Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • swamy
    12-12 10:02 PM
    that IV will loose members if we force a fee. I beg to ask what other choices you have? Enlighten me. please..........

    We already have chapters as the first and foremost source of valuable information. Once someone becomes involved and committed, they will signup for monthly contributions themselves. If we have enough of that to guarantee a decent source of recurring income like 20 40 k or whatevr, I dont see the need to deprive some depressed soul surfing the net looking for some reassuring information from having to goto bed in peace.

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  • Meghna
    07-17 02:42 PM
    I understand DREAM act is not related to EB issues. What I meant was, just like how DREAM act is being added to an unrelated bill, we should work on adding things like 'unlimited STEM visas' and 'recapture unused numbers' to other bills and get them passed.

    IV core will need lot of support to do accomplish this, hope at least some of the folks who got into IV because of the july fiasco contribute funds.

    We should talk to the senators...and contribute funds
    Lets ask 1v if its ready for the challenge to lobby for the unused visa numbers.

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  • morchu
    04-25 08:10 PM
    Understood. Now you want all H1 L1 B1 everything to be stopped. So lets vote only for EAD/AP/GC till you get your GC. After that US should stop GC also, right? (but ofcourse, naturalization still should remain open for a few more years).

    If one person can work for your job at $8/hr, and you are charging $100/hr, market would adjust itself to $8/hr (for a moment forget about who does this $8/hr, it can be a high-school kid, or anybody).The only reason why somebody blames that $8/hr kid for loosing his job is because he "thinks" he is "superior" to that kid. There are many situations where companies decide to retain "fresh college grads" and layoff "senior experienced" persons, to save money.

    Don't take me wrong, but I also think the L1 is mis-used a bit. But I personally think the mis-usage comes from other factors (like H1 unavailability, employer prefer L1 because employee cannot change to another employer in L1, other H1 restrictions) etc..

    .....I wish this bill passes with full effect

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  • fanaah
    01-17 12:02 PM
    COunt me in ....


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  • abhijitp
    12-03 07:03 PM
    I just thought I will play the devil's advocate.

    It could be that $100 or $50 is a big amount for people. Maybe people do not make $80K a year, just half of that (there are may H1Bs like that). Micro-payments may be a better option for some people. Do we want to disallow those contributions as well? People who want to pay will pay and people who do not want to pay will not pay. I guess we just have to make sure that we donot deny the people who want to pay but cannot. :)

    I am willing to go along with monthly payments as there seems to be a consensus on this forum that it is the best option.


    This has been discussed umpteen number of times, but I am going to share a personal experience here (shared once already on a similar thread).

    For the last state chapter (Diwali Mela) event in North CA we were accepting ANY AMOUNT for a contribution, but were suggesting $25 or $50.

    How many contributed? About 20 from a state chapter that boasts of 150+ members.

    The fact is, people do one of the following:
    1. look at the recommended amount and contribute that amount (most of our donors were $25, and a few paid $50)
    2. pay a high $ amount simply because (s)he is convinced he wants to help as much as possible! (Most of the volunteers for the event paid $50 or more, and three of them paid $90/$100 each)
    3. DO NOT pay, no matter what, as they are not convinced it will help reduce their waiting time

    One more time... IV is not turning anyone away. If you can only contribute $10 a month, please feel free to paypal it yourself to donations at

    Like the squirrel who helped Lord Rama construct the bridge (sorry for making this a slightly "Indian" post, but can't think of a better analogy) every small bit is going to help IV, and will be most appreciated!

    However, the bridge to the GC is a long one, and our Lord Rama (IV) needs thousands of hard-working and contributing monkeys to make it a reality:D

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  • shreekarthik
    01-31 12:43 PM
    it is good indeed. but i just happened to visit and it says this news "no more labor subs" is just a rumor of the day.

    can u provide a link. This rule is bad for AILA because of the loss of revenue and hence they were against it. But since this is in the "Final Rule Making" process there's not much they can do. BTW u don't need to have the I140 approved for the LC sub to go thru. U just need the labor substitution approved stamp before the rule gets published.


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  • jasonalbany
    04-29 09:45 PM

    I just did my second contribution. Hopefully, we can meet the goal by May 1st. Good job!!!

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  • krishna.ahd
    02-06 08:35 AM
    I completely agree with Logiclife and the goals IV has setforth to solve our problems. There is only so much one can achieve with limited resources under which IV operates.
    We need to have a set of priorities and work on that one step at time. Though I have not been to DC, I can understand what IV is going through to get us some relief. The least I can do is contribute for our cause and thats what I am doing right now.
    I wish people had some common sense and better understanding of the bigger picture(& issues) before they get involved in finger pointing and asking for more.
    Everyone, please be patient and support IV whole heartedly and financially so that we can atleast attempt to fix the broken immigration system. Though I am VERY optimistic that we will achieve our goals in the near future, but I would not regret even once, if we failed. It is better to try and fail than not give it a shot at all.
    I fully agree , stay focused on the agreed agenda for now.

