Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • IneedAllGreen
    06-27 05:18 PM
    Yes my in-laws are fine and they were not disappointed seeing me in person. But I am gigling by looking at this thread is growing and at page 3 someone put a shame on this thread. As for me sometime its fun and Ok to share minor detail or personal detail to give confidence to someone doing same thing which we went thru(like I have beein using photos taken at Kinkos and Sears). Nevertheless since date is coming closer to file our 485 it makes me happy to see several smiley face and helping hands in IV forums. Glad to be helping others and ignore rants of others.

    I am just here to share my thoughts and knowledge nothing personal to anyone. So to everyone Dont worry:( ! Be happy :) .

    Thanks :D (This extra smile for all IV members)

    I am sure SEARS pictures are great.

    Hope your in-laws are not disappointed when they saw you in person :) :).... No ... I am just kidding .......No offense meant :):).... I am sure they like you and that is why you are married happily now :) Just wanted to bring a lighter moment tho this stingy thread.

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  • missourian
    05-29 05:22 PM
    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am a new member

    My PD is 02/01/2005, my labour cert got approved in 03/01/2006,

    I applied EB3 I40 on 05/18/2007 and got approved on 05/23/2007

    Considering the scenario is my I140 invalid?

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  • dskhabra
    02-11 02:12 PM
    EB2 I should get more spill over from EB2 ROW that what it got last year. The number of labor approvals is very less after June 2008( someone posted it earlier in some other thread). EB2 ROW is always current and I think the usage should be low this year.

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  • nikh
    09-20 10:19 PM
    As per the data, so far people with notice date (on 485) before sept 1st have got their FP notices (except few people). So, I presume if someone's case transfered back to NSC from CSC before spet 1 st, he or she should expect their FP notice soon.
    Obviously, we are not going get our notices if there several people lined up with notice dates before our transfer dates.

    This is just my logical conclusion, may be incorrect


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  • Libra
    07-10 01:07 PM
    Guys we should put this on youtube and hit with star ratings and supporting messages for moore...........

    CNN never tell truth no matter what it is...immigration, health care, .....

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  • thomachan72
    05-17 10:51 AM
    MIRAGE!!! thats a hell of surprise that your friend contractor actually spend money to sponsor H1 and also the airfare!!! amazing. Pls take a little time to visit the murthy website, which apparently now has become a place for all the desperate people to cry. There are many reported and believe me inumerable non-reported cases where the candidate themselves pay for the H1b, which is completely ilegal in the first place, OK. Now your friends brother jumped simply because he was paid below the prevailing market rate and he was better qualified. So many of those who come here through contractors are not very qualified. Anyway nothing is going to help with we arguing against each other, right? lets hope the CIR prevails and the visa system is better regulated regarding (qualifications, advertisements, pay scale, benefits etc).


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  • legalVoice
    12-12 12:57 PM
    In short they do not want us here.. they want to suck the money out of you, all the money you earned and saved.

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  • gc4me
    10-30 01:20 PM
    PD: EB3 ROW, Apr 2004, Current now
    I-140 :Approved on Mar 2006
    Invoked AC21 on September and sent all necessary docs. No LUDs then.
    I think ex-employer have revoked I-140 already but not sure (He threaten me in 2007 that he will do so in I invoke AC21).

    Now check this out:
    Soft LUD on I-140 on 10/15/2008.
    Soft LUD on I-485 on 10/24/2008.
    Soft LUD on my spouse's I-485 on 10/27/2008.
    Soft LUD on I-485 on 10/29/2008.
    Soft LUD on I-140 on 10/30/2008.
    Soft LUD on I-485 on 10/30/2008.

    I am clueless! Somebody please help me! :confused:


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  • MDix
    02-12 12:49 PM
    Some hopes.........


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  • Kitiara
    02-12 04:52 AM
    Kit your castle was wild, was it done from a photograph? Yeah, I used one of my old holiday snaps as a reference. One of the places I used to get taken on holiday to when I was a kid was up near Gloucester, and there was this old ruined castle. Used to love going there, and in the middle of this battle I suddenly remembered it and dug out my old photos. Had that next to me while I was drawing it. :)


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  • akgind
    07-13 05:22 PM
    I think IV should lobby to have the DREAM Act applied to all children, whether legal or illegal.

