biased and having wrong openion that EB3 India has stolen EB3_ROW number in previous years as he belongs to ROW. He wrongly assumes that till EB3-ROW becomes current EB2 & EB3-India will not see any movement. He thinks no one knows the rules, laws ect..and he is only one knows everything. The actual fact is most peoples have been doing research on retrogression like him last two years and not having enough time to reply his post. To fuel his openion DOS is violating the section 202 of INA and no one cares about this including IV core team.

    If you want to know true color of Unitednation visit this site.

    If you want to know how unused visanumbers suppose to work as per the law, visit this site.

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  • uka
    05-14 03:27 PM


    I received notice of decision for my wife's H-4 application and I am worried whether my case has been denied.

    This is the content of the case received from CA with WACxxxxxxxxxxx.


    This notice is in reference to form 1-539, application for Extend/Change of Nonimmigrant Status, requesting a change of status to that of a dependent of a specialty occupation worker under section 101(a)(15)(H)(i)(b) of the Immigrantion and Nationality Act.

    It is ordered by the Director of the California service center, United States Citizenship and Immigration Sevices that the applicant's request for change of status be denied for the following reasons:

    As a dependent, the applicant's classification is subject to the principal alien's status. The nonimmigrant visa petition filed in behalf of the principal alien, seeking a concurrent change of status to a specialty occupation worker classification under 101(a)(15)(H)(i)(b) of the Act, has been processed as a consulate notification because the principal alien's request for a change of nonimmigrant status has been den ied.

    Since the principal will not be classified as a temporary nonimmgrant worker until she/he obtains the HI-B visa abroad at a United States Embassy or consulate, and has been lawfully admitted into the United States in the nonimmigrant status, the applicant does not qualify for the requested change of status.

    I have not received any information about mine. Does it mean that my application will be processed at a consulate office outside the state? I am confused. I do not really understand it well. Please help explain it to me.


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  • PlainSpeak
    04-15 09:06 PM
    Lets not denigrate all the H4's. I am sure our near and dear ones aren't vile as PlainSpeak.

    Funny post though

    Oh how considerate of you !!!
    You think the same but dont say it out loud

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  • jonty_11
    03-26 04:09 PM
    Didnt USCIS issue a Memo or something stating only one h1B filing per person?


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  • tdasara
    02-02 09:04 PM
    50,000 unused visas were given to Schedule A in 2005. When the bill was first introduced the unused visas 100,000+ was supposed to go to EB3 since there was retrogression in just EB3 category and Schedule A was part of EB3.

    After debate for a few days 50,000 of these were allocated to Schedule A and the EB3 retrogression was forgotten and never been fixed since.

    Hope this doesn't happen again.

    There are around 100,000 unused not sure if anyone takes UCSIS to court if these can be reallocated.

    UNUSED VISAS WERE DUE TO uscis INEFFICIENCY!!! Make sense if they make amends.

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  • The7zen
    03-09 04:13 PM
    Subscription Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #1R189321FY253022D)
    In reference to: S-5T748022M83296742


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  • agilesh3
    11-16 03:28 PM
    $100 Through Google Checkout (Google Order #165077246051654)

    You guys are doing a great job.

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  • Rajeev
    12-19 08:41 AM
    Just sent my $100


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  • vzlan
    07-20 05:31 PM
    this is my first post...
    I've seen most of you guys are indians, I admire you for being so organized and brave, and also for getting skilled enough to be sucessfull anywhere.
    I'm not in the IT business, I'm not indian, I don't have special skills nor advanced dregrees. I'm just a regular guy who has worked all his life to achieve what he got. Since my degree is a 3 years old, I did not qualify foe EB2 even being in a managerial position for over 10 years.
    I was waiting for the opportunity to file my family's I485 and then my company was bought and I was laid off on jun 14th.
    I've been 6 years in this country, I have 2 american born kids, I've paid a lot of taxes, I have a house mortgage, a car loan...
    Now I'm out of status and worst of all, everything on the GC process is lost.

    I don't think it's fair, I've never done anything illegal, but I'm not ready to leave the country. I need to sell my property, don't know what to do with the car, my wife is on her MBA thesis, I just can't leave.

    I'm telling all this not because I want you to feel sorry, but to create awareness that it's NOT on your hands being legal or illegal. You're in others hands: your employer, USCIS, the adjudicator officer.

    So don't judge others just because you have been lucky enough to maintain your status...

    Good luck to you all in your I-485s

    VZLAN, Ah! I can't return to my country since I am Venezuelan, and I don't plan to raise my kids under communism.

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  • pappu
    12-18 06:35 PM
    thanks! you are showing the way forward to all our fellow members :D

    now we are 6!
    pappu, is there a way to add a counter here? that way everyone can see the number of contributors growing?
    Once members contribute, pls add to the counter by posting a note.

    The current number is 7


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  • ragz4u
    04-12 10:07 AM
    of a fortune 500 company. Going by his email and profile, most countries and organizations would die to hire him. But, he is stuck in backlog. :(

    Guys, please send us your stories, we can compile a list of all the stories and pass them on to senators for them to see how US will lose if they do not care about highly skilled immigrants

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  • qasleuth
    02-25 03:49 PM
    Dear friends: Thank you all for the wonderful support and willingness to work for this. We need to convert our word to action in the coming days, if IV CORE has a positive feasibility analysis result.

