Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-12 11:05 AM
    It must have started.. Its already 11 AM. may be not on C_SPAN

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  • qualified_trash
    12-13 03:50 PM

    Don't take it otherwise... I will NOT do anything against anybody.

    That previous person (whose name was mentioned on this approved labor) already had left this employer in 2004...so there is no one getting hurt if this employer is offering me that labor.

    - My question still remains : Is it necessary to go for labor substitution to use this approved labor (showing the name of old consultant)... OR ... Can it be possible to file I-140 straight with my profile against this labor....?

    Hope you now understand my points & will give me sincere advises.

    waiting for your help....

    speak to a lawyer and stop responding to people on this thread!! everyone pontificates. all the people who are screaming from their rooftops here about ethics etc., would readily accept an offer of reusing a previously unused LC if their employer gave them the option.

    just my 2 cents.

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  • Soul
    02-05 03:06 PM
    Thanks :bounce:

    - Soul :goatee:

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  • lazycis
    02-28 12:51 PM
    I did not understand 'are not outside of processing time'. Can you please explain in detail.

    My other thought is for July 2007 485 filer, 180 days is already completed. Assume the namecheck started on Aug 2007....

    NSC is curretly processing EB I-485 cases filed before July 30, 2007. TSC - cases filed before April 10, 2007. So according to the USCIS policy: "If at any point your case should become more than 30 days outside our normal processing time, and you haven't received a written decision or update from us within the last 60 days, you can help us by calling customer service and letting us know. We will research your case, see what needs to be done to get it processed, and get back to you with an explanation."
    I.e. NSC cases filed before July 1st are considered outside of processing time. The USCIS explains it in the latest name check FAQ posted today.


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  • glus
    06-20 02:49 PM
    If you can get employer verification letter stating that the position is still available for you and your salary, then file I485 yourself.

    I guess most of the folks here are busy preparing to apply for 485. I have different problem here.

    My employer's attorney is charging me outrageous fees of around $5000 to
    apply for 485, AP and EAD for me and my spouse. This excludes USCIS fees. I work on hourly basis, so I should be taking care of immigration fees. My employer is not allowing me to file through another law firm.

    Do I have any other options. How much do they charge usually.

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  • radhay
    06-19 12:30 PM
    Check your PM. This is what i sent.

    Hi Akhil, can you also send me the details ? If it is not too much to ask can you post the template in this thread? Thanks in advance.


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  • needhelp!
    02-08 04:26 PM
    If I were you, I would talk about my problem and how frustrated I am to ALL my colleagues and friends and well-wishers and get atleast 100 letters that will help to pass the "filing before PD current" admin fix which is part of the current campaign.

    I dont see any light at the tunnel. PDs will not move until they allow 485 filing even PD is not current.

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  • bindas74
    10-25 10:09 AM
    You deserve a gc right away after such a long and painful wait. Dont lose hopes.

    Hi eb3retro,

    I see that your PD is Jan 2003. Mine is Mar 03. I thought I would ask you about your opininons.

    So, do you think we will get our GC in 2009?

    Do you think it would be better to move to EB2?

    Thanks for your inputs.


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  • 485InDreams
    08-20 06:27 PM
    If i get correctly...Labour Substitutionhas been banned..right???

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  • mbawa2574
    07-02 03:40 PM
    3000 K in Attorney fees
    500 in medical
    500 in Msc like courier etc .

    Total 4G's


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  • bachelor
    09-24 11:30 AM
    YOu can surrender your GC letting know the USCICS that, it got approved when the PD was not current. I had read this on murthy.com. Browse the website to learn more about it or contact murthy.com attorney's.

    How am I so sure...?? Even I am one amoung them praying for 485 not getting approved untill I get married. My PD is 2006, so I guess I don't have to worry too much.

    Thanks for the reply tabletpc, but my GC was approved when the PD was current. i was wondering about the options i've to get my future wife to USA.

    Thanks again

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  • Macaca
    09-21 06:37 PM
    Don't judge each day by
    the harvest you reap, but
    by the seeds you plant
    Robert Louis Stevenson
    Lawmakers decide to bring an issue for consideration and then vote on the bill. Immigration issues usually start in the immigration sub-committee, then go to Judiciary committee and are finally voted by all members. There are 535 lawmakers (100 Senators + 435 House members).

