Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • desigc
    01-08 04:57 PM
    Thanks Pointlesswait

    I have about 3 months left on H1b. From your post, it seems that I shud file for extension ASAP and if layoff happens...transfer H1..

    Did I interpret you correctly?

    When you apply for H1 transfer..they transfer the current H1.

    If you have more than 6 months on ur H1 you cannot apply for extension..
    when you file for transfer.

    So better option would be:
    a.) Transfer H1...and then file for extension.
    b.) Or file for extension and then change jobs...

    if you havent filed for 485.. then you have to restart the GC..and recapture your PD.... i used the option B.

    hope this helps

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  • chilushah
    11-03 02:30 AM
    Team, My Labor is filed under PERM was Audited and now approved.

    For, Qualification it says Bachelor + No Experience
    However, in Skills section it says 5 years of experience in Software Development (.NET).

    I got Audited and was required to provide Business Justification for 5 years experience for software developer position.

    Can this be applied in EB2?


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  • GotGoose?
    04-28 10:41 PM
    Added another stamp based on my other stamp's gradient theme.

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  • sk2006
    05-25 01:21 AM
    My Employer is not paying me salary even I am on Project.
    can any one please tell me that how to report to DOL about this company.


    Would you please care to update your profile?
    It appears you created and ID just to post this question.


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  • desigc
    12-22 05:03 PM
    Contributed $100 to IV.
    Reciept #87H393384E9981342

    I am in a similar situation. What did your friend end up doing? I would appreciate any feedback on this.
    My 140 is approved, 6th year expires in March 09, 485 has not been filed due to retrogression and there is a potential for a layoff. Can I transfer 140 to a new employer and file 3 yr extension at the same time?

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  • smuggymba
    06-02 08:09 AM
    Liaison International
    (Comprehensive Coverage Plan)

    All insurance or in same boat.

    consider filing a claims suit. The business model of insurance companies is to deny claim and if you persist, they might budge.

    I also got liason for my mother but never used it. This time we used icicilombard and didn't use it also. But how can high fever be considered pre-existing condition.........file a lawsuit and let them prove that fever is pre-existing. Don't go down easily with such cheats.

    Did you buy liason from or ? Try contacting their super mod Murali, let's see if can help.


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  • Refugee_New
    08-02 12:46 PM
    I suppose your pd has been current for a while now. are you stuck in name check ? do you know why your 485 approval is taking so long ? I'd say you should be getting your GC rather than the ead card.

    And why does your public profile say Labor Approval Date: 05/10/2005 where as in your post you say PD is Feb 2002.

    Labor filed date is Feb 2002. Thats is what called PD. Fortunately it took only 3.8 yrs to get my LC approval. Some poor souls got their LC approval in 4 yrs and 5yrs.

    I don't know if you heard about PBEC and DBEC. I am one of the victims of backlog elimination center.

    Anyway my name check is still pending. But if they really implement this 180 day rule, my case is good to go.

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  • ThinkTwice
    07-20 12:59 AM
    Did you know that Aman Kapoor the founder of IV has contributed $64000 of his personal money towards the efforts of IV? Yes that is correct Sixty Four Thousand USD.
    I was dumbfounded when I first found this out. The man must have real conviction and courage and belief in himself and this effort to do such a selfless act and I am not even talking about the hours and hours of time, mental energy, physical stress and emotional capital he must have invested into OUR effort and I am not talking about all that because that is immeasurable and there is not much we can do to repay all that back but there is something we can do.
    Please take out your wallet and repay IV core members who have contributed selflessly to OUR cause.
    Every one of us has benefited in some way or the other because of our association to IV and who do we have to thank but the core team who have put so much on the line for OUR cause.
    Please join in this effort to reimburse the expenses incurred by IV core to fight for OUR cause. Join


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  • ski_dude12
    07-13 08:08 PM
    You are welcome to live your life in fear of USCIS by all means. I am not interested in being a slave like you. I hope you enjoy your slavery till it lasts.

    And btw, I really give two hoots to your source. I have read your other posts and frankly this post of yours does not surprise me. I value my sleep much more.

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  • nixstor
    06-14 11:57 AM
    I am planning on buying a house in 30 days. My company would be paying me about 2500$ rent for renting out a part of my house. This is what made me think that I would actually be able to afford house in NJ.

    House in 30 days in this market? I personally would take 60 days. As long as you dont force yourself into a decision just because your company is picking up the tab for 2500$ for an year does not mean that you have to buy a house that has a commitment of 30 years. Your company can do that for an apartment or rented property as well. Probably it wont be as much as 2500 but you can add up Internet, phone bills and other expenses to get close to the 2500$

    How would that work out? Does 2500/month become additional taxable income? My mortgage payments would be about 3500/month. If it becomes a taxable income we would be screwed big time as we would cross all limits to low tax brackets :(

    No its not taxable income. In other words you wont get a W-2 for that money. How ever its good to have a letter from your employer saying that your job and your employer required you to have a home office and not at your own will. The reason why I say this is because Home office deduction is one of the audit triggers on a return. Even though you will not declare this on your return, your employer will disclose this as a write off. chances are very less that IRS will ask you, but just in case have that letter from your employer. Read this ( and talk to a good CPA/IRS.

