Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • gnasher729
    Mar 30, 01:12 PM
    If Apple wins this argument, obviously that would prevent MS from calling theirs the "App Store" - but can they still use the phrase descriptively? I.e. "Welcome to App Market, Microsoft's app store."

    If they can't (and Microsoft, Google, Blackberry etc. all trademark the others, App Shop, App Market etc.), then how do you describe what the App Store/App Shop is? I can't think of a more generic variant which could be used to describe it. "Windows" is an OS. "Internet Explorer" is a browser. "Office" is an application suite. "App Store" is...errr... an app store.

    Application store. Software store. If you want to use the word store. But there is no need to. App Market is clear enough, isn't it? A market is a friendly, open place where you buy a variety of things at good prices, not walled in and regulated like a store. I'd say "Welcome to App Market, the place where you find all the software you need".

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  • DavidLeblond
    Aug 28, 01:14 PM
    Apple would not leave "secret" massive shipments lying around unsold.

    Yeah, Apple would NEVER do THAT. :rolleyes:

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  • Hodapp
    Sep 26, 09:59 AM
    I can't wait to get my hands on an iPhone- I'm getting tired of my SLVR. As soon as the iPhone launches I'm throwing my SLVR in to a river. This is starting to become tradition, there must be a half dozen old cell phones of mine which have been cast in to the briny deep. What a liberating experience.

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  • BRLawyer
    Apr 28, 04:10 PM
    Yes I am. And fairly new to Apple (switched to Mac in 2006 and iPhone in 2007).

    Does being new here mean that I have to learn how a corporation that just recorded at record net income of $5.23 billion is "DEAD"? If so, please enlighten me.

    I have worked in finance for 35 years and only hold a Bachelors degree in Buisiness, but I'm sure from your response that you (and others here) know more about business than me. So please explain how the earnings report is an indication of impeding doom.... I'm always willing to learn from a group of experts!

    Nope, my point is that you don't really know my post history...[COMPANY NAME] IS DEAD used to be my motto ;)

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  • EspressoLove
    Apr 22, 07:13 PM
    Hey, they could build a little hub with a cord that plugs into the TB port and provide a few USB 1,2,3 ports, maybe a firewire port, plus a glowing Apple logo on top and call it an iHub.

    I bet the only TB thingie Apple will build is 1Gbit Ethernet adapter for MBA
    lowly iHubs will be served by Griffins and Belkins of the world though ...

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  • TheManOfSilver
    Sep 4, 08:45 PM
    This the more expensive version of that, except that is HD. Umm I wonder if you can steal the movie by picking up the stream from the air? LOL there goes DRM.

    If it takes several hours to download a movie over the Internet....... How do I transmit the same movie over 802.11g in 2 hours or less to my tv?

    Stick to the cables, you need 802.11n minimum to do this and it will kill your home network. Nobody else at home can do anything else.

    Maybe I'm not doing this math right, but I'm not sure that's true. I can download a 4.7GB movie in about 2-3 hours over my internet connection (average speeds of 500Kb/sec). A 802.11a or g router transfers data at a max rate of 54Mbps or about 6.75MB/sec. That's about 12 times as fast, meaning that transmitting full DVD-quality video can occur in realtime, with plenty of bandwidth to spare to other functions while watching your movies. By the time HD video recording becomes standard, the Apple video airport express can be upgraded to 802.11n to provide even more bandwidth.

    Do I have those figures wrong?

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  • skwert
    Sep 13, 08:58 PM
    seems fairly solid. MR has always been very reserved in claims about the iphone, and this is a fairly bold article. i'd love to see it....i just think i'll be cursing my verizon contract and their damn cdma phones once it comes out.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 24, 06:37 AM
    Because an AMD based system is for those Windows using pigs. :rolleyes:

    Tell that to Apple. If Apple ever ships an AMD system and decides to use an AMD platform for the next Air, combined with a 6000 series GPU, I'd be all over that as an upgrade.