    Ideal world or Dream World , one may wish to have GC along with SSN card itself , but reality right now fix is needed for the broken system called retro.


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  • forever_waiting
    04-22 09:14 PM
    Cmon dude. We expect a better example to back up your argument.
    The example you state is a violation of anyone's civil rights...leave alone an immigrant.
    To use your example, no one is "raping" the applicant by imposing a per-country limit on your green card application and making you wait a few years while you work in the country and enjoy all civil rights.

    Congress used the power given to them by the Constitution to frame Immigration laws and they created a formula for regulation. Per-country limit is that formula which they had the constitutional right to create in order to uphold the balance of immigration in their country. Getting a GC is not anyone's right..its a privelege bestowed based on the applicant meeting certain criteria which includes quotas, as per the country's laws. There is NO civil rights impact. You are getting your green card in the end...only problem is they are making you wait 10 years because of that formula. But none of your civil rights are being impinged upon. So we should work to change flawed law and the formula rather than try to muddle the issue with civil rights. No matter what extreme example you give, you will still never be able to prove that your civil rights were impinged because you are having to wait for 10 years in a legal queue while your application is pending.

    Don't get caught up trying to defend a stance no matter how irrelevant it may be. Its better we focus our time and effort on more achievable and valid provisions.
    Good Luck to you.

    They used the power. No problem. But how?

    Let me quote an extreme example.

    If they make a law saying, a foreign woman may be raped at port of entry in exchange for citizenship, will it stand?

    NOW do you see the connection between immigration and civil rights?

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  • ash0210
    03-09 11:48 AM
    Looking at discussion going on here, its sure that IV have financial problems & only 5% (of total 8000 members) are contributing for the cause. Now, if we restrict IV website for "paid" visits, dont you think that IV membership is reduced by 95% to only 400 paying members?

    Instead of making "Paid" web site, I think Moderators needs to delete derogatory posts & block such userids.


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  • qplearn
    11-16 01:28 PM
    How can people write this kind of information. Even I have come through and Indian company and I used to pay all taxes here which includes, Federal, Social, State etc.,

    This should end. People here should know that we are paying all taxes. And we are paying Social Security tax as well. Because of retrogression we don't yet know if we would get our green card. We still pay for it and we don't take a dime of it if we have to go back to India.

    We are helping the elders to have regular pay and this is what we hear? If there is a way as our friend said we should confront this legally.
    Rather we should worry about how to get SKIL passed. This guy from the Hudson institute is a nutcase like Lou Dobbs. Can we sue CNN? Don't get me wrong, my blood too boils when I read such nonsense. But getting emotional doesn't help.

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  • hydboy77
    04-15 01:11 PM
    Is it correct to say only nebraska Service center is issuing the rfe because they are pre adjudicating while Texas service center is not issuing rfe because they are not pre adjudicating 485. A vast majority of people getting rfe on 485 (95% or more) are from nebraska Service center.


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  • snvlgopal
    03-30 02:56 PM
    Recently i got 3 LUD's on Feb 26, March 27 and today March 30

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  • sanjay
    10-07 11:41 AM
    Well, it doen't make sense to buy any kind of property any where in universe now as they are all coming down. Some already had and some are near to the situation.

    I agree with your point. So, wait for some more time. Right now most important thing is to hold your money tight. When you have a job market highly volatile, most important thing is to have money in hand for bad time (I pray to GOD that no one get to see this time).


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  • pappu
    01-30 09:45 AM
    This is good news..But the Damage is already been the past.....

    I guess DOL had some 300K cases pending when Backlog center started..It adjudicated some 150K till now.( Rough Estimate) and still 150 K left.

    Even if considering 10000 Labors been substituted till now ...Imagine the wait period for rest of us. I wish this law was enacted, when they started Backlog centers..

    Anyway..something is better than nothing....Hope for the Best...for new laws regarding SKIL,CIR Etc..atleast filing 485 when Visa numbers are not available..

    These are small regulations that agencies can do. But even for such changes, the time period to get it done is very long (several months to a year). At least DOL woke up and acted. It will still leave a door open for sellers to stay happy and able to substitute labor. However it is not easy to find a buyer of a LC in 45 days.

    All these are small problems compared to retrogression. Labor substitution rule will not get any visible or any noticeable relief to us. We will continue to stay retrogressed and wait for another 10-15 years for our greencards. It is important for us to contnue to fight to end retrogression by getting a legislative change done. As long as members are there to support IV, the organization will use every means to get relief measures for all of us. The coming months are crucial to our struggle. We need to stay united and continue the effort of making this organization a formidable force on the hill. IV members writing negative comments on various forums or feel disheartened should know that to get even a smallest job done is not easy. They are not only harming the whole effort and making anti immigrants happy, but also harming themselves by hurting this cause. Sometimes it is sad to read such negatve comments when you know how hard it is to work with limited time, resources, manpower and lack of much needed motivation in members.

