Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • sheela
    02-21 12:10 PM
    Also , answer HONESTLY. please keep in mind they come for clarification on info they already have in hand.
    good luck

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  • snathan
    06-18 10:55 PM
    Can we send official letter ( with all sad stories ) from IV and we can call these guys on behalf of IV

    Let us try to give these guys some job....

    I dont believe Indian govt can help in this...Lets first gather people and we will let you know the next course of action. There are bunch of people in Face book who got struck up in visa delays. I am trying to reach out to them. Its big group...try to get them here. Please contact those people...

    Just this is my opinion....we need to build very strong case and deliver to the targetted audience.

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  • orangutan
    11-18 04:50 PM

    I am curious, can you explain why you think housing crisis is because of not issueing green cards?
    I want to know your theory

    As we all know, the Housing crisis in US is getting worse day by day, with the inventory of houses available for sale increasing, and buyers not willing/able to buy those houses.

    Giving speedy Green Cards to July Visa bulletin cases will ease the Housing Crisis in US.

    Most of the people affected by the July Visa bulletin are highly skilled people who have the capacity to buy houses, but are not investing in houses, since their future in US is not secure until they get Green Cards.

    Instead they end up investing in real estate in Bangalore/Hyderabad etc, thereby helping in housing boom in those places.

    If Congress passes a law to give speedy Green Cards to these highly skilled people ASAP; these highly skilled people, who have good jobs and capacity to buy houses inspite of the difficult situation regarding getting loans etc, will help US tide over the current difficult housing situation.

    This is something for the US law makers to ponder.

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  • aachoo
    02-17 09:20 PM
    another LUD today for me 02/17

    What was your RFE for?

    I am still waiting to see what my RFE was for.
    I had another LUD today as well (2/17) (also had one on 2/10, 2/13). wife only had 2/10 and 2/13.


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  • whattodo
    07-19 12:26 PM
    Where did you get 30 days information? What if it is 40 days instead of 30 days? Is there any official document about this?


    Person, if in USA, has 30 days to start working for H1 employer after CoS approval date. One more thing, one can start working after applying for SSN without waiting for getting actual SSN.

    It seems that she was out of status.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    12-06 12:35 PM
    My honest, ubiased opinion regarding PPF would that you should not remove your money from PPF. Its is very stable, it pays the highest interest and you dont have to manage it. Forget about it for 20 odd years and you will have a substantial amount accumulated in your account. You will withdraw it and blow it away, thats what most of the people end up doing.

    That being said, if you still want to withdraw from your account or close your account, its really very simple. There is a one page form you need to fill out, and you will get the money fairly quickly. You DONT have to pay money to get it. I did not pay and neither did anyone i know.

    This is something in india that works well for millions of working class people and its much better than the SS mess that is here.

    Dear friend
    my money is also stucked in PPF a/c.
    Can u tell me how can proceed to clse my a/c there and get my money at my home add.


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  • stang20874
    03-22 12:01 PM
    I live in Montgomery County, Maryland. Who else? Let us team up please.

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  • aat0995
    08-07 05:44 PM
    Student Visa comes to mind. I hope you don't cancel your marriage due to this fact. Good Luck. You might be able to start another GC process as well.


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  • ronhira
    07-22 11:17 AM
    u know what i think, doggy, doggystyle and devils_advocate are all the same person, or they are anti-immigrants who are teaming up. admin may want to look at them closely... i would.... others can keep an eye on these guys too....

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  • traffic_engr
    04-01 03:51 PM
    I joined IV today and sent faxes 9 & 10.


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  • x1050us
    07-19 09:51 AM
    My spouse is landing here on Aug 15. That leaves only one day to get medicals done. Any suggestions on how to handle this ? Can she skip skin test and take X-rays directly ?

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  • Vsach
    01-19 04:44 PM
    We shall mail ours on Monday....come on members...this is something we all can do!!




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  • pady
    08-05 02:41 PM
    My EAD is pending in NSC for almost 2 months, Filed on June 9th (Efile), got fingerprint notice in June 3d week, done on Jul 8th. Nothing happened after that.

    Since my dates are current (EB2 I, June 2005), I am just thinking they MAY aprove my 485 instead of EAD. Just a thought. What do you guys say?

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  • njboy
    11-02 09:25 PM
    If Republicans control the House, they will be too bitter because they can't repeal the Health Care Reform, and will not let CIR pass in 2011. Best hope is 2012 now. Obama could have easily passed CIR in past 2 years, instead he focused all his efforts on health care..


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  • nogreen4decade
    07-16 07:24 PM
    1. Doesn't matter who it is citizen or not - you have to show legal status. If you read the law carefully, you will be put in a holding prision and given a change to prove legal status (contact family tobring your passport), etc. This is not a traffic stop - a decision will not be made on the stop. That's why there are strict rules stating who can be asked.

    2. By law you have to carry identification. Does this mean as a citizen or non-immigrant visa holder, you have to roam with all your docs? No! This is why we fought so hard to make sure US-states give driver's licenses?ID cards to people here legally ONLY. So, you just carry your DL.

    3. Item 1 above applies here.

    Do you think the people who wrote this Bill did not think of all this? You have to be pretty naive to think that only you thought of these senarios. There is no racist movement behind it.
    Sorry, you are an IDIOT!

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  • black_logs
    02-20 08:39 PM
    Mercies.... if your answer is still not answered than please call QGA and find out about us. Before spending so much time writing this post if you had gone to the resources, you would have got some questions answered.


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  • gcgreen
    08-12 05:28 PM
    No. The way I understand it, the new employer is offering you a permanent job in the same/similar job classification. So you work for the new employer in a permanent capacity after you receive the green card.

    I have a question....Green card is for future employment.In that case,once your I-485 got approved ,you need to go and work for your original employer who sponsered your green card. Is that right? Is that the same case if someone uses AC21?

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  • illinois_alum
    09-30 01:39 PM
    Hi folks,

    Need some help.
    During e-filing of AP, certify page has a TITLE field. Any ideas what needs to be filled in it ?
    I am filing I-131 for myself and spouse.


    Title field is for your title or how would you like USCIS to address the applicant as...Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr etc...

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  • ak_manu
    12-22 01:35 PM
    Hello All,

    I have applied for PIO card for my son (who is US citizen) a month ago. We need to travel to India in end of Jan 2011 (have 1 more month). I am not sure when i would get my PIO card. Not sure if I would need to apply for ENTRY VISA to India for my son. I concern is I would have to also send out his original passport along with VISA application. I am worried if it might get lost. Q's -

    1 Does any one have idea how long it took to get the entry visa?
    2. Has anyone applied for entry visa and has any nightmares like loosing passport etc?


    01-06 12:44 AM
    What about ladies with 5 husbands (pandus), do we need to start visa called H5? F5? D5?

    I heard from a friend of my friend knows that indian ladies have 5 husbands at the same time, what about them?

    I have never heard such a case after "Droupadi".

    11-30 05:57 PM
    I never said 80,000 FB visas are reserved for EB. Then those numbers would not be called as FB visas, would they?

    Any way, if you look at the statistics (page 52,, USCIS has not fully utilized all available EB visas for 12 years out of the 15 years. Hence I said, USCIS is THE bottleneck. For the 3 years (out of the total of 15 years), unavailability of visa numbers is THE issue. But for the majority of the years, lack of visa numbers is NOT the issue.

    When is this name check reform getting implemented. Why is is so difficult to implement ?

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