    Most lawmaker offices have a staffer to handle immigration issues.

    IV set up 150 lawmaker meetings. A staffer was appraised of EB immigration problems, solutions to prblems and requests for solutions. The staffer gave a business card for future contact. You contact staffer to discuss additional issues, request to bring EB issues for consideration, request lawmaker's vote when bill is being voted, ...

    Ideally, IV would like to set up at least one meeting with every lawmaker and more meetings with some lawmakers (members of immigration subcommitee, ...). Due to limited participation, IV could set up only ~150 lawmaker meetings.


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  • vallabhu
    07-17 10:48 AM
    I see July 16th date for California , Nebraska and Vermont but i still see June 18th for Texas.

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  • arun397
    11-30 12:01 PM
    It does not matter who will get credit for this. It would not happen without people taking action - IV members or those who took the USCIS to court (BTW, 90% of those did it without attorneys). Nothing happens if you do not do anything!

    Hi Lazycis,
    We have been hearing this from different sources for while now. When do you think this will come true?Hopefully it happens before the judge dismiss my WOM:)


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  • vin13
    06-24 12:05 PM
    Immigration, back on the schedule, quietly - Ben Smith - POLITICO.com (http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0609/Immigration_back_on_the_schedule_quietly.html)

    Immigration, back on the schedule, quietly

    The oft-delayed White House immigration meeting is back on the schedule for tomorrow, and is expected to include congressional advocates of immigration reform from both parties.

    Peter Wallsten wraps up Hispanic Democrats' frustration, but on balance, any mention of immigration continues to be, for now, a winning issue for Democrats, throwing salt into an open GOP wound.

    Harry Reid says he has the votes for comprehensive reform, meanwhile, though the White House has downplayed the chances of getting it done � as Obama has pledged earlier � this year. An open question is whether Republicans have any ability to capitalize on that unfulfilled promise.

    UPDATE: La Opinion prints a list of meeting participants including more Democrats and some Republicans, citing White House sources:

    Senators: Robert Men�ndez, Patrick Leahy, Charles Schumer, John McCain, Mel Mart�nez, John Cornyn, Jeff Sessions.

    House Members: Lamar Smith, Zoe Lofgren, Xavier Becerra,Howard Berman, Lincoln D�az-Balart, Luis Guti�rrez, Nydia Vel�zquez, Adam Putnam, Anthony Weiner.

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  • jsb
    01-05 03:00 PM
    So jsb if congressman and Ombudsman doesnt work either is there anything which will work ? Can one actually go physically to the Service Center and ask to speak to the PRO (Public relations officer) or something ?

    I have heard on this forum someone doing that, i.e. flying to Texas and asking to meet those who matter. Initially they did not entertain him, but eventually he succeeded. It costs nothing trying via the Ombudsman route, may be a bit if a hassle via the Congressman route. You should try both. Mention your situation, clearly bringing out the anomally. Ask if you are cleared on all fronts and your PD is current what is holding up. It might work....Best of luck.


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  • zachs
    02-11 11:18 AM
    Send letter to WH & IV. I have forwarded the IV message to many of my friends.
    I forwarded the IV message to my company HR person and requested it to be cascaded to all the individuals in our company. He has agreed to forward. I hope we get additional letters sent out to WH.

    Dear friends,
    Please forward to your HR and request them to cascade to all employees seeking "legal" immigration.

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  • krishnam70
    04-14 11:59 AM
    So after more than a month of sleepless nights, thanks to Immigration Voice looks like my I 485 application is back on track.

    A recap of my situation:
    Last month I got an email from USCIS-CRIS stating that my I 485 was withdrawn. After being in this country for close to 10 years and in the immigration queue for more than 7 years why would I withdraw the application ??? I did not withdraw my application !!!