    "Nothing preaches better than the act."
    ~ Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790, American Scientist, Publisher, Diplomat)

    So all of you who support this, please think in terms of how you can convert your verbal support into action in some way, in the coming days.

    Regarding a HIGH VISIBILITY Campaign

    "Sometimes a scalpel is better than a sword"

    My opinion: Personally, I am against high visibility campaign for an admin fix. We do not need too much visibilty for an admin fix unlike a legislative fix. In the case of admin fix, we need to focus on those few who can positively act on our request. In this case, those might be Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, USCIS acting director etc. In the case of an admin fix a highly talented, politically skilled, IV delegation should work as the front end of this effort. While all others in the community should raise funds to support this delegation and their activities. We can form regional groups to raise funds on behalf of IV. Many of you can do that. Form groups of 5 at each region and try to arrange an Indian/Chinese movie show in your local theatre for raising funds. You can come up with better ideas than this for raising funds. This is just an idea came to my mind from my limited knowledge.

    Totally agree. We should refrain from flamboyant campaigs especially in this environment and request IV delegation to act as our front. Lets raise some serious funds. I can campaign in my place of work amongst I 485 applicants and see what I can do.


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    07-17 07:06 PM
    This was great Victory. Feel proud to be part of IV. This has shown what we could do if we all come together.

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  • aspirant_1
    08-21 06:31 PM
    I really don't understand why people think I am lying????
    When I read the memo, I was more worried about my name check and whether she would check the status of it than about this, as anyhow my dates are not current. After showing the memo, she did offer to check the status.

    With all the experience our guys have with USCIS officers and staff, it's hard to belive an IO would be that helpful? But, she's and even the staff at this office is not as bad as others have experienced.

    I was even telling my wife about the behaviour and how staff at other offices behave.

    Which USCIS Center did you go to. The best thing here would be that someone else also go to the same USCIS Center and can hopefully talk to the same IO officer. If she shows the memo again then we can get more information out of it.


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  • satdal
    12-19 09:54 AM
    $25 contributed via paypal (Transaction ID: 6YR73797EA0032350).
    Also following up with couple of friends to contribute as well.

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  • elfreda80
    07-21 11:15 AM
    I am married and my husband is working in US on H1B visa. I came into the country with an L1 visa in Dec '06. The I 94 is valid till Oct 2009.
    In Apr 2007, I applied for my H1B and it was approved with a start date of October 2007.
    I quit my company by end of May 2007. Since the H1B was NOT applied with COS, I applied for my H4 last week but I have not got the approval notice for H4 yet. :(

    Is it still possible for my husband to file my 485 along with his? What do I enter for questions regarding my current status?? Can I say that my current status is H4 and give the "valid till" date as the end date of my husband's H1B date?
    Please help!!!

    Thanks Elfreda

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  • sugaur
    12-09 07:31 PM
    Thanks for posting the link.

    1.4.6 A pregnant inmate shall not be restrained while in labor, while giving birth, or during the post-partum recovery period, unless requested by attending medical staff or as specifically directed by the Warden. If restraints are necessary in any manner under such conditions, they should be the least restrictive type possible to remain consistent with sound security practices.

    So the warden can still order restraints.

    12-20 10:20 AM
    I guess you mean Dec 20.
    yes corrected

    11-11 03:24 PM
    Mr hpanday..
    I understand your feelings and of the person who is going through this. But to all calm down and think. The parents have made a mistake.(My friend has such kind of nanny too who is here on a visitor visa but she is not like this and I do not blame these parents too for hiring one like this)

    Some say they should go to the cops, use (U Visa) etc ..but when you go to the cops they will take her in and ask her information (SSN and stuff) and when they find that she is not legally eligible to work then what will the parents have to go through now.
    The Social Services is different from immigration (True) but Social Services will take away the baby from the parents because they have committed a federal offence and they are not capable of taking care of the baby.

    This is what happened with my cousin. My niece fell down from the stairs and was hurt real bad. When my cousin took her to the hospital the hospital authorities called social services saying that they are not taking care of the baby and are harming the child. The family doctor who was paged saved them by giving his gaurantee.

    First it is a federal offence and irresposibility will cause them a price.
    (To the parents: Sorry sir I do not mean to say that you are irresponsible but
    this is what they might say)

    Please take extra precaution when you are dealing with a minor.

    I just wanted to share this with you and it is up to you to take the correct action you think

    And as I said before knowing about child abuse and not notifying the cops is a bigger crime than hiring an illegal alien . In this case the child depends upon you for protection and you know about the abuse but you are considering whether to notify the cops or not !

    This can come back on you itself in case someone else notifies the police ( your friend maybe ? ) The Department of Social Services is very strict in this country and I believe your child is a US citizen considering that he is only 8 months old ( most probably ).

    How can you think of not getting justice for your child who cannot defend himself and not get justice himself. If he could speak believe me he would want to see the nanny in prison.

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