Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • rameshk75
    08-19 01:55 PM
    Congrats and n'joy the life...i understand your anxiety and you deserve it...

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  • kdprasad
    07-11 11:22 AM
    I think one very serious point in favor of filing now is if you do not file, and the lawsuit is successful in about a year and a half as they say and your PD hasn't become current by then, it puts everyone who filed in July ahead of you and this might cause the USCIS to retrogress visa numbers to such an extent that it would take ten years for your PD to get current again. Would this be a correct assessment?

    Where did you get the information that it would take a year and half. Is it just a guess!!!

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  • walking_dude
    11-14 02:42 PM
    Keeping our differences on Alexander asides :), thanks for doing the right thing. I greatly appreciate you doing it though you don't live in Michigan.

    I totally agree with you on this hypocrite Lou Dobbs and also admire your determination and sticking to your views. I too belive that we can make a change if we are determined. I have written my views to the radio station eventhough I don't listen to that channel as I live somewhere far. I hate to side track the issue but I couldn't control my self to accept that Alexander was great( that apprears in your posts) I stongly belive that he was not great but was a coward (I came to conclusion after reviewing the history)

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  • imh1b
    01-21 01:37 PM
    Anti immigration group targets all of the immigration. You can see numbersusa website. There are 2 reasons for the hate towards H1b and L1 program. Fraud and abuse is more in H1b. 20% was found by USCIS. Many fear it could be more. Mainly Indian bodyshopping and consulting companies are main reason. Another reason is many fear that H1b and L1 program is main reason outsourcing. Many big companies laid off US workers and did outsourcing to cut cost and they were asked to give Knowledge transfer to the onsite resources (those who are H1b or L1). Number of jobs in High skilled are very less (may be 2%) compared to low skilled in US. So they think 65k is more in percentage terms. US congress expects that H1b should be used only when no US Workers available. That is the reason there is no support at all at congress to increase H1b Cap. When they put a H1b restriction for TARP companies it was passed uniamously. So if we need EB reform just we need to disassociate or take neutral stand on H1b. They cannot remove H1b as it was with WTO.


    Stop coming and posting in disguise. Don't you have anything better to do in life. Go learn some skills and find a real job. If you think your posts will do anything to us, you are mistaken. We will hate you guys more for your xenophobia


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  • pdakwala
    04-10 11:25 AM
    We have long way to go. People please contribute. If you are thinking that senate is on two week recess so nothing is going to happen then you are wrong.

    Senate republicans will be working hard to come up with something that addressess the immigration problem. Senate republicans know that border security and immigration is an important issue and they just can not ignore it. So please contribute.

    When you get GC your whole family will get benifit. Family of 4 contributing $100 to immigration voice means that per person you have contributed only $25.00. PLEASE BE GENERIOUS AND CONTRIBUTE ON BEHALF OF YOUR FAMILY TOO.

    If you are single, please tell your friends to contribute too. Please remember that your success depends on how much you contribute. Don't wait for last minute.

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  • logiclife
    04-29 08:21 PM
    Its probably around 102K but please check the "Action alerts" button on the homepage for the latest everyday.



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  • santb1975
    07-02 01:12 AM
    Hopefully someone from all the complainants in this forum will spearhead this initiative and hopefully there will be people out there that will stand up for themselves and join this pool

    If IV can outline how it is going to help, that would really make many people come out of the shelves. However, though we talk so much, people are still scared to identify themselves against the employer. However, they may be ready to outline everything against the specific employer as an anonymous person. we got to deal with a situation where people are ready but anonymously. How can we handle this.

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  • kubmilegaGC
    09-14 11:25 PM
    where is the poll at?

    We were approved on 9/2.
    Had opened an SR on 8/25 and had sent an email to TSC streamline on 9/1

    Poll is NOW live - if you have used "OTHER MEANS" let us know by writing on this thread. Thanks so much!


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  • smuggymba
    01-21 10:10 AM
    How a consulting firm will control the work for 3 years for a client in advance, this is called subcontracting of work not consulting.