    I am a legal skilled immigrant, came her in 1995 and still in line for GC. My son aged-out 3 years ago, and daughter will age-out in a month. Both of them would be on path to GC and citizenship under the DREAM Act....only if they had come here as undocumented. The DREAM Act allows the benefit till age 30, whereas legal dependants age-out at 21. Why this discrimination against legal entrants?

    Exactly this has been made clear by IV core taht Dream ACT is not for IV community...IGNORE IT

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  • felix31
    04-01 03:20 PM
    sent fax #10


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  • sanagani
    10-02 10:54 PM
    I am still waiting for FP notice, i got my EAD/AP/RD, for both of us.

    It was filed @ NSC on July 2nd, ---> CSC -----> NSC. I got my LUd on 09/21 last on our 485.

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  • k_ek
    12-06 02:23 AM
    Dear friends, why do you seek to start bashing your country at the first opportunity you get. THere are people in the Indian Govt who are negotiating on your behalf to make sur you get your money back.

    THen on the question of paying bribes to get money out of PPF - something is better than nothing. Why complain. If it is so bad, go back and fight to fix the system, otherwise stop maoning. India is the only country that will welcome you if you are kicked out of here. I remember i used to pay 50 INR per ticket for a railway seat, now i go online and book a ticket. Things change they take time and patience.

    Only those people who have NEVER bribed anyone to get stuff done illegally, or out of turn should speak. And i know there is no one, since you are in US and came on a passport and we all know how passports are obtained.
    You left india, want to stay away, so leave it alone. When you are kicked out of everywhere, the doors will still be open, just keep some cash for the gatekeeper.
    Lets discuss whether this swap will be possible or not, or what the loopholes are.

    thanx suttu

    really good post.


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  • alterego
    12-14 06:56 AM
    Labour Sub the way it is used is legal but not necessarily moral. However the USCIS has always looked at this ONLY from the EMPLOYERS eyes and therefore don't see much wrong in it. I am sure this is one thing we would agree with the programmers guild on.

    The really scary thing is "Vintage wine" is really precious and very much in demand. However if it were available in huge quantities, it would be had as often as you want. Problem for us is that with BECs moving applications very fast, there will be sure to be many more of these floating around and freely available. As long as they allow this, the pace of movement of PDs will be anemic at best.

    One argument to be made which might get more traction is that this practice is unfair to the newer companies as compared to more established ones.

    The stench of this system is at times unbearable. I have always said, it selects its criteria and positively discriminates on such things such as place of birth, yet places little value on the importance of a particular skill set (after all it is EB immgration we are talking about). In many ways it is its simplicity as a system in a much more complex and manipulative world that causes these problems. Whether this is by design or not is another discussion. Either way it stinks!

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  • El_Guapo
    04-13 06:28 PM
    While it seems like a great initiative - lets take a step back and examine the "materiality" of the $5MM number........

    1. Annual budget of a typical State Univ is upwards of $1Bn.
    2. $5MM can pay for college education of say, 100 kids (only about 50 if you include living expenses)

    So, what the message that would go out in media would actually read like is the following:

    "100,000 green card applicants trying to buy their way to US Residency by sponsoring 100 kids' college education and/or contributing 0.2% of Ohio State University's Annual Budget"

    To the average American worker who has lost his/her job or knows someone close who has - this would, in my mind, seem like a bribe........and make them anti-EB if they already were not.........

    All immigrant and non-immigrant workers do their fair share for this country by paying their taxes and abiding by the laws of the land + they pay significant fees during their entire H1 and GC process- a proposal that involves them shelling out any more $$s would only create a sense that we are trying to buy our way in plus its not really fair on the applicants in any way.

    Well, you are missing the most important point - Illegal immigrant's probably don't care about the future of the country's educational direction. Family based immigrants don't care either. However WE are EB immigrants and we value education and that is exactly what we demonstrate by doing this. We should not be looking to fund hundreds of thousands of student's college education - heck even the mighty US government cannot do that. We are not a political organization. The way this will go out in the media is - these guys could have used the money to lobby with senators or other congressmen, instead, they choose to use it for a good cause. This is highly symbolic. And the key here is to involve the first lady. The moment you involve the first lady, it become apolitical.