    BTW In our recent efforts we did give anti-immigrants shivers down their spine. It can be seen from their posts on their sites and also the hate mails they write on our forum and send to core members. You dont see a lot of it because we moderate posts. We are not scared of anyone. All this has only made our resolve stronger to fight it out and fix the system.

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  • prashantc
    02-03 12:35 AM
    When I was asked to resubmit documents after the interview (via drop box), the consulate said they will need 6-8 working days from the date of receipt of the latter. They indeed took only 7 working days.

    Also, I believe they must already have done PIMS verification in my case since they asked for additional info 16 days after the interview. So in total it took them 29 days ( incl weekends)

    In your case, it doesnt seem they got enough time to do PIMS. It is hard to
    estimate the delays.

    Good luck though will be fine.

    Following is my case....please help me make a decision on whether to see this through or not submit passport and just travel back on AP...

    Chennai consulate H1. (transfer from F1-OPT-H1).

    January 2nd - date of visa interview. Asked for additional info - 221g because I have a Phd in biology

    January 6th - submitted additional information. research. publications etc.

    February 1st (friday afternoon)- status updated to 'send passport' on chennai consulate website.

    My concerns are -

    1. How long does it take VFS to return passport, if I submit passport on Monday, February 4th?

    2. Would I still have to go through the PIMS verification or should I assume the consulate has already done this because they have asked me to submit passport?

    Please help if you can. I have already rescheduled my tickets twice...


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  • shree772000
    10-09 04:46 PM
    You are right on - most of conversations/analysis on RE market in India (especially Hyderabad which I am familiar with) center around how NRI/IT employee money has spurred the prices. its a big urban legend. Majority of these "investments" were with black money - corrupt govt employees, local businessmen, and politicians of all parties, and ultra rich actors. They saw a chance in converting their black money into white and pumped up into RE projects as "investments". I saw a report somewhere which said that these black-money transactions can account for atleast 33% of RE transactions in hyderabad (with another 1/3 coming from companies/FII's and only the other 1/3 from NRI's + local rich professionals like IT employees/doctors/lawyers etc). In the apartment and SF homes market most of the projects are in the mid-way thru completion -with majority of apartment projects scheduled to complete in 2009-11. During that time there will be abundant apartments with not many people living in them - expect to see rental prices go down even more.

    Of course these investors would eventually try to cash their assets - and deman vs supply equations change dramatically to drag down prices. In addition to this - the current global economic conditions are bad (to put it very mildly) - the argument that it will not touch India may not be correct. Our economy is a lot smaller than other economies like US/europe and depend a lot on those economies - more financial companies bankruptsies would affect IT companies revenues. Also there were direct investments from some of the failed companies in India - for example Lehman Bros had a investment in one of apartment project in Hyderabad. Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, etc. all have tie ups with RE companies with huge "promised" investments. Now that they themselves are in trouble - dont think that they would venture into indian RE market anymore - this can also potentially drag down prices.

    I could be wrong (was saying that this would happen for last one year - it didnt happen so far ;)) - but I think buying an apartment/house in Hyderabad/Bangalore/Chennai now in 2008 as an "investment" is not a great idea. If the buy is to live there - then its another matter (I never look at my home as an investment - its more of a life style choice whether in India or in US).

    On the same note.... On my last trip to India, Hyd specifically...I went around and asked some people I knew for an estimate on a property...I saw people just pulled the numbers out of thin air. I donno how they came to the number, there was nothing to track the real value, like revenue records etc.

    I think this also causes the bubble we are seeing, as some people who have cash and are willing to pay may buy it at that price and that will cause people to think that its actually worth that much.

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  • willigetagc
    08-26 12:26 PM
    Why cannot they just say it?. Why can’t they say that it will take 2 days to 22 days or 222 days to transfer the amount?, if someone needs to send money due to an emergency, they do it thinking that the money will be transferred in two or three days, a week maybe…

    Beats me! I don't know why they (the indians) do that. They make agressive promises and then fail to meet them. They should adopt the US business style of promising results in 5-7 business days and then deliver in 3-4 days. It then becomes the customer's headache to plan accordingly and they (the customers) are in fact delighted to get the work done in 3-4 days.

    (Never mind the fact that the work would actually take them less than 1-2 bus day ;))

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  • Nid2009
    03-10 05:21 PM
    Thanks for the numbers. Are these numbers including Depdent also or only Primary applicatnt. Also, they are only 485-Pending cases or I-140 approved also included.

    04-02 09:38 PM
    I agree with this part. The moment employer knows that job offer is no longer valid, he should withdraw h1. Since he did not do that, it would work agsinst him.

    Dol only understands two dates approval date and date of withdrawal.

    To me this employer looks more stu**d than evil.

    09-17 11:23 AM
    audio is not clear at all

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