    The plan is to start the selective targetting at some point and then work all the way up.

    I'm surprised there is no opposition to jobs that illegals take and Green Card lottery.

    People are only after people who make more money. Jelousy. That's it.

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  • kumarc123
    01-11 10:30 AM
    IV core team is very active and working hard. Just because we do not see their posts on the forum does not mean they are not active. Aman Kapoor or Waldenpond- IV founder is very much active and working hard on this mission despite having his greencard. We have regular daily discussions as a team and he is one person I have seen who sleeps, drinks and live this effort all the time. He has spent his personal money to travel to DC and still takes time off from work to travel to DC on regular basis. Likewise there are others who are committed to this effort and are working hard on the tasks assigned to them. You see me most of the time writing on the forum because in the core team, this is the task assigned to me. I communicate with members. If we have everyone posting on the forum, it will not be a good use of our limited time off work on daily basis. Also know that IV is not forums. Just by writing on the forums, nothing ever gets done on the hill. There are several tasks that we have to do in this advocacy effort to get something done. You can see more regular updates on the donor forum on what we do behind the scenes. It takes lot of effort, commitment and patience to be active in this effort because results are not immediate or guaranteed. But with our efforts we have have had our successes and we are positive about the future successes. The key is to be consistent, persistent and passionate about this advocacy work. We need to understand that we as an organization represent hundreds of thousands of people suffering due to the broken immigration system despite following all the rules and being legal in this country. This long wait has caused lot of pain and suffereing in people's lives and careers. Everyday we feel the pressure of hopes of thousands of our members who look upto us with some ray of light. As leaders of this organization we carry this responsibility bravely every day on our shoulders and feel motivated from the support of our members and the passion we have for this cause.

    Why dont you organize a rally, we will contribute and be their for the rally. We need to do something ASAP. I humbly request you and other core members to organize a rally and pick one day for sending flowers to either white house or USCIS. Also we can balck out our personal information and send our transcripts as well.

    Please organize a date, how about February14th, we will get more attention. Love for permanent residency, media will like the idea and broadcast it.


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  • Ramba
    10-10 03:17 PM
    Which bank offers best interest rate for fixed deposit in india.?
    What is treasury bond?? How could we invest in it?

    Check here

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  • getgreensoon1
    04-20 11:33 AM
    Hey Bel -

    Quite honestly I think the best value from an MBA is derived from the timing, i.e. where one is in his / her career. I had a B Com (Accounting) from University of Sydney, an American CPA, combined with 10 years of work experience whilst enrolling for the MBA. I knew ahead, the curriculum wasn't going to bring added technical knowledge, however, it did bring some new ways of approaching the business community. Having the opportunity to sit in a class room and share / hear experiences from some of the successful executives does broaden the thought process. The program also helps build / expand the network. Again, I didn't feel I learnt something groundbreaking on the technical aspects of accounting / financial analysis, or the everyday business etc, but I wouldn't say it was completely useless. Plus for some reason, the "tag" does help.

    BTW, I'm not sure the background of those who provided you feedback. My sentiments are shared at least by 3 good friends. One is a Wharton Alum and the other two, from University of Toronto. All of whom had at least 14 years of work experience, and were Canadian Chartered Accountants at the time of enrollment. The feedback could vary depending on the backgrounds.

    May be that is the reason you took offense when people commented on Bcom thing. An MBA is valuable only if your bachelors degree is valuable. Many people have this wrong notion that it does not matter what you have in your bachelors, if you get an MBA everything is all set. Companies need engineer + MBA combination. Very few companies hire MBAs for accounting work. DOn't confuse accounting with finance, they are different. I can tell you that for sure, as i work in finance.

    Contents of MBA also matter, most people take easy way out by taking all bluff management, marketing and strategy courses. Very few take the hardcore finance courses such as derivatives, fixed income, and valuations (these courses could differ in level of difficulty based on school).


