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  • smohan
    08-27 05:11 PM
    My and my family I-140 is approved. Based upon this approval I got three years H1B visa extension too. By the way this is my 13th year in the USA.

    As a plan B, if I move my family to Canada, as we have Canadian residency, to continue their lives there. And in the mean time say after 1 year of their going there, say here in the USA our priority dates become current. At such a juncture will there be any way that I delay filing their I485 so they may get their Canada citizenship without creating any conflict between US and Canada residency status.

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  • pmat
    01-24 12:15 PM
    The category (EB2/EB3) doesn't get transferred. Only the PD can be transferred. So, you will get the old PD for EB3.

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  • e3visa
    01-10 07:50 PM
    If you have a pending permanent residency application you should still be able to work under h1b status, particularly if your i-140 is approved.

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  • mzafar125
    10-21 12:19 AM
    Hello folks. I hope someone can help me out on this issue. I applied for my wife's EAD back in July 2007. The EAD was processed in two weeks and we received the card. However, my wife's middle initial was incorrect and we sent it back to USCIS with an explaination concerning the mistake. USCIS stated that it would take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months to process the correction. Last week I received a letter from USICS stating that I need to submit a completed I-90 form. A I-90 form is used to replace a green card. We just applied for our adjustment of status in 6/2007 and are not permanent residents at this point. Getting the EAD has become a nightmare for us. Do I try and write a letter back to USCIS stating that they are asking for the wrong form. I tried to call them but they said to respond to the letter sent. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Any help/advice would be appreciated.



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  • sarath99
    10-20 01:05 PM

    My sister is a citizen and she applied GC for my parents who are in India.She applied for I-130 in April and it was approved in 2 months.She now has to fill the form I-864 and is in the process of doing so.Meanwhile my parents would like to visit USA.They'll be coming in December and be staying for 6 mos.They have a 10 yr visa and visited us back in 2004.
    My question is it ok for them to visit USA?I read that they might be denied entry becasue of their approved I-130.We do not want to apply AOS here and they will return in June 09.

    Thanks for any advice.

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  • mrsr
    06-19 07:43 PM
    do v need to print 325A form on coloured paper ?


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  • sheela
    01-01 08:39 AM
    Wishing you all a Very-Very Happy & Prosperous New Year.

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  • anilsal
    11-25 11:06 PM


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  • justsomeguy
    11-01 12:10 AM

    Here's one question I have which I haven't see in any forums so far (perhaps its lurking somewhere .. who knows) ... let me get to the point.

    When filing for AOS/485, if the I-140 that was filed prior to filing AOS was pending and gets approved AFTER 485 was filed... should we explicitly inform USCIS that that 140 was appoved ?

    I guess USCIS should have that information (of course!) but I am not sure if we should be pro-active and make sure we inform the service center that the 140 was approved ?!

    Thanks for your time.

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  • watzgc
    09-18 04:36 PM
    what type of cases, you meant ?

    I can't help but notice that about 1/4 of recently processed audit cases were denied. As it goes now, I'll have to wait about another 6 month for a 75% chance to pass. Well for where the economy is headed right now it all probably won't matter anymore in 6 months.


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  • HalfDog
    03-09 07:23 PM
    lol, if you want, we can start the battle again, just didn't want to sit waiting

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  • kirupa
    07-06 11:22 PM
    Added :P


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  • ruchigup
    08-21 02:28 PM
    I made address changes to pending EAD renewal and I-485 yesterday in the afternoon for myself and spouse. Same day later in the evening I got email saying CPO for EAD renewal. This is a story of 8/20/2008.

    I tried called 800 number and was told that they can't verify that address was successfully changed on the application.THey don't have access to personal information. They are asking me to take Inforpass to verify the address.

    There is no LUD on either I-485 or EAD renewal after address change. Is LUD an indication that address change has been done? There are no infopass available for 2 months ( I will keep checking if somebody cancels )

    Does anybody has any pointer as to how I can verify address change without infopass


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  • paulinasmith
    08-05 12:18 AM

    Normally for non auditted PERM cases only employer can check the status.

    Try : Welcome to the iCERT Portal (http://icert.doleta.gov/)

    icert case status check on the above link



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  • martinvisalaw
    07-06 09:44 AM
    You can only stay in the US if you can change to another lawful status. As a UK citizen, the only work-authorized status that might be available, though difficult, is O-1 for extraordinary ability aliens. Please see my website link for a description of different categories: nonimmigrant visas (http://www.martinvisalaw.com/nonimmigrant%20visas.html). If the company won't start the permanent residence process for you, unfortunately you have very limited options.

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  • USEU49
    07-05 08:08 PM
    My H-1B expires next year (after 6 years). I have been here 10 years (on J-1 and then H-1B visa). My employer isn't in a position to apply for Labor Certification, although they want to continue hiring me. I want to stay (no relatives here etc.). I know after one year, I can return on a new H-1B if my employer will petition again but it is messy and I want residency. I am from Britain. Help!!!


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  • abhay
    12-26 11:16 AM

    Click on Change of Address, on the left nav menu, Do this only if you have Receipt numbers, first it asks you to fill Electronic AR-11 for DOS then updates address on USCIS System.

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  • coolmanasip
    05-29 02:49 PM
    just finished going thro all the proposed ammendments...only a handful (1154, 1156, 1166, 1183, 1200, 1220, 1242, 1249) deal with EB issues at all....very few of them are positive (3) for us.........also based on an article on immigration-law website, EB based people have no voice in the negotiations!!! so...as frusterating this may be.....its looking like a certainity that many of us will be screwed big time..........lets keep doing what we can through IV.......it looks all dooms though.........:mad:

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  • glus
    07-25 10:45 AM
    Is any one got receipt of 485filing on july 2nd? Please post the status like checks are cashed, receipt,retuns etc.

    Not yet. They are still entering Jun cases.

    07-29 10:15 AM
    My Wife is on H4/AOS.

    Her H4 is going to expire in September and she is planning to travel soon.

    She has AP and EAD but never used. I am on H1 and used AC21.

    My questions are..

    1) Can she go to home country and get her H4 stamped and return on H4?

    2) Apply AP and return on AP?

    3) Assume...If she returns on AP...and show valid EAD while entering at POE....
    But by that time her H4 expires.... In this scenario...do we still need to apply H4 extension after entering US?

    4) Who supposed to apply H4? Is it employer or H1 holder can also apply H4?

    Thanks for your help

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    01-15 11:20 AM
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    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/01/catholic-church-white-house-planning-to-airlift-orphans-from-haiti.html)

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