Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • arc
    06-13 04:51 PM
    We need help for EB3 I Category...

    Also we need a legislation declaring EAD as temp GC, and include the EAD years in Citizenship.

    May be we can become US Citizens before GC holders :D How is that for a thought!!!

    IV pls. help!

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  • ajs4123
    10-24 11:47 AM
    why bother about I129 if you have a GC ?

    I'm just keen to find out what's going on, and to get input on whether the I-129 being revoked is anything that can affect the I-140/I-485. I doubt it but would like to be sure. And to share what's going on in my case with others where it may have more of an impact if their H-1B ends up being revoked.

    Anyway, I doubt if it's anything that can't be fixed; my company is very reputable and our attorneys are already engaged.

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  • Refugee_New
    08-25 02:25 PM
    I initiated the transfer on 19th and they delivered it today i.e 3 working days after (which is two days less than there norms). Also the rate is 43.35 today as per the calculator and they show a rate of 43.01 for my transfer. ICICI is a known thief. That is how the company is made. Its like "there is a CRIme after every successful company".

    Can you believe these ICICI crooks remitted the money on saturday? They gave only 42.90 for saturday. For today its 43.01. Stealing close to 30 to 40 paise per dollar.

    These are the same people who send gundas to collect money(debt) from their clients.

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  • java06
    01-31 10:06 AM


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  • ak_2006
    08-11 12:56 PM

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  • deep2480
    01-20 04:50 PM
    Count me in and let me know how can i donate money and where we can see how the progress is going on???


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  • sc3
    08-11 02:35 PM
    Sorry for ignorance, but what would you fetch from these voting results? There were already more than 100's threads before and as of now, if I am correct never seen any estimate data from any of us.

    Its just sheer waste of time in calculating estimates. USCIS has its own rules and no one can predict them.

    Just a thought. Please post the estimate data if you ever get, something?

    Best of luck.

    I guess it has less to do with estimates, and more about looking at the landscape. If there are significant portion of responses are above your date, one might, for example, choose to initiate porting/reclassification process if one qualifies for it.

    Good thread. I am wondering the reasons for lack of response between Jan and March of 2002.

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  • whiteStallion
    07-02 06:26 PM

    Can't your friend sue his employer who
    1] forced him to falsify his credentials,
    2] made him spend money for H1,
    3] reduced him to a stage where he has to now work in a grocery store?

    Sorry for not making it clear enough...
    This guy was not even eligible for a H1 in the first place as he did not know anything about IT... It was his decision to move to US and to lead an american life... so he cooks up a to be a software engineer(with due help from his H1 filer consultant, I assume) and landed up here. He was in deep trouble when the Grocery shop closed down and he had to look out for another job... Last I know, he was taking QA training...

    So its not a case of my friend being mistreated by his consultant but a case(I'm sure he is not unique within H1 community) where my friend, along with his Consultant took the whole H1B program for a ride....
    1. He was not forced...he himself falsified it intentionally
    2. He is not complaining...he is happy the way things has turned up for him...
    3. What was he thinking when he came down here... Surely he cannot code a line in any language or do anything in IT ... He had to take up a non-IT job..


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  • malaGCPahije
    08-11 11:37 AM


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  • Maniaci
    06-08 03:18 PM
    I say end it asap. Unless someone has an amazing design in the works that will take a while, there is no use to keep goin imo heh.


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  • Raju
    07-19 01:56 PM
    What IV has done is commendable and unprecedented. I also think that most of us here do not know anything about the expenses incurred by IV team or money collected by IV team. It would be a good idea to be transparent in that aspect so that members can have a better understanding of the functioning of the organization and contribute appropriately. Just a suggestion; what do you guys think?

    Slowhand, No Offense...If I were you, I would first contribute and then deal with this later. High time to contribute. If you have already contributed, please urge your friends to do so.

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  • sr123
    07-31 07:16 PM
    After speaking to a few people who did an MBA and a couple of MBA consultants I think that most important parts of an MBA are the in-class experiance of working with other folks in the class and the opportunity to build a network. I seriously doubt if online MBAs can provide them.


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  • mlk
    06-22 07:59 PM
    I wanted to win too!

    *pokes mlk in the eye then kicks him in the *** and runs away shouting .. i win, i win!*

    *** = eye ? as$ ? toe ? I gotta know before you really start seeing lighbulbs floating about... =)

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  • syzygy
    01-31 03:51 AM
    I wish I knew how to change it. I did that by mistake.

    FYI: You voted NO in this, could you change that?