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  • DSLStart
    09-17 01:24 PM
    Why not? I know Bill clinton was hooked up to some Indian restaurants in DC/NVA.

    Decent Indian restaurants in DC?? Are you kidding me? :p

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  • Lollerskater
    09-17 02:33 PM
    LOL king strikes again!


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  • EkAurAaya
    11-02 10:54 AM
    1) We can go back; need not pretend if we think we have the brains
    2) If you go "your GC misery is over". After that "A new beginning for you and this society"
    3) If you don't go back you don't lose credibility. You just prove that you want to live here no matter what. Eveyone has the right to make his choice based on what works out well for him/her
    4) For those who voted "yes" I think they know what they want in life and why they are here. No matter what the conditions are here or anywhere they will make the right choices instead of expecting someone else to control their lives.

    The counter point is "Lobbying is not the only path to our freedom and independence"

    Like you mentioned pointing out people and there posts is not required ( if you think that is a smart threat and expect people to backoff) because everyone can search every post of the other person if they want to do so.


    I am not against IV and its goals or against any views or opinions of people. It is a free world, but if we want to pay a price for that we can do so in many ways. e.g. Waiting for GC.

    I don't think you will understand this but i will give a simple explanations...

    it is not easy for people to pack up and leave when you have family/kids assimilating in the system (forget your "status" for a minute - people living here don't want to move to a different town (forget state) because their kids are in school) <<< this has nothing to do with how brainy you are (in fact it will be stupid to just pack up and leave). Oh and not to forget... i want SS/Medicare when i retire, i paid for it ;)

    However I can guarantee you 80% (if not 100%) of IV members with PD < 2004 would have return if they had to restart the process of GC (too late for that we all have 485 applied and AC21 is around the corner ;))

    And to answer your question about brain drain... it will happen if immigration is not fixed, if it takes 10-15 years to immigrate then people with naturally opt to get out of here before they are neck deep (like us 7-10 years) in the system.

    But really Please Please Please do set an example by going back for good... I already explained the net result of you going back in my previous post ;)

    Request: Mods I think this stupid thread does not belong here, please delete it... gjoe can take his agenda some place else to rally some support (perhaps in some anti-immigrant website).

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  • sk2006
    08-19 02:21 PM
    Finally I am a US citizen after being 10+ years in this country. This is one of my biggest fulfillments and it means everything to me. US is just not home anymore for me, it is my country.

    I wish everyone the best and hope they get GC very soon.

    Proud to be an indian-american and legal immigrant.

    Good Luck!

    Please stay politically active and vote in every election.
    God bless America.


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  • krishnam70
    06-17 02:24 PM
    Thanks guys for the moral support and quick responses.

    More details are as follows:

    1. This accident occurred in 18 months back in CA
    2. We were going on high way and suddenly the car infront of me came to a sudden halt and as I didn't had any reaction time, even though I applied brakes I went and rammed into the van in front of me, which in turn hit the car infront (like a ripple effect) and totally 8 cars were involved in that collision.
    3. So at first we thought it is entirely my fault as I was coming at 50s and I rear ended the care which inturn created this ripple effect.
    4. But the actual scenario is, the van infront of me came to halt, as it rear ended the car infront of it and due to which the other car hit the one infront.

    So already one accident happened and I caused one more and as mine was a 11 seater and coming at 50s the impact was high and involved in 8 cars.
    All this happened within in mins or secs, I would say

    --> --> --> --> --> --> --> -->
    Myself car1 car2 car3 car4 car5 car6 car7

    In the above pictorial representation,
    a) car 1 hit car2 which in turn hit car3 (1st impact)
    b) Myself hit car1 again which ripple effected all the way upto car7 (2nd one)

    I was the only person injured and and had to be hospitalized with bi-lateral hip fractures and right knee fractures and was out of work for 4 months.Luickly my insurance covered most of the amount thats been charged(around 300K)

    Finally I recovered to a great extent and out of blue gets a lawsuit from the owner of car3 against myself, Car1 and car2.