    Also I am a july 07 filer with PD sept 2006 and would have few years before I can get GC. So would my chances of getting a mortgage like 450k are less as I am not permanent resident?

    did you guys specified non resident alien in your mortgage application and did it have any affect on rates?

    I dont think it matters. All that matter is your credit score. Dont tell the lender that you are NOT a permanent resident unless they ask you or the application asks you for. If they figure that you are concerned they will another quarter point

    Thanks in advance,


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  • GCard_Dream
    04-09 01:12 PM
    Hasn't he given many speeches like this before as well? I mean he has been giving speeches on immigration since 2004 yet nothing has happened so far. He addressed it on State of the Union speech, prime-time speech from the oval office, and countless other occasions but what has been the end result - NOTHING. I wouldn't keep my hopes very high just because Bush said so. It’s all up to the congress now.

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  • pappu
    09-01 09:17 AM
    I am in the process of changing job. The new employer is saying that I can start working with them from the very next day, after they file H1B transfer application. ie I don't have to wait for the receipt. Is this true? They are asking me to give 2 weeks notice immediately so that by the time they file H1B, 2 weeks will get over, and I can start there immediately.
    Please reply its kind of urgent for me.

    yes you can start working when the application is filed. If you have time then i'd prefer you wait for the reciept notice confirming your application has reached and then switch jobs.


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  • Bpositive
    03-05 08:13 AM
    My luck is just not good w.r.t GC. Afte long wait my spouse finally had received her FP notice and is scheduled for her FP in couple of days. But today she accidently burnt her finger and that too right at the spot where we give the FP.

    Guys , any suggestion as to what needs to be done. Should she still try to give the FP and see if it works. She has a big blister on her finger.

    Any similar experiences , please post.

    Yep..not to worry..just go there on the date of appt..they'll just ask you to come back when the finger heals...I cut my finger...officer made a notation on my form and asked me to come when it heals..I went after a month and got it done

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  • kumar4875
    03-01 03:00 PM
    Always try to go for group policy with your employer, even if you are paying 100% of the premium and your company is not contributing a dime. That way your premiums are lower than what you get from the open market...may be you do not have that option but good to know... I can vouch for Kaiser, they are very good.

    I was using my employers policy where I had $1000 deductible and paying $1100 per month (2adults+2kids).I switched to BCBS for personal insuracne with $5000 out of pocket limits with $435 premium/month. my calcualtion was I pay $5000 as monthly premiusms + $5000 max deductible -$1000per month just like I was with my employer. At least we can see some saving until we have to spend some amount on healthcare as deductible+outofpocket expenses.So far luck is with me and hoping it will continue.

    But Again --these plans keep on increasing their price yearly --So I am also looking for good plan in Maryland.When I compared from BCBS had better plans than Kaiser.but Kaiser seems to be public choice here.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-17 09:01 PM
    the problem is if it works

    Me too! But this can only happen in dreams :p

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  • zoooom
    07-17 06:06 PM
    Guys keep contributing...


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  • indianabacklog
    01-03 02:38 PM
    Can someone clarify the situation of 485 being approved while one is outside of USA. In such a case, if one does not have AP to return to US, then is it considered that the 485 petition is abandoned and one cannot use the approved 485?

    I vaguely remember seeing that even if one has valid H1B (or get renewal stamping outside USA), travelling like above situation is risky without AP.


    If you have a valid visa status and by some miracle your green card is approved while you are on vacation this should not be a problem.

    If you have travel plans and your priority date is not current this is a pretty good indicator of the chances of this happening.

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  • newbie2020
    08-11 09:47 AM
    Since it is a new H1 I would say unless the petitioning employer is not co-operating, Then you don't have any other choice. You need to wait until next April for new H1.

    Did u try to go to another consulate, Say Mumbai or Chennai or Kolkata.
    I am not sure if that would work, since i have heard that consulate will sometimes hold the passport and/or stamp on the back that this application was received.

    If you are able to go to another consulate go ahead and check your luck, sometimes they don't ask anything for documentation (This happened with me twice)

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  • hemya
    08-21 09:15 AM
    If you have the ead card, the file #/card# will tell you which center was your EAD fiiled. To get an approximate date using the online case status search for the file number in the approximate range as yours. For Eg. if you card # is EAC 07 043 52343 - then the center is Vermont, Filed in Fisical year 07 ( Oct -06 - Sep 07) 043 is the 43rd working day in FY07 and 52343 is the case number.

    Hope this helps.

    Thats what I did...but I did not put in the date of filing......My old EAD card had a LINxxxxx number

    09-15 02:04 PM
    i remember IV team was earlier posting messages asking members to send questions because they have enough room to accomdate those in the same week. so i think the number of question is less now. this might be one of the reason we have conference call with lawyer once in two weeks.

    if they get more questions in future, they can have atleast one conference call per week or they can extend it 2-3hrs too. once we get more publicity and if our members count (and questions) are doubled or tripled, we can we have more sessions with same or different lawyer. what do you think?

    Sounds like a plan. Thanks for replying.

    11-15 05:32 PM
    Lawyer received the I140 approval email filed on DEC 2006 yesterday. he has raised SR last month.

    But I havent received any mail from CRIS and the USCIS website doesnt show the approval as well till now.

    Has someone experienced like this before - lawyer getting it first and the uscis webisite took a long time to update if it did at all.

    Any comments pls?

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