    For now, there is no reason to speculate on AMD systems from Apple.

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  • Deflorator
    Apr 30, 03:21 PM
    From iMacs there is only one (half) step to Cinema Display refresh, boy I would appreciate that... 24-isch inch with antiglare...

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  • rdrr
    Sep 15, 05:48 PM
    I have posted this link before but with the latest news maybe they will tap Motorola shoulder again. Look at the Motorola e690, looks a lot like what people have been envisioning in an Apple phone.

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  • KYPackrat
    Apr 4, 12:32 PM
    As others have mentioned, the security guard (again, most likely an off-duty cop or a cop who has retired early) would not have been deliberately attempting for a headshot, unless the head was the only thing sticking up from cover.

    I shoot IDPA. It's not real life shooting, but a lot of the rules are designed to simulate real life as close as any competition could do. In the heat of an adrenaline rush, it is very easy to aim the gun for the chest and hit the head. For most people, that's a less than 5% change in gun angle, which for most pistols is less than 1/2" up. That is, he was aiming for the chest, and let the tip of his barrel rise less than 1/2" higher than it should go. Maybe Horatio Caine can stand with bullets flying and kill 5 people with 5 shots, but that's not real life.

    I don't know the facts, but here's a reasonable supposition:
    * Mall guard sees multiple people with weapons in hand. In most states, the guard is now in a position where he can use deadly force to repel an attack. If the guard sees guns (again in some states), he is allowed to draw first, because they are the initiators of the lethal threat.
    * Criminals decide that they don't want a witness, don't want to be detained, etc. One or more draw their weapons. The guard is now in honest fear of his life, and may respond as needed to end their threat.
    * The guard shoots at them, until they retreat.

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  • Mundy
    Sep 10, 04:54 PM
    Whats wrong with having two dual core processors on one chip? I can understand that the FSB might become a bottleneck but thats not only a issue related to the number of cores/processors is it?

    The problem is that a double-dual-core solution (like Intel's Kentsfield and Clovertown) still requires that two cores communicate with the other two cores over the FSB. A single, shared FSB is one of the reasons that Intel's first generation of dual-core CPUs could not compete with AMD's 64-bit X2 line.

    Intel has its reasons for the way it's doing its first generation of quad-core CPUs, but performance is not one of them. Right now, the primary concern is silicon yields, and the double-dual-core method allows Intel to throw away a bad core without tossing the entire quad-core silicon wafer. A true quad-core CPU would not allow this�i.e. Intel couldn't "cut out" the bad silicon�and therefore the potential for monetary loss is greater.

    The truth is that Kentsfield and Clovertown are trial runs. They are stopgap measures in the same way that Yonah was a stopgap on the way to Merom. Once Intel goes to true quad-core CPUs and a 45 nm process, it might be time to worry about the Mac Pro being obsolete. Until then, anything Intel releases will be incremental.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • evilgEEk
    Sep 4, 08:04 PM
    This device is precisely why I haven't replaced my Airport Express (see sig). I sure hope this turns out to be true because this is exactly what I've been waiting for!

    New nano and 23" iMac would be sweet too, although I don't need a new computer so it doesn't really affect me much.

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  • Evan_11
    Sep 4, 08:55 PM
    How about an iPod dock but with an airport express built-in. That way you could either stream video off of your iPod or your Mac. This is important since any device they introduce will have to be both Mac and PC compliant and there is no version of front row currently available for Windows.

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  • OneMammoth
    Mar 30, 01:32 PM
    IMO it's like Publix or Kroger trying to claim the rights to "grocery store."

    Or maybe more like if McDonald's tried to claim the rights to "burgers."

    good point

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  • dmelgar
    Sep 15, 08:40 PM
    '07? They've been planning for for years is seems like and '07 is the best they can do? I figure the biggest issues are dealing with the US telcos. They want the UI to look like they dictate. They want to charge for music download/transfer to the phone. Apple has not succeeded in getting movies studios to back iTV and iTunes. They may not have luck with telcos either.