    It took me more than a month to find out the reason behind the withdrawal..trust me it was not easy..and guess what ....It was my Attorney who had withdrawn the application in Error. Now what ... I call USCIS multiple times.. talk to many different IO's .. some of them patient and try to help.. some extremely rude.. but all of them had only one thing to say... they cannot help!!..... I get an Info Pass... no help there either.. I set up an emergency meeting with my attorney (one of the large Immigration Law Firms) .. nothing...they accept their mistake tell me that they will do all they can .. but no assurance that they will reinstate the case .. limited forward movement.... things look gloomy and bleak..no one can help me.

    Then I called Immigration Voice on the number that is listed on the site and left a voice mail. Promptly got a call back I spoke to a Core member who understood the gravity and urgency of the situation and swiflty moved forward and got in touch with their contacts in the government. The Core member also put me in a conference call with the person who was going to look into my case, I was so relieved that I could explain the situation first hand.

    I got a call today and I was told that after evaluating my case my file has been reopened and they have mailed an offical notice regarding the same and I should get it in a few days. *Fingers crossed until I get this notice in hand ;)*
    The IV core was extremely sensitive to my situation and were very responsive and extremly helpful. I cant thank Immigration Voice enough for helping me resolve this issue in a quick manner.

    I have registered to be a recurring contributing member and I intend to be an active member of this group.

    My lessons from this crazy experience are:
    - Never trust your attorney, always ask for a copy of any letter/document they send to USCIS on your behalf
    - There is no organization besides IV out there that is looking out for the interests of the Immigrant Community.
    - We need to strengthen IV in all ways we can, we need to be active.
    - And as so many members have already said "We are IV." If we want things to be better "WE" need to do something about it.

    I urge members who are still contemplating becoming active members to evaluate their options and to become active and contributing members of IV.

    - Peace

    Another point I would like to add is that no other organization has the kind of reach and the credibility with USCIS as IV has as far as representing the true interests of the Immigrant Community goes. IV is a huge asset we have and we should work towards strenthening it.

    I am glad your file is back on track and kudos to IV for helping out in this dire situation. I think this needs to be a revelation to people who have been questioning IV's commitment to our cause. This case should not be construed as a template for individual calls to help for everybody. Your problem is unique and IV has been able to help. I only hope people dont start flooding the IV helpline with calls to pursue their individual cases based on delays in processing etc and then blame IV for not being able to help in their case.

    This shows collective action and an honest organizational effort will go a long way in helping out the community and we should all share our responsibility in helping each other through IV.

    - cheers

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  • go_guy123
    06-24 04:55 PM
    I understand that Immigration bill is not an easy one to pass. If it is being introduced again, hopefully they are not going to have the exact same wordings. I am sure they would have learnt something from the previous failures and come to some agreeable compromise.
    So i think it is good to have some hope and work towards making it happen. Lets not worry about failure. We have nothing much to lose.

    In the 2006 CIR was passed by Senate and it failed in Congress.

    The strategy was adding poison pill. They deliberately added so many poison pill that
    even EB folks were opposing the bill.

    12-13 09:13 PM
    IMHO "legally" exploiting the system is illegal. I don't blame the system because any system will have some flaws in them. I would rather blame people who take advantage of situations esp in scenarios like this. We all know how much time some people has waited here. We heard a story on Monday right? Have we already forgot that? IV's goals and objectives are clear on its home page. Here comes the OP, registers himself and comes up with his first post of Labor substitution and how to better himself. I don't see any thing wrong in pete getting fired up. This exact attitude is the result of 6500 members and not 25,000 or what ever.

    >>it appears that you support labor substitution as long as both the employer and employee can hush up the money involved and leave no proof.<<

    If I was judging you I would have concluded that you support what the OP is doing and wouldn't asked you what your stand is. It depends on how you understand what I said. Those NASDAQ listed companies you were referring to might have substituted labors but I am sure they wouldn't charge X dollars for giving a better PD or deduct from payroll under some other miscellaneous stuff. I am aware of what you are talking and what OP is talking and they are not the same. I don't need to explicitly tell how desi shops work with
    pre-approved labor, esp in the current situation.

    11-07 02:00 PM
    I received my AP on Nov 3 and looking at the AP doc it had an approval date of Oct 10 whereas I had "Document mailed to applicant" message on Oct 31.
    I am not sure what happened between Oct 10 and Oct 31st.

    I am sure nothing happened between that period to your papers except eating dust in USCIS mailroom.

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