    BTW, insurance determined that my fault is 80% as I caused the greater collision and they paid the property damages for all the cars involved.

    As per the lawsuit, seems car3 drivers spouse had herniated disc due to this accident and are expecting $200,000 for future treatment

    So they are claiming the following:
    3 milliion for : other damages(emotional etc.....) --> This is BS. You can file a counter. They are already quoting 200k for future treatment and other amt for lost wages.
    200,0000 for: future treatment
    50,000 for: lost wages

    Thats is what the story of my life :(

    Hope this gives u more details to provide me with more suggestions.

    3 milliion for : other damages(emotional etc.....) --> This is BS. You can file a counter. They are already quoting 200k for future treatment and other amt for lost wages. Its just a lawyer thingy to throw some mud and see if it sticks. I do not think that 200k is warranted for the treatment of a herniated disc but your insurance will take care of it so no worries.

    As suggested by all the folks here, this is a civil case and wil have no bearing on your GC. However if you don't respond you will be held liable so get a good attorney and respond to those charges. If you run away to India most certainly it will become a criminal case and you will most probably end up never be able to return here or since this involves injury to an american citizen the embassy/consulate may pursue you further even when you return back to india.

    1. If you decide to contest it, try to see if your attorney can invoke any procedure to get previous medical condition of the other party. This is to verif y if the injury/condition they are seeking damages for are a result of this accident or they had a history.

    2. Try to get details about their occupation and see if there are any occupational hazards that can cause this condition due to it. Although it can be circumstantial its worth a try.

    I know patient/doctor relation is privileged but if the law enforcement is requesting medical condition of a patient then there might be a provision to get that info. California however is totally different ball game..

    Good luck my friend. Hope you pass through this difficult time

    Here is a link from the injured person's attorney's point of view.. The key to winning a case is to find the weak points in the oppositions case and drive hard on it. This is not to say the other person was not injured or anything but the blood sucking claim for 3 MILL is what pisses me off.. believe me I was a person who was injured in an accident for no fault of mine and I am still fighting the case for lost wages and medical expenses only for 13 years now. Its a different matter that it is not in USA. I won the case in lower court but a counter was filed in higher court by the insurance company and its still going on.

    Life goes on despite that. Have faith and hope and things will be better as time passes. Worst case you can file bankruptcy and throw up your hands.


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  • a1b2c3
    04-30 02:26 PM
    thanks a lot for the nice info. appreciate all the pointers. I know its all miles away but if it were not for some issues I am dealing with I would not have taken active interest in this. amazes me.record #s from mexico? nearly 232k vs 62k from india in 2008.

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  • sledge_hammer
    04-19 02:43 PM
    I work for a small growing company that is reporting losses for the last 2-3 years, but I still got my PERM and I-140 approved based on the fact that the company's asset value is way more than my salary.

    Hi Folks,

    I hope you could share your experiences if you belong to the same situation.

    I have an approved EB2 labor cert thru PERM, and I belong to ROW. I am now preparing to file I-140 and I-485 concurrently.

    I just saw my petitioner's(S-corporation) federal tax return. Gross revenue is $700,000; Net income is $20,000 which is only a quarter of my current wage. The offered wage per my labor cert is $80,000.

    Do I have a big chance of denial in the I-140 stage due to employer's inability to pay? Please advise.


    09-17 12:56 PM
    Is this a good sign or bad sign for HR 5882? -

    She did withdraw! I think we'll go on to the next bill.

    05-24 02:04 PM
    Most of the people still survive and overcome the restrictions and stay here. Still Indian IT depends on US market. No country come to the level of US yet in technology. Companies will easily find a way for all those. Impact is not for country or Corporations but for future H1b aspirants

    QUOTE=diptam]Say how many will be Forced to Leave after it passes ??? Remember we are kicked out now -- we will circle back with them after 3-4 years at low cost high tech hubs like Bangalore/Shanghai !!!![/QUOTE]

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