Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • ak27
    06-14 10:48 AM
    We had AOS interview even though our dates were not current. It was routine interview which USCIS has been carrying out in recent past..

    Service rep at InfoPass counter asked if I had travelled outside of country in last few months.. I also found it weird that my wife's BC check has come back but, my background check is pending...

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  • Eternal_Hope
    01-30 07:44 PM
    Q # 60 & 78

    6:58 p.m. CST.

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  • Vexir
    06-04 08:11 PM
    Chunk thats a nice one but it looks unnatural. Something about the white on the front...

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  • krupa
    07-15 04:05 PM


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  • trueguy
    08-11 02:43 PM
    I guess it has less to do with estimates, and more about looking at the landscape. If there are significant portion of responses are above your date, one might, for example, choose to initiate porting/reclassification process if one qualifies for it.

    Good thread. I am wondering the reasons for lack of response between Jan and March of 2002.

    I am wondering the same for 2002 applicants. I wonder if many people were approved in 2007 fiasco and if yes, then why PD is stuck at Nov 2001?

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  • punjabi77
    12-26 12:31 AM
    I saw posts quite similar to my situation so didnt start a new thread but instead thought of using this thread to ask my question.

    My situation is
    I have my EAD and AP, and my 3 year extension is already approved but H1 stamp has expired.
    My wife has used EAD and her H4 extension came before she stopped working on EAD. But she does have 3 year H4 extension too with an expired H4 stamp.

    Now we plan on travelling to India next week and i am kind of confused as to whether we should go for H1-H4 stamping or not, or should we use AP to come back.
    I have read in so many threads and forums that even if you enter on AP, ur H1 status is valid.
    Now if my wife goes for H4 stamping, will the imigration officer consider her under H4 or AOS as she has used her EAD?
    Since i have 1 month to come back to US, I am scared if for any reason Immi officer might take time to stamp visa on our passport and we might not make it back to US in time. And also what if they ask all questions regarding GC.
    Has anyone gone through the same situation?

    SInce these days, mostly all companies are hiring people who have EAD, sometimes i think what is the need to maintain H1 then.
    Another thing is that i am not full time employed with my client, so when my project expires, i can find a new company and get my H1B-H4 transfered and that will change my Status from Parolee to H1b again.
    So looking at all this, i think even if i come on AP, everything should work out fine for me.
    Please post ur suggestions and advice.


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  • gjoe
    10-29 11:27 AM
    So far from the poll results I see that most of us are here by choice ( though we are put thru GC waits). no matter what we will try to stay here until we reach our personal breaking point which would tigger us to look at alternatives.
    Someone here asked what independence and freedom has to do with the Quit America thing. Most of the immigrant community feels that they are not given access to lot of things due to restrictions in their visas and unpredictable GC process. And the inconvenience and trouble their familes go through. With that in prespective I am thinking that we have lost atleast some of our freedom and independence.
    This reason for this poll is to also make people think .

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  • indianabacklog
    06-11 10:01 AM
    Your auto insurance company are the best people to talk to right now initially. They can provide excellent legal advice for which you have paid in your premiums.

    The amount is extortionate and as long as you do not ignore this it can be resolved I am sure. In all honesty it sounds as if they thought hey we only have two years to sue so lets do it now so it does not look as if we waited till the last minute. Otherwise why would they wait so long to file the claim. Herniated discs do not appear at a later date they are a thing of the present, i.e. at the time of impact.

    With regard to your green card I cannot imagine it will have any impact at all. You have not committed any crime, you had an auto accident. These happen every day to thousands of green card holders and applicants and if they resulted in deportations the immigrant community would probably be aware of them.


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  • gjoe
    12-03 01:00 PM
    The S/N ration can be made >1 by increasing the signal strength.
    The noise can be cut off, but in this case the noise is what needs to be amplified and conditioned to make it look like Signal :)

    How do you suggest IV 'forum' improves the Signal-to-Noise ratio?

    Right now it's too noisy and is driving away determined members (!

    How do you know what I care about and not? I can give some famous examples of GC holders working for IV - Aman Kapoor founder member, Tamsen Mitchell (franklin) leader of South California chapter, and many more.

    I may remain active if I feel the cause is worth spending my time, money and effort. Right now, a crowd of 25,000 tracking receipts and discussing mundane issues doesn't give me the confidence to say so. I have better things in life to fight for than a lost cause where the victims (most of them) wait for others to fight for them !

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  • Openarms
    06-17 02:55 PM
    I have talked to IMG sales rep, he said they won't cover for pre existing conditions. He also said that as far as his knowledge is concerned there is no company out there that covers pre existing conditions when I asked him about it.

    My final assumption is that any insurance we buy anywhere, just covers illnesses that are developed after the coverage starts.

    Any corrections??


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  • leoindiano
    03-13 11:19 AM
    it doesnt hurt to believe, you are 9 months away...:-)

    As the guy who posted it said, this is a normal process....Consulates will know 3 to 4 days before...

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  • adobe howm
    08-26 04:12 PM

    This is not a financial help/grievance forum to discuss about funds transfer problems, or bank reputation. There are many more places for that purpose. If you cannot find one, start one for yourself.

    This forum is meant for discussing US employment based immigration related matters.

    If you still have any doubts, click on the "About us" link on top of the web page and dispel your doubts.

