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  • loku
    09-30 08:38 PM

    I am working on H1-B for sometime. My project ended 2 months ago and I had been on unpaid leave since then. My H1-B expires on Sep 30, 2009. My company applied for H1-B extension in June but got a RFE due to lack of evidence. My company replied to the RFE on Aug 28. and status has been pending since then. On Sep 19, I got an offer from another company. The new company filed for premium processing for H1-B transfer and her transfer application got approved with starting date of September 24. I joined the new company on Sep 29 but haven't notified her old employer yet.

    My immigration is underway and has got an approved I-140 from previous employer. That is the reason I didn't notify them as I don't want to stop that process. It is my intention to move back to her old employer if the visa extension is approved and the current project is finished so that I doesn't have to refile her Green card.

    Now the question is what will happen in these scenario and purportedly 'Last Action rule' of USCIS:

    1) If my Visa extension gets accepted, which VISA will hold good, the H1 ext with original employer or H1-B transferred visa with new employer ? Where should I report for work and is there anything legally I need to do before I reports to any of them ?

    2) If my Visa extension gets rejected, will my transferred VISA still hold good ? Will I need to do anything in that scenario i.e. need to go out of country and get her Visa stamped ?

    Thanks for your help and time. Please advice!!

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  • alex99
    03-12 04:46 PM
    Dear IV members:

    The information posted here would help other IV members who are looking for a Job change to negotiate the billing rates with the client/employer.

    Please post the following information if you can (not mandatory). This thread is for Information sharing only.

    Technology/SKILL SET:
    Hourly Rate/Salary per Annum:
    Year of Experience:


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  • cagedcactus
    08-24 04:14 PM
    This must be the worst immigrant experience I have heard.
    I am sorry to hear that you have to go through this. You must approach social workers' group in your local area. They will help you get proper treatment from reliable sources, and they will also appoint you a lawyer if you cant afford one.
    Dont let that loser off the hook. Despite of all emotions involved in this case, go after him hard and square. Make him pay for what he did to your daughter.
    I dont know about your GC process, for which consulting an immigration lawyer is the best thing to do, right now you have a much important issue at hand than just a green card.

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  • manja
    05-23 09:21 PM
    Yes but I was thinking, spouse and children are counted in family based visas and how exempting them will benefit EB visas. Correct me if I'm wrong. :confused:


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  • mirage
    02-24 10:57 PM
    nothing is going to happen until we come out of our fear and do something...

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  • senthil1
    07-24 10:26 PM
    If EB2 you may receive within 2 to 4 years from your PD and if EB3 then 4 to 6 years from your PD. But it will change postively if there is increase of GC temporary or permanent. It will change negatively if they increase H1b and not GC

    I've been reading a lot regarding how many people is submitting their application this month, some how after see the possible figures I feel demoralized, looks like before July 2007 all of us were having an idea of our process, then the USCIS mess appeared and now I have no idea of when I will receive the GC or if some day I will receive it.

    The USCIS just gave us the sense of advancement but in reality they did not giveus anything, just look the facts, you will have EAD and PAD, but if your I140 or I485 fail then you will be ouf of status, so many people will decide to maintain their H1B status, so why did we apply?

    Can any one elaborate or give an estimate of when will we be receiving our GC (whe nI say we I'm thinking in all the people applying under the Visa Bulletin 2007 mess).



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  • Karen
    November 13th, 2006, 10:21 AM
    Can someone tell me how to get to the button battery that runs the date/clock on a D70? I've had three cameras with the problem of having to reset the date because the clock battery was low and the screen flashes 0 on the frame counter, the camera is virtually disabled. We have had these cameras since the fall of 2004 and they all crashed within a week of each other. I read in the book that the clock battery feeds off of the battery pack, or can be charged up (three days) with the optional ac adapter.

    Also we had a problem with dust on the circuitry, dark spots showing up on images, and I had to send it to Nikon. If I need to clean that again in the future, I don't want to fry the circuitry, so any advice about that is greatly welcomed. Thank you

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  • Anshika
    08-21 11:58 PM

    Just Wanted to know if there is any bus ride from TX to DC ?


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  • imh1b
    03-08 09:04 AM
    It looks like the rumors are no more circulating of people being deported.

    There are no posts on the forum about it. So either there are no deportations now or people have realized that they were only rumors.

