Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • dccorona
    Apr 5, 01:14 PM
    Leave the jailbreak community alone Apple!! What is your ****ing problem??? Can't we just coexist???:mad:

    compared to sony, apple is damn near supporting the jailbreak community

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  • GCRoberts
    Apr 7, 01:25 PM
    I see the short sighted Apple pom-pom shakers are once again giddy with excitement. The juvenile remarks are embarrassing.

    For some strange reason you think monopolies are good for consumers.

    I think there is more going on here with many of us Apple supporters. We have already watched Apple lose out to Microsoft in the 80's when Apple clearly had the better products. Thirty years later we still suffer through a Microsoft dominated world while Apple STILL has better products. Yes, we can buy Macs for home, but we go to the office and have to sit in front of MicroCrap software. You have to suspect that there will be a huge winner in this new market as well and we desperately want it to be Apple this time around! Will this mean that Apple will become the company that makes crappy products while the little guys create genius.....possibly.....but with decades of a pretty damn good track record.....our money is on Apple to continue to innovate no matter how much market share they own.

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  • kirk26
    Aug 3, 12:17 PM
    New thread for a new rumor? Page 1 or 2? :D

    Yes, It's about time MacRumors puts rumors on the front page. This has been misguided as of late.

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  • j26
    Nov 22, 05:52 AM
    Not in the UK it isn't. It's very difficult to get a new contract without a phone.

    It's easy enough to get a Pay-as-you-go sim card. You can get a contract sim card easily enough, but then again if you're getting a free phone you might as well - then you can hang on to it and use it as a backup if something goes wrong with your main one.

    The high price of a sim-free phone is a bummer though.

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  • macindork
    Apr 22, 10:24 AM
    Citation needed.

    Even our Active-Active cluster boxes have redundant power supplies plugged into seperate electrical circuits and wired to independant UPSes, never mind our Active-Passive cluster solutions...

    The fact is, most data centers do go for maximum redundancies without single points of failure on the hardware side.

    When you have a massively parallele solution with custom software that is built to run on non-redundant hardware like Google built with their search engine, yeah, you can afford to skimp on hardware. They don't care if 1 node out of their 10000 fails, and the software doesn't see the impact. But that 1 specialised custom application is not an industry standard and is far from the norm in building data centers.

    The fact is, the Xserve wasn't selling well and it had all the server features. A rackable Mac Pro would sell even less to those Xserve buyers. Forget redundant power supplies if you don't believe in them, just lack of LOM or hot-swap drives is a killer by itself.

    And seriously, Thunderbolt ? Host based storage ? Forget that, to get into my data center, you need multi-path Fiber Channel. Thank god at least Apple recognizes that and offers the option on the Mac Pro. Thunderbolt is not a SAN technology and it's not replacing SANs anytime soon. I don't want to manage hundreds of storage arrays for each hosts. I want to manage 1 unified storage array and then present LUNs to my hosts as needed. That way, I get better distribution of my existing storage and can even manage some over-provisionning depending on the technology I use.

    A lot of people here never worked with enterprise-grade systems. A rackable Mac Pro would at best be used as someone else stated, to rack along video/audio equipement in a studio. Not to rack into a data center.

    I work for a school district and even we go for redundant PS when possible, especially on our ESX boxes. Believe it or not though we are still gigabit to our SAN and while Fiber Channel may be awesome in this scenario do you not think Thunderbolt would have the throughput for say, a DAS box? Then again, we aren't as demanding in our environment. ESX is nice in this way because its all of our servers (well, almost all virtualized) and one Equallogic.

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  • AidenShaw
    Mar 29, 02:33 PM
    I am stuck in a limbo where I want the phone for everything that it does except the phone part...

    Why in limbo? The "phone part" of the Iphone is widely acknowledged to be craptastic.

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  • MacFly123
    Mar 30, 04:06 AM
    No offense taken, but seriously how is the web interface to my digital locker so offensive?

    screenshot (

    Not that I'd normally be accessing my media via a desktop website. That's why Amazon also offer a nice and visually friendly ( app for your mobile devices :).

    I'm not going to give a full critique to Amazon's UI and UX design, but when you look at Apple's UIs and Apple's apps next to these Amazon one's do you not notice a major difference in simplicity, fit and finish, and polish???

    I'm not saying you can't use the Amazon stuff, but Apple has powerfully demonstrated many times over now for years, that user experience and beautiful design ABSOLUTELY DOES make a big impact!

    Take a look at the UI of iBooks, or the new iMovie and Garage Band, or Contacts, or all of the iWork apps on iPad, etc. etc. BEAUTIFUL UIs and very creative, cultural, simplistic and elegant! Also WebOS has some beautiful UI design.

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  • surf2snow1
    Mar 28, 11:31 AM
    Not cool. Coming from an iPhone 3GS, I seriously don't want to wait.

    Same here, my wife wanted to upgrade her phone so she got the iPhone 4. I wanted to hold out for the white then decided to wait until the iPhone 5 came out. Guess I gotta wait a little while longer and HOPE the 5 is worth it!

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  • Watabou
    Apr 23, 04:44 PM
    That is awesome. I can't wait for a Retina display Macbook Pro. Yeah!

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  • ender land
    Apr 10, 09:16 AM
    As for the math, the equation is ambiguous. Another set of parentheses would help.