    Oh, and btw, we are not buying our way into a GC. Nowhere did I mention that. We, EB immigrants value education and hence want to donate for an educational charity/cause. We don't expect a GC by doing this - this is highly symbolic; however if the Obama administration takes up CIR this year and we start this campaign and this happens to go to the first lady and gain media attention at the right time, perhaps the administration would include legal immigration in the CIR which would have otherwise not been included.

    Timing is critical to this. If we gain media attention a few weeks before CIR comes up for debate, we might have Legal, EB Immigration included into it. And CIR this year is our only chance and hope and if EB immigration is not considered parts of CIR, then we might as well kiss our GCs good bye.


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  • arunmohan
    07-14 02:20 AM
    Congratulation Mr. Sharma for your GC after long wait. I support the idea of Keeme.

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  • pdakwala
    02-03 10:00 PM
    Please read on:

    Meeting Notes :
    Meeting with Lauren Hole, Field Representative of Rep.George Miller (Concord).

    A group from CALIFORNIA Met with Lauren. She was not aware of the EB based GC process. So we updated her on the process and the issues. She patiently listened to us for an hour. She said she would bring it up with her counterparts in Washington, but was not sure if she would be heard on this. When asked what we could do to make us heard, she said " Just continue what you are doing.. Contact your local Congress persons".

    Meeting with Luis Quinonez and Pepei Yu, Field Reps at Rep. Barbara Lee ( Oakland).

    This meeting went very well, because both of them knew very well what the issues are with the Labor BECs and with the Retrogression. They also knew about all the bills around the immigration. They had gone through the IV web site and also the brochure.

    They were very sympathetic to our cause and said "Barbara Lee is on your side. And we understand all your problems and we are with you in asking for these reforms". They gave us some specific action plans:

    Get a few people who live in Oakland to write to B.Lee's office stating that :
    They live in such and such address (should be within the Oakland congressional district)
    Their case details with case number.
    That they represent Immigration Voice which has several x number of members who are similarly affected.
    State our cause (goals) and request that Rep. Barbara Lee should please consider / vote favorable for our case.
    Pepei Yu mentioned that if they get these letters, it gets filed and entered into a database and is seen by the Congresswoman. So, we have to draft the letter and get about 10 �20 people in the Oakland Congressional District to do this. Please get your contacts or friends to do this.

    Pepei Yu also educated us that the Congressman / woman can only look into matters of their own Congressional District . It is considered federal felony if they engage in interests of other dicstricts. So she said it is very important that we get people to appeal to the Congress person of their own district. The Congress person they should contact is the one that governs the place where they live (not the place where they work). She suggested that we make a template of the letter and use it across the country replacing our names and the Congresspersons name as appropriate. Both Luis and Pepei stroingly encouraged us to do this across the country and mentioned that this was a sure way of reaching out and making our voice heard.

    3. They were very helpful and suggested that we keep in contact with them to monitor these issues. They also offered to let us know when they may have someone from the USCIS or other such Immigration related authorities addressing open forums.

    They strongly suggested that we get in touch with Senator Feinstein (they provided a contact) and also get in touch with every congress person in the area (Bay Area) � esp those that are Moderate Democrats. The thinking was that it may be easier to get the moderates over to our view point rather than people who are totally against immigration.

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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-19 03:04 PM
    You would need employee letter as well. The employee letter will state that the position is still open and they are willing the pay the amount that was initially agreed to while filing for pay stub is not enough.....

    desi3933 and WillIBLucky:

    My lawyer as well as my wife's lawyer confirmed that an employment letter is not required if using pay stubs. Several posters on this forum have gotten the same information from their lawyers. Anyway, let's not get into a debate on who's correct or incorrect.

    It's a different thing to have the employment letter to make the case stronger (probably), but you will definitely not get a RFE for using the pay stubs. And in "sats123"'s case, this is a less expensive and reliable option.

    Of course, one could argue it's worth paying $5000 if it ensures a smooth adjucation, but then that would depend on the financial situation of the applicant. I cannot comment on that for "sats123".

    Having written all this, please check with your own lawyers and do what they advise.


    08-20 06:34 PM
    If i get correctly...Labour Substitutionhas been banned..right???

    DOL has ended Labor subsitution since July 16 of this year.

    04-02 01:53 PM
    Please call up your friends, dust off the old address book, make your friends do the same thing.

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