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  • srikondoji
    10-10 10:48 PM
    The only difference between the historic data (1930/1960/1990) and 2008 is that, we are in globalized economy now. The crash you are seeing now is much much different than what anybody has seen before.

    Crude prices are crashing because the demand growth projections Goldman sachs had was based on availability of which is not the case now. So, demand for crude is lower and hence oil prices are crashing. Look at GM and ford. They are going down too, because auto sales are doomed for next 2 years.

    The problem why Gold will go up is multifold.
    China, OPEC countries have huge dollar reserves and hence would like to diversify their dollars. The run up in Gold is just because China and few Oil exporting countries were buying Gold. Gold still has more room to rise. I am talking about physical gold and not the paper gold (GLD ticker symbol).

    United States has to print dollars to meet the present crisis. At the same time, it has support those currency papers with Gold. Without Gold backing, dollar value will be crushed.
    I am goldsmith and i do know the history of Gold going back to decades. I also read several books to top it all.
    See the value of Gold after making inflation adjustments. Don't just look at the per ounce value in dollar terms.

    Unless you look at money supply (m3), you will not be able to get a grip on Gold value.
    Google on term 'brenton woods' and do some reading.

    The only way Gold can be crushed is if
    a) United States sells all its Gold holdings.
    b) If some gold miner miraculously says that they found a mine with billions of ounces of gold and which can profitably extracted.

    There is one theory floating around. United States may sell some of its gold reserves to make up for $700 Billions. However, there are buyers out there who would love to take that Gold. China's biggest headache right now is, what to do with their Dollars.

    United States long term bonds are going to yield nothing and will be worthless.

    We can go on this forever and fill these pages.

    Look at 1930/1960/1990 history you would understand why it make sense buy US bonds during stressed time because yield will go down and price will shoot up

    Eventually they will get out when they find there is no purchasing power on other side of globe. learn How gold crashed from $840 -$170 between 1981- 1990 and why gold price was stable between 1991-2001.

    Gold price would not shoot up when most of the developed countries banks are in trouble like 1989-1992

    I would not suggest more than 5% of your net worth in gold, but you should know your appetite

    China has to lend more of its reserve to western economies otherwise its own export will be in peril, so they would not invest in gold...

    Learn relationship between crude and gold, crude would go back to$50/barrel , so Arab govts would have not money to buy gold...

    Russians were stronger in 1970's and US crushed them to no where ,800 banks failed in 1990 and Japanese were stronger than today's Chinese economy but US smashed in 5 years

    If you understand how US crushed you would not laugh you would be happy that you are in best part of earth

    Moreover I am not saying I am right on everything , I am just writing what I feel , time has to judge our predictions.

    Do you know why economists are not best paid executives than scientist?

    You would understand laughing and bet would not make sense on capital markets.

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  • voldemar
    01-30 01:23 PM
    Does someone have the (official) link to this news that DOL has submitted this rule to OMB. I edited my previous posting, there is a link to proposed rule.


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  • vgayalu
    09-14 06:26 PM
    Rather than pushing for Bills which will pass only after we get a GC, why don't we ask for something more practical. I mean ask for minor policy changes rather than asking for major law changes.


    1- granting EADs to all who have completed I-140,
    2- reducing the timeframe to apply for AC21 from 6 months to 3 months,

    This will solve a lot of people's immediate problems.
    There are many people who couldn't get their status readjusted due to retrogression after filing I485, but could get EAD atleast.

    What does that mean? It means by law only a certain amount of GCs can be issued in any year, but USCIS may issue more EADs based on one of their policies.

    Well said Dan19.
    I am barking for the same thing for n number of times.

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  • chaukas
    09-17 06:00 PM
    Pls include letter to Ombudsman in the voting options.

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  • amitga
    02-02 11:27 AM
    $50 is too high. I know big communication American company who bring people here on $35 per day. That is even below the minimum wages.

    I know even Accenture brings people on B1 visa @ 50 dollars a day

    09-17 01:39 PM
    If today its approved in the house..we are goes the Prez for signing and we all add another card to our wallets:o

    The above thread helps understand the legislation process.
    HR5882 is currently going thru step B.

    A little ways to go after that step, before it becomes law.

    02-05 05:38 PM
    EVERY SINGLE ITEM on our goals benefits H4 spouses indirectly. Including the short term goals of IV.

    Well what eb3_nepa and me are eluding to has no intention of superseeding the main agenda nor is it in anyway a distraction, it just the germination of an idea out of circumstantial frustration. Also if we truly belive what we are doing is right then there is no question of leaving this forum.

    We all support the main agenda and also have a very positive attitude that we will see the light of a bright new day very soon. God willing we all will have our GC in 2 years or so.

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