    It's ambiguous in the same way 1 + 1 = ?? is ambiguous.

    (the answer could be 2, or 10, or plenty of other answers if you make different assumptions other than what is stated in the unknown equation)

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  • asdf542
    Mar 28, 10:31 AM
    Exactly. That's the main reason in my mind this rumour holds any weight.

    If anything there are more Verizon customers waiting for the iPhone 5 than those who bought the iPhone 4. If they DON'T release the iPhone 5 this year there will be pissed off Verizon AND AT&T customers.

    Verizon customers who waited for the iPhone but didn't want to buy an 'old' phone when a new one was coming out in a few months and AT&T customers who are looking to upgrade.

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  • aliensporebomb
    Apr 25, 11:46 AM
    If the Android phones are being tracked at every minute, then why couldn't they find my friends' phone that was stolen out of her desk at her workplace?

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  • nutmac
    Apr 21, 04:18 PM
    I would say make it even smaller.

    Mac Pro should be based on Mac mini, but with a choice of i7 or Xeon CPU, 6 user-serviceable memory slots, 2-3 expansion slots, and choice of 256 or 512 GB SSD. Complemented by multiple Thunderbolt port, external Superdrive, and Apple's own 5-bay DAS.

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  • drakino
    Apr 5, 01:48 PM
    Leave the jailbreak community alone Apple!! What is your ****ing problem??? Can't we just coexist???:mad:

    Not in the current form. Jailbreaking is possible only due to exploits discovered in iOS and it's supporting boot code. It would be irresponsible for Apple to ignore these exploits, as they leave the products vulnerable to other attacks. Apple wants to sell the iPhone and iPad in the enterprise market as well, and would much prefer to be secure enough to do so. Jailbreaking can also open the device to even more exploits, unless the end user doing the hack fully comprehends what is being done.

    As others pointed out, this is Apple simply asking Toyota to stop. Toyota was publicly supporting jailbreaking, and this could lead to more people attempting it. When something goes wrong, the less tech savvy people may wander into an Apple store to try and fix the problem. By tying up the support people, it causes other legitimate customers to wait longer, leading to dissatisfaction all around.

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  • hugothomsen
    Apr 25, 11:17 AM
    Well, I think it's great - I have just been able to track business mileage accurately, even when I have lost the exact date and route - I also can retrace my steps from that holiday 8 months ago where I went to a really nice place and forgot the name of it.

    I am not too worried about anyone stealing my phone or laptop and accessing my data - I can remote wipe my phone and my laptop is fairly secure with the StorageVault and complex passwords.

    If I against any presumption should be so interesting that someone would steal my Apple gear and throw a lot of resource into finding out when and how often I have been to the pub, well good luck to ya.

    It is however an excellent opportunity for Apple to build in a history feature in the maps so you can see where you were - and then implement a paranoia option in a later revision of the iOS that shuts down logging altogether - then all you important folk out there that do so important things that it would be disastrous if you were tracked doing them should be happier.

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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 22, 12:40 AM
    Not gonna happen And I hope it doesn't.

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  • GuitarDTO
    Mar 28, 10:58 AM
    I think 2012 makes perfect sense for the iPhone 5. The 4 is still amazing and doesnt need a processor bump at the moment. Plus, I think the biggest thing, Apple wants to include 4G/LTE in the device. There is no point in releasing a 5 with just a processor bump unless it includes 4G, and my guess is they need a little more time polishing up the 4G device. The next iPhone could very well be a big change similar to 3GS to 4.

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  • bella92108
    Apr 5, 03:03 PM
    I guess you mean they disturb your view of the world .... ;)

    Well the reason I was saying throw it out is because it hurts the Apple outlook, but hey, if you want to compare an OS that's been out for a year to one that's been out for a month, go for it, but the critics will eat you up just like they did Steve's comments about android 3.0 only having 50 apps. How many did iOS have FOR the iPad when it was announced? FIVE, and they were the five that APPLE created, but hey, live in your world.

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  • miles01110
    Aug 4, 09:56 AM
    probably (75-85% sure) that they are fake.

    Mar 30, 07:08 PM
    Props to amazon for taking the lead. If only dropbox would follow.

    Q: Any word on integration with AWS/EC2 for the upgraded service?

    Apr 18, 02:49 PM
    It always seems that Apple loves to sue suppliers of components in their own products. It's as if Apple is saying to Samsung, "Thanks for your support, now watch as we sue you, make money back from you, and essentially get our parts at a reduced cost; if not free." :p

    May 4, 09:20 PM
    Can we get an explanation from the gods, since this is the first game in this format?

    Explanation of what?

    EDIT: The villain is done. ROUND THREE BEGINS NOW!

    Apr 10, 11:15 AM
    2 is winning.

    Time to get some wining.

    Ask Charlie Sheen.

    May 3, 06:35 PM
    There's a few mis-stated rules in Don't panic's rules that I will address shortly.

    But one is that a trap activates as soon as you attempt to leave the room. The only way to avoid a trap is to explore the room, which will discover, and disarm, the trap.

    With that said, there are currently nothing placed on the map by the villain. He will make his first move after you slow-pokes are done ;)

    Ahh, gotcha. So I guess our best bet is to just explore the room we're in.

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