    Seems like all the good products are being delayed or havent happened. iTV, 07, iPhone 07, new video ipod... missing.

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  • Speedy2
    Mar 29, 03:42 PM
    Now read through the rest of the posts after that and discover that Finder does not support Cut and Paste.

    There are plugins for that. Works fine on my Mac.

    God, you people pretend as if there weren't any solutions to common problems out there. It's nice if certain features are there out of the box, but people who actually miss CUT+Paste are smart enough to install a simple tool.

    Personally, I like the XP+Win7 Explorer better than the Finder.
    However, both of them could very well do with tabs.
    But you may guess: there are plugins for that. Good ones.
    I wouldn't wanna miss that feature!

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  • Liquorpuki
    Apr 18, 12:03 PM
    So the US doesnt even have paid holiday from work?

    Here in the US we've got this thing called At Will Employment, which to my experience allows employers to screw over there employees with all sorts of ridiculous hours and working conditions, as long as it doesn't violate their state's labor laws.

    Those screwed over employees then vent by blaming their problems on unionized workers and civil servants.

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  • Stridder44
    Apr 19, 10:39 AM
    that's because samsung supplies all these companies with parts for their phones. Sue Samsung, risk getting the shaft on internals! We'll see what happens.

    Apple has many, many billions just sitting in the bank. Morals and rivalries are always set aside when money comes into play. Samsung may not like the fact that they're getting sued by them, but you can sure as hell bet they won't care when Apple is looking to give them billions of dollars for their products.

    Will be settled out of court with no disclosure of terms. Fees/royaltys will be goes on.

    These are business actions and have little to do with what's right and wrong.

    This is most likely what will happen. There'll be a lot of angry looks and huffed chests coming from both camps, but it'll all work out.

    Apr 4, 12:08 PM
    It is not like a mall rent a cop went up and shot the suspect in the head.

    Two of them were armed and 40 shots were exchanged.

    one bad guy is dead and two were captured.

    Apr 29, 09:35 AM
    If Microsoft ever wants to get back at the top of their game they need to fire Ballmer and bring some new blood to the helm. They are as stagnant as IBM was when Microsoft rose to power.

    Oct 27, 09:31 AM
    If, say, Steinberg didn't like the fact that girls were hanbding out Protools leaflets in the aisles near their stand do you think Protools would have been kicked out?


    It's a huge over-reaction and shows that we now live in a world so devoid of genuine public spaces where debate can freely take place that Governments and corporations can silence anyone on a whim.

    Don Kosak
    Apr 30, 05:16 PM
    :eek: How in the world can you make that statement? My 50gb Blu-Ray discs would disagree with you.

    I have well over 200 Blu-Ray discs. Let's assume that each disc is a single layer (25GB) disc and that they only have one disc in each case, no bonus discs no behind the sceens.... I'd need 5TB of storage to keep the quality as good as it is sitting on the disc.

    You'd be on something hard to think internet infrastructure could handle the digital distribution of all these movies on top of current expanding internet traffic.

    Okay --

    1) Next year you'll be able to buy a 5TB drive for about $200 bucks. (You can get a 2TB drive today for $120 at your local office supply store.) You should start backing up those outdated Blu-ray disks now.

    2) The latest fiber optics tech is out and does more than 100 terabits per second -- or the contents of 250 Double Sided Blu-Ray discs each second. It does it on a SINGLE cable. This isn't tech you buy for your PC, it's tech that the Telco's are putting in to expand broadband coverage.

    Put 1 and 2 together, and Blu-ray is looking like it's heading for "end-of-life" status pretty fast.

    I'm sorry if I offended any Blu-ray fans, but I gotta say, the writing is on the wall.

    Sep 13, 09:37 PM
    Um, read the post buddy....

    yep, i screwed up.

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