    Admins: Please close this thread.

    I understand that you are trying to be smart but you not quite sounds so. sorry

    of course - this is off topic but the whole point is WE are suffering from it and DOES affects us - may be you are not nor you have any clue about what this means to you.

    the goal of our community is to drive out the common enemy, share our experience to benefit others- may be sometimes it does sounds off topic but that does matters to us, the same way how $$$ matters to you. I would recommend you just think about bit before start comment on it.


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  • diqingshen
    07-12 08:24 AM
    otherwise all "U", those idiots can publish it on the 10th.

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  • oliTwist
    12-11 03:23 PM
    Is there any place where we have the remedies mentioned for thsi mess?

    I had used the points that I had sent to President's letter earlier.

    Recapture administratively the unused visas for permanent residency to fulfill the congressional mandate of 140,000 green cards per year.
    Revise the administrative definition of "same or similar" to allow slight additional job flexibility for legal immigrants awaiting adjudication of adjustment of status (I-485) petitions.
    Allow filing of Adjustment of Status (Form I-485) when a visa number is not available.
    Implement the existing interim rule to allow issuance of multi-year Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) and Advance Parole.
    Allow visa revalidation in the United States.
    Reinstate premium processing of Immigrant Petitions.


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  • jp_blr
    06-15 01:06 PM
    Thanks Senthil for the reply.. I definitly understand what you are saying.. I think the problem is my marriage is not yet fixed, in fact the hunt just started. :)

    Guys, Other opinions pls?

    It is completely unpredictable. Actually when you file I485 USCIS does not process FIFO(They are supposed to). For example there are 10k gc are left for the year. First they will process the applications which are cleared FP based on PD and receipt date. Always risk is there when filing without marriage. You are safe till USCIS starts process your application. When they take your application for processing then you cannot add your spouse. Also if CIR decides to process backlogs faster then also you will be in problem. Best option is if your marriage is already fixed do it within 3 months and file GC before PD is backdated. You need not file July first. You can wait till Jul15 to see next VB and decide.

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  • mhtanim
    02-13 05:08 PM
    Suppose you work for Company A on H-1B. You get out of the U.S. and come back with AP. You become parolee at that time. File an H-1B extension with Employer A, get new I-94 that indicates your status is now H-1B.

    6 months later, you get another job with Employer B. Since you already are on H-1B with Company A, you should be able to transfer your H-1B to Company B.

    mhtanim, appreciate your input. Though this sounds logical, I was wondering if there is any link to CIS memo or any other resource to check this? Even our company lawyer is not sure on this.

    What I said was just from logic. You are right... who knows how USCIS interprets this situation. However, I remember seeing one person in IV who has mentioned that he did this himself. If you really are planning to do this yourself, I would suggest that you do a paid consultation with Murthy or Rajiv Khanna.


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  • pappu
    06-13 10:01 AM
    EB3 India is in a bad shape because of lot of backlog. I do not see relief for people with latter PD in many years to come.
    EB2 India is also not expected to have good movement for the next few months.

    So people who spend time on sites to track are wasting their time in my opinion.

    IV is people affected and not just core members. Core members , chapter leaders also have their own jobs that pays salary and life and each one of us can only devote so much time to IV. The best strategy for all of us is to work on resolving the problem and not leave it for others to deal with it.

    What each member can do:

    1- Take part in IV action items. We currently have a couple of bills. There is a slim chance with this bills if only we can get more cosponsors and get CHC support.

    2- Raise awareness of IV. More members will mean more people will take part in our campaigns.

    3- Contribute to IV. We have a funding drive that is currently begging for attention. With meager funds we cannot even afford to do our limited lobbying.

    4- Be an active IV member: If nothing at else, be regular on IV. More visitors on IV means more revenue for IV from banner ads. This revenue is used towards lobbying and website maintenance expenses. Other sites with banner ads use that money for their own, but IV uses that money for lobbying. Several thousand visitors everyday means a good amount of money generated via ad revenue ( I could not believe it when I heard it the first time). If you like tracking, then use IV tracker and help make it successful. PLEASE Put your real dates in your profile.Money from ads on it will be used for our lobbying .

    5- Develop state chapters furthers. members can get active and build their state chapters further themselves. It can be great for making friends and networking too. We want to develop this further and need member's help.

    6- Do not leave IV when you get your greencard. IV is a community and be a part of it. Help others who are suffering like you yourself suffered once. When we have lot of greencard holder members, we can even expand the scope of our work and include items like 'I140 approval date should be counted as a date for 5 year citizenship eligibility' etc...

    7- Consider IV as your home and join the effort in whichever way you can. Bring in new ideas and take leadership to implement them.

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  • rkgc
    12-29 05:44 PM
    done, thanks for the link

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  • jingi1234
    12-14 08:38 PM
    with all the sescenarios, We can't collect stamped passport on the same dat at chennai? - Is this correct?

    while booking appointment I said I will collect my passport at local VFS office.


    02-06 11:20 AM
    i call embassy every day...they say under processing..VO has your case/pp..
    my DOS approval was most probably done on 29th its been 6 working days and still embassy is not giving a positive response..

    what now ??

    03-14 09:25 AM
    To my surprise, VISA BULLETIN APRIL 2008 availble now in Archives. But not as current bulletin yet.

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