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  • vkmm
    01-29 12:57 PM
    I have sent you an email with my email id.

    Have you heard anything from other members yet?


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  • Dom_
    06-02 02:22 PM
    It's an XNA application, but I just can't seem to find how to just open a socket, and wait for the server to send me some data, and have a callback handle that data...
    I'm using an AsynCallback with BeginReceive on a Socket instance, but I can't seem to get it to work.

    I'm just trying to emulate the "select" function in C, or the AS3 socket events


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  • azambhatti
    01-27 09:26 PM
    Hello all,
    I am a student on an I20/M1 vis
    I have just recieved a new I20, and sent a form I 539 for extension of my I20.
    I have my old I94, I20 etc.
    It is currently under processing.
    First, is there any way they can move it to another processing center? Its in the vermont center right now, and they are still processing documents from May 2008 according to CIS website.
    Second, my original I94 is valid till 14 April 2009 but my original I20 is expired.
    My visa is 5 years(M1 valid to 2013)
    Can I go and visit my home country with the old I94(since its valid long enough) and new I20(which just got issued)??
    or do I need to wait until the processing comes through?
    thanks in advance.


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  • english_august
    09-23 10:49 AM
    I've filed for I129 but I don't yet have my I-797C, Notice of Action form with me. I do have my receipt number and I was wondering if it was possible to find out the service center based on that.

    When I check the status of my case online, it does not include any information regarding which service is processing my application.

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  • sb724
    06-26 11:49 PM
    Helo all,

    Thanks for you advises.

    Here is my case details. GC is under retrogression
    PD is 09/2005, concurrently filed both I140 and 485, AP and EAD on Dec 2004at California Center , but employer located at NJ. According to attorney as I am working in CA, he has to file at CA. Dependent's 485 is not applied and now she is in US on H4. Never used AP and EAD. Working on H1 with GC sposor employer only.
    I140 got approved in Aug 2005. Applied for 7 th year extension for me and dependent. Got approved for three years based on approved I140

    Now I want to move to Texas and want to transfer H1 to new employer using AC21. Can I relocate from CA to Texas( In ETA forms Job location is mentioned as Undecided) and can I get 3 years H1 transfer approval through new employer?

    New employer will give offer letter as Programmer Analyst with very good salary than current, but he is requesting to work as QA for some time at client place in Texas. Can I work in different job responsibilities at cleint though new employer's offer letter says Programmer Analyst with same job responsibilities mentioned in Labor?

    Please advise me


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  • ashutrip
    09-05 11:12 PM
    my gc is filed under eb3 India PD march 2007

    is it true i cant be promoted till GC comes through &

    is it true my salary cant be raised beyond a certain point

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  • ArkBird
    03-02 12:39 PM
    Put yourself in the USCIS officer's shoes and think how these 2 jobs are similar? The only similarity between both of them is these 2 jobs are in IT. That's it.



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  • jnc
    07-12 02:15 PM

    Thanks for your answers.


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  • kkrp
    04-27 06:20 PM
    I like to change my employer with my pending labor with my current employer. Last year my current employer did 1 yr extension based on pending labor. Still my current employer didn't receive 45 days Notice. But I don't have any info. about my labor. I know only priority date and USPS mail confirmation (when it reached labor dept). I sent 2 mail to H1B7YR@PHI.DFLC.US to get screen shot. But i didn't get any response.

    Can you pls help is there any other source to get Labor info.? Since without this labor info. my new employer can't transfer my H1B.

    Please help and share your experience ASAP.


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  • sledge_hammer
    02-08 10:00 AM
    Are you in touch with your dad now? If not, you'll have to get back in touch with him, sort out your issues, and then maybe you'll both reconcile and he'll get an immigration lawyer to help you with your green card.

    If you're already back with your dad, then consult an immigration lawyer immediately.

    How long has it been since the appointment date? I'm not an expert, but if you don't show up to the appointment then your file is considered abandoned.

    HI IM 17 years old my dad applied for my green card and it been 3 years i still did not get it they had sent me to go get my fingerprint taken but i had ran away home and missed the appointment date my sister just got her approval.please can someone help or advise me im almost done with school and i wanna attend college and get a job

    05-03 04:22 AM
    Thanks for the reply. Are you liberty to disclose your attorney's name ?

    07-06 09:11 PM